Mistletoe Mishap


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* * * Part 5 * * *

It was an amused couple entering Nancy's apartment at the end of the day.

"Crane's face!" Nancy exclaimed, as she took off her coat. Clint chuckled. "Yeah, that was priceless. Although I did feel a bit sorry for Tippy." He took Nancy's coat and his, and put them away, while Nancy headed towards the kitchen to start on dinner.

"Oh, the poor girl. It's a good thing she has Steven now. That should ward off any nightmares," Nancy said, opening a cupboard to see what she still had, food-wise.

"And they still didn't get what they wanted," Clint said with a lopsided grin, as he walked up behind her. Nancy turned around, raising an eyebrow. "They didn't?"

"Well… Derek told me afterwards that they were trying to get the two of us under the mistletoe together," Clint said.

"Yeah, Donna and Tippy told me of their plans as well. Apparently we need to figure out we belong together…" Nancy said with a wide smile. Clint tilted his head slightly. "I guess they didn't know they already had what they wanted before they even started trying to reach what they wanted to reach."

Nancy chuckled, putting her arms around Clint's waist. "Going a little Tippy on me, aren't you."

"A little," Clint admitted. "But then, I figured I could take a page out of their book after all," he said, pulling something from his shirt pocket, and raising it above their heads. Nancy looked up to see a small branch of mistletoe and giggled.

"I'd say we're on the same page, cowboy."

"That's good…" Clint whispered, as he closed the distance between them, their lips softly meeting each other. Soon the mistletoe was forgotten, as their kiss deepened. When air was in desperate demand, they breathed heavily. "So," Nancy started, "when do you think they'll figure out we've been dating each other for a few weeks already?"

Clint grinned. "It might be a while still. After all, we've been sort of dating for the past three years already…"

"True," Nancy admitted. "But I quite like the benefits of officially dating you."

"Me too," Clint said with a smile. "I love you, Nancy Nichol."

"I love you too, Clint Cassidy."

This time Nancy initiated the kiss. Dinner would come a little later than originally planned.

The mistletoe lay forgotten on the floor.

The End