Mistletoe Mishap


Category: Humour/Romance

Ratings: G/K

Warning: slight A/U

Disclaimer: "Doc" is not mine. It is produced by Dave Alan Johnson & Gary R. Johnson. No infringement intended.

Spoilers: slight reference to first season.

Summary: The Westbury gang tries very hard to bring Clint and Nancy together in Christmas style… except it doesn't entirely work out the way they intended…

Archive: i2eye Fan Fiction, FanFiction. net

Challenge: i2eye Christmas Challenge 2008

A/N: Timeline wise, I'd say somewhere end Season 4/beginning Season 5. Ok, when I started this, it was meant to be just a really short story. It still isn't very long, but it's longer than intended. Decided to post this now, to try and get in the Christmas mood already.

Finished: 14th of November, 2008

* * * Part 1 * * *

"Nancy, do you need a ride home?" doctor Clint Cassidy asked, as he shrugged into his coat and put on his hat. Nurse Nancy Nichol looked up from the charts she'd been filing away.

"Oh, please. I wasn't looking forward to walking to the Subway station with this weather," Nancy said, casting a look outside, where the rain was pouring down. Turning back, she said, "Let me just finish putting these away, and I'll be done."

Within a few minutes, she had the files stacked away, and had put on her coat. The doctor and nurse left the clinic with a wave and a 'goodnight' to Tippy Williams-Doss, the receptionist. "Goodnight," Tippy said, as she watched them go.

With a sigh she wondered why they couldn't seem to find out they belonged together. Everyone else knew! And sometimes, it seemed they themselves knew that they were in love… they just didn't see it of the other! Tippy shook her head, and sighed again. Donna DeWitt, who was just on her way out, stopped, wondering what was up with the usually cheerful receptionist.

"Tippy, is something wrong?"

"Yes!" the receptionist answered forcefully. Doctor Oliver Crane, who had intended to just walk past with a quick goodbye, couldn't help but be surprised by the force of the reply, and this surprise forced him to a halt.

Noticing the two wide-eyed stares from both the doctor and the director, Tippy blushed a little, and quickly explained. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was just watching Nancy and doctor Cassidy walk out together, but not together."

"Ah," Donna said, "say no more."

"Yes, please stop that babbling!" doctor Crane said, immediately receiving a dark look from Donna, who then turned back to a confused Tippy.

"That's not what I meant. I meant that I know what you mean, and agree with you."

A small smile returned on the receptionist's face, but Oliver Crane rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, if those two did not 'get together' after these four years already, then I really do not see a reason why they should now. They are adults, after all. Although I must admit I wouldn't always call their behaviour professional." With a smirk and a 'goodbye', he left the clinic.

Donna shook her head disapprovingly.

"Well, I think we need to do something," Tippy said.

"Like what?" Donna asked. "We can't exactly lock them in doctor Cassidy's office or something, and see if they figure it out themselves." She made a waving motion with her arm. "I doubt they'd even notice."

Tippy frowned. "Eh, they wouldn't notice what?"

"That they were locked in," Donna explained. "I mean, they have been living in the same apartment building for over three years, worked together for longer than that, and still they seem clueless. They are practically dating without being aware of it!!"

A resigned nod was her answer.

"Well," Donna said with a shrug, "I guess we'll just have to wait till we get a brilliant idea or they figure it out themselves."

With that conclusion, the two women put their coats on and locked the door on their way out.