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"What the hell is taking them so long!?" Robin paced the floor imagining a
overly happy speedy and an uncomfortable Raven. "I am sure they are fine,
Robin," Starfire crossed her arms and glared at the boy wonder, "they're old
enough to take care of themselves without you acting like their parents."
Everyone stared at the two angered heroes until Raven and Speedy came running
into the room. "Guys , hey, we have an idea of how to reach Slade!" Speedy
gasped. "Finally, what took you so long?!" "Back off Batboy!" "Womanizer!" "At
least women come back for more!" "GUYS!!!" Terra interrupted, " Fighting won't
solve anything! What were you two saying?" she said, turning her attention to
Raven. She took a deep breathe, and let it out. "If I have enough power, I can
teleport us all into my mind, which is where Slade is." "Eso es confuso!" Mas
y Menos looked at each other. "But who shall watch the tower while we are at
battle with Slade?" the orange-skinned girl questioned. "Leja nostros hacer
lo! Leja nostros hacer lo!" they yelled zipping around Robin who sighed. "Only
if some people stay to watch you guys." He looked at Speedy. " No way, bird
boy, I'm going." Robin growled. "Aqualad and I will stay back with Cyborg to
lead in case anything goes wrong. Right boys?" Bumblebee put her hands up on
her hips and raised her chest so no one would defy her. "Sure, why not."
both Cyborg and Aqualad sighed. "I don't wanna go through that again
anyways." A pouting Cyborg sat on the couch.. "Bebe!" Mas y Menos
laughed. "Everyone who is coming, come with me to my room!" Raven ran out
of the room followed by the others.


"You ready Rae?" Speedy said putting a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah.
AZARATH METRION ZENTHOS!!!" In a flash of light the titans disappeared
from the room leaving dust on the floor.


"AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" All of the Titans who went fell to the surface of a
floating stone in Raven's mind, landing with an 'oof!' Everyone looked
around at the red sky with stars, black dead trees, and greyish black rocks.
" Aw dude! Not this place again!" Beastboy cried out, recieving a slap in
the head by Terra. " Oh crap!" Raven said as the Titans followed her
through a stone gate. They all burst out laughing at the pink grass, floating
strawberries and yellow, sparkly sky. Raven growled in response when her happy
, dressed in pink self popped out next to Starfire. "Oh my gosh! I like,
totally am diggin' your outfit Star! Its like, sooooo amazing!"
"Uhh...Raven, who is your friend whom looks just like you?"
Starfire questioned. "That would be happy emotion...." Raven
cringed. "Raven disliked Happy because it is an emotion that she is afraid to
let loose around other homo sapiens." Intelligence answered, pushing her
glasses up. "Ooo! Intelligence! Your robe matches the sky!" Happy cried,
jumping and clapping her hands, and continued to braid Starfire's red hair.
BURP!!!! " Yo, guys, we're out of sode, gotz anymore?" Disgusting asked,
sticking her pinkie in her nose. "Oh dang." Raven muttered under her breath.
Beastboy started laughing and high fived Disgusting, "Nice one!"

"Excuse me but, is there anyway you guys can help us find a certain man?"
Robin interrupted. "OH! Is he your boyfriend?" Happy asked, " I'm sure he'll
come back to you!" Happy smiled hugging Robin in assurence. Everyone started
laughing. (minus raven) at picturing Robin and Slade together as a couple.
"Yes, yes it is his boyfriend." Speedy grinned evily at Robin, who glared.
"SPEEDY!?!?" All of the emotions yelled in unison. Everyone raised an eyebrow
looking at Raven, who shrugged, eyebrow raised. "Looks like you're happy to
see me." Speedy smirked, hugging Happy. "Aw! I totally am! There is, like,
noooooooo freakin way I'm gonna let Seductive have you all to herself!" she
giggled. "Seductive, eh?" Speedy grinned, causing Raven to glare. "Don't.
Even. Think. About it." she growled, teeth clenched. "Ha ha. Chill Rae.
Besides, I'm scared she'll rape me!" The titans started giggling and trying to
stop chuckling. "Anyways, that man is not Robin's boyfriend. Slade is the bad
man, Happy." Intelligence whispered. Happy's eyes got wide and she hid her
face in Speedy's chest. "Not the Bad man....." Disgusting frowned, biting on
her nails. "I take it Slade's already done some damage." Terra frowned. "The
quicker we find him the sooner you guys can get out of my head." Raven growled
walking through the next portal. "gotta go ladies!" Speedy ran after Raven.
Before Robin could run of, Happy grabbed his cape. "Please, watch out for
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