A/N: This is my entry to the Jello-Forever November challenge. The prompt was 'nonsense'.

Lisbon was shutting down her computer when she heard someone speak.

"You loved him, didn't you?"

She jumped in shock. She had thought that she was the only person left in the building, but it appeared this was not so. The blond consultant leaning against her doorframe was evidence of that, at least.

"Haven't you learned the process of knocking, Jane?" Lisbon asked coldly, angry at the unwelcome interruption into her thoughts and private space.

"No," Jane answered simply, as if knocking was a thing that only a few people did, and he was certainly not one of those people.

Lisbon didn't have to ask which 'him' Jane was referring to: the events of the day did a lot to disperse any suspicions of any other men that were eligible for the question.

The past tense gave a lot away too.

"You didn't answer my question," the impatient consultant added as an afterthought and she subjected him to an icy glare. Though she was only five foot four, Lisbon's glares could make mafia dons shiver in fear, but for some reason that mystified all, including her, they had no effect on Jane whatsoever. Or, at least, they appeared not to.

"I really don't think I need to answer your questions," Lisbon retorted icily, livid at the way he just waltzed in and asked her personal questions about a man whose body had been in the morgue for less than a day.

"Oh, I think you want to, Teresa."

Jane smiled in the way that he usually did: a knowing smirk that made it seem like he could see right through any façade you attempted to put on. Lisbon knew this smile only too well. She knew that Jane thought he could wheedle all the information he wanted out of her. She was going to show him that she could put up a brick wall between him and the information that was not privy to him which he would not be able to break down.

"You don't know anything," Lisbon spoke bitterly, "and call me Lisbon. Not Teresa."

"Okay, Teresa-" he replied nonchalantly and Lisbon started fuming at his attitude.

"You think I'm weak and gullible, and you need to know that I am not the person you seem to think you can see right through!"

Lisbon wasn't quite shouting, but she was leaning close to yelling.

"Okay, okay!"

Jane put his hands up in mock defeat which only succeeded in angering her more; she hid the anger that was boiling up inside her, he was only provoking her, she knew. "But you did love him."

"That's nonsense," Lisbon growled and turned round to put the case file in her briefcase to take home.

"No, it's not," Jane said quietly.

Lisbon halted, her hand in midair. She wasn't sure – she may have been imagining things – but did Jane sound sad? He sounded regretful almost.

She shook her head. It served two purposes: to get her thoughts back in order and to disagree with Jane.

She had loved Sam, but she wasn't about to tell Jane. It was one thing of her past that he would not be able to taunt her about, and she would make sure of it.

She closed her bag with an audible sound, and turned around to face Jane one more.

He had gone.

And good riddance to him and his nonsensical ideas (that really weren't nonsense at all.)

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