Summary: There's a reason behind every bad ass. For Puck, there's a lot of reasons. Finn's worried so he calls in Rachel to help, can she really fix Puck?

AN: THIS IS A SERIOUS FANFICTION, WITH SOME HUMOR. It's about drugs, and what Puck's life is like that's made him so much of a player and whatever. It's kinda just a background story behind him. There will be romance, and some humor along with it, but mostly it's a serious story.

Disclamer: If I owned Glee, I'd be married to Puck already and he would have had a longer and better relationship with Rachel. :P

Wake Up Call - Broadway Calls;

My jaclet pockets are full of my hands.

On nights like this I'd rather stay inside.

Cause the bitter wind is blowing, but I get to see my friends tonight.

I'll be stuck in this place for the rest of the year.

I can fell the indifference,

What's the difference?

I don't need this.

He ran as fast as he could. There's no way he could get caught this time. The footsteps behind him sounded the same as they did minutes ago. Not speeding up, not slowing down. It amazed him that the cops in this town could actually keep up with him on the diet they looked like they were on. He was a star athlete and all they did was sit in their car waiting for some action, and we're not talking about just in the crime catagory.

He could go on for hours talking about how everything in this town could be messed with, especially it's law inforcement, but right now he had more important things to worry about.

Like where to go. Where to hide.

Going to his house was out of the question if they saw his face. He couldn't figure out if that happened because he had bolted as soon as he saw the light. Finn's could work, but if he wasn't home there was a chance that he would be stuck out side in the open for the cops to see him. Was he willing to take the risk?

The next turn was down another back alley. There was a fence in his way, but with being a part of track the earlier year jumping up and over it wasn't a hassle. The cops on his trail would probably have a lot of trouble catching up to him though. He quickly jumped onto the fence, getting as much hight as he could while the footsteps seemed to be getting closer. He struggled a little once on the fence, but quickly got to the top before the light of the flashlights hit him. He jumped over and didn't dare look back.

He was sprinting once again as he heard an officer hit the fence in frustration, yelling something he couldn't hear over the sound of his heavy breathing and stomping footsteps underneath him. He took a hard left, and almost slid on mystery slime. That made his heart speed up even more then it already was. He could feel the beating in his throat as well as his chest.

Before he knew it, he was panting outside of Finn's house. With a quick look down the street to the left and the right, he started his way up the front lawn. There wasn't a rush. I doubt that even if there was one, that he could have ran anymore with his legs feeling like jello. He was thankful that there was a light on in Finn's windown.

Finn's second story window.

"Fuck." He cursed to himself. He wasn't that happy for Finn having enough money to buy a two-story house. Regardless, it was the only safe place to go.

There was an old fence with vines and weeds growing on it right out to the left of Finn's bedroom. Fences were starting to become one of his least favorite things on Earth right about now. He became paranoid when a car drove by slower then it probably should have, and he climed faster then he was going to. Faster then he thought was capable with his muscles pounding just from walking up the slanted front yard. If it wasn't for the recent adrenaline rush, it would have all been to much pain for him to handle.

He was almost to the top when his foot slipped down and he lost his balance, and if it wasn't for his one hand being able to grab onto a sturdy peice of the fence, that would have been another thing on his list of pain. He sighed and took a breather for a minute, getting his footing back, looking down. His pants got ripped open in the process. Great. He'd get shit from his mom for that again.

When he got to the top, he knew what was next. The some what of a jump to Finn's window. A jump or a stretch, give or take. He grabbed onto the seil of the window and used what was left of his strenght to hang from it. His left hand went up and opened the window. The lift up was hard and he could barely do it, but he got to where his body could get in. He was lying with his upper body pulling him into the window.

That's when his arms caved.

Finn was sitting at his computer and jumped when he heard the body hitting the floor of his room, followed by a groan of pain.

"Puck, what the hell?" Finn said, definetly startled. He got up quickly and went over to Puck, who was still laying on the floor, with the rest of his body now in the room. Finn helped Puck get up so that he was sitting, and turned him so his back was against the wall.

Puck gave him the one minute sign when he started coughing, obviously the fall from he window knocked the wind out of him. Finn took this as a cue to close the window and kneel by his side.

"What happened to you?" He asked, surveying over Puck's condition. The rip and cut in his knee, the bruise starting to form on his chest that was visable through his black jacket opening and the V-neck he had on.

"I almost got busted on J-Street." Puck said repositioning himself against the wall, cringing when his head hit the window seil.

"Why're you still going down there, I thought you stopped that." Finn said, all of that sympathy he had for him was gone. So was some of the respect he had for him. Finn left Puck's side and moved back over to his computer, "What were you doing this time?"

"I wasn't doing anything, it was all Nick. He was down there sellin' and I was just standing there, waiting for him to be done with whatever he was selling." Puck explained.

Finn wasn't buying this. Not this time, "Then how'd you get the bruises?"

"We got chased by the cops, I lost Nick a little while after I started running. I tried to hop a fence and I guess I got caught up on the top. The rip is for your stupid fence." Puck said getting off the floor, slowly but effectively. He steddied himself and got over to Finn's bed before laying down on it.

"Oh. Feel free to just take up space," Finn was annoyed with Puck and he wasn't even there more then 5 minutes. "You told me you stopped dealing. You lied to me, Puck. I'm your best friend, and you'd lie to me."

Puck sat up and looked at Finn, "You're kidding me, right? Did you not just hear what came out of my mouth? It was Nick, not me. I don't have anything to sell, anyway. I wouldn't lie to you."

"You're doing it right now." Finn said, or maybe yelled would have been the right term.

"Fine. Don't believe me," Puck hated when this happened. He told Finn everything about his life because Finn was the only one who acted like he really cared and gave a fuck about what could have happed to Puck if he'd have stayed with his old group of friends. Before he joined football. Before he found Glee. Puck was just a punk on the street, getting buy doing whatever he could to get some quick cash to support his habits. He was a definet drug addict, and he seemed to be proud of it. His freshman year was all about pissing off the school board, and making whoever was below him on the social-food chain's life hell. He did what he though would give him some satisfaction from his life at home and at school. He found that on the streets. "Can I crash?"

Finn just shrugged and focused on his Spanish paper that was due in a few days. That's when Rachel signed onto AIM.

OscarWinningRachel: hi finn.

xQBx05xFinnx: hey...

OscarWinningRachel: what's going on?

OscarWinningRachel: those dots aren't something you do very often, only when you're upset.

xQBx05xFinnx: just some stuff with puck.

xQBx05xFinnx: no big deal.

xQBx05xFinnx: srsly.

OscarWinningRachel: i think it is a big deal.

OscarWinningRachel: you can tell me anything Finn, you know that, right?

xQBx05xFinnx: yea rach.

xQBx05xFinnx: i knw.

xQBx05xFinnx: but for now its not a big deal.

OscarWinningRachel: if you say so...

xQBx05xFinnx: why dont you im like a normal person?

xQBx05xFinnx: with abreviations?

OscarWinningRachel: abbreviations*

OscarWinningRachel: and i don't know. it's just not something i enjoyed doing.

xQBx05xFinnx: you ever gonna start?

xQBx05xFinnx: its fine how you type, but its just not normal for me to see.

xQBx05xFinnx: i guess?

OscarWinningRachel: i'll start when you tell me what's going on with you and Puck?

OscarWinningRachel: how about that?

xQBx05xFinnx: i dont wanna say it on here.

xQBx05xFinnx: i'll tell you tomorrow at gc practice ok?

OscarWinningRachel: i think that can work.

OscarWinningRachel: uh-oh. i have to go.

OscarWinningRachel: um... i'll ttly?

OscarWinningRachel: i think that's right?

xQBx05xFinnx: yeah. its definetly right.

xQBx05xFinnx: night rach

OscarWinningRachel: goodnight Finn.

OscarWinningRachel has signed off.

Finn hit the save button on the top of his screen, pushed his keyboard back under his desk and turned the monitor off. After the last time he turned his computer all the way off, he had to restart his entire project that was due the next day because when he opened the file the next day, everything was in symbols that he couldn't understand.

He got up from his seat and went to go to his bed to lay down. He would have succeeded in that too if it wasn't for Puck, passing out and being a bed hog and laying right across his already to small bed. Finn groaned in frustration and slight exhaustion. He went out into the hallway and grabbed a blanket, a pillow, and a blow up mattress along with the hand pump. He was tired enough as it was but it was better then waking Puck up. Either way he'd have to pump the mattress up some how.

The things he did for his best friend...

When Finn went out into the hallway, Puck repositioned himself to face the window he just fell out of... or into if you wanted to get technical. He opened his eyes and looked out into the night, thinking about how annoyed he was that Finn wouldn't listen. How Finn could just jump to conclusions without hearing him out. It was bullshit in his opinion.

The sound of Finn stumbling into the room with his view blocked by his extra blankets and pillows startled Puck. He jumped a little, but quickly got back to "sleeping". He heard everything Finn was doing, over anything that was in his mind at the time. Especially when Finn hit his foot on his football helmet that was just lying on the floor.

Puck didn't know why Finn was so worried about him, he was tough. He could handle himself.

Finn was done fixing his make shift bed on the floor, so he went over and turned off the light.

Not much even happened that night, to be honest. He was hanging out with Nick, and it was all Nick's fault the cops came. Unlike Puck, Nick had a hidden agenda. Not to mention about an ounce of hidden pot in his pocket when their night started. They were supposed to just go to the movies to see if their friend Alyssa could sneak them into a free movie or two. Puck had a feeling the night was going to turn south when they didn't head in the right direction for the movies. this was a familiar way for him, but not to get to the out, Nick just needed Puck for a little extra muscle, because it's what you've got to have when you're down on J Street,. One of the nastest streets in all of Ohio. The best place to make some money selling whatever drug happened to be popular.

It was Nick. He was the one who got caught selling to an undercover cop. Puck was just the one that was on the side this time, but being with Nick means that he was guilty by association. Puck's mom would have killed him, and probably tell his Uncle Charlie, who was one of the toughest cops in all of Lima. He wouldn't cut it easy for Puck, not when it came to this.

When Nick found out it was a U.C, they both booked it in opposite directions. The U.C might have got Nick, they must have been on extra surveillance because another cop car came out of no where.

You know the rest of the story, but Finn didn't. He would though. Soon.

Right now, Puck just wanted to sleep..._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Next Morning:

Finn woke up to the sound of his blaring alarm clock, playing a song that he hasn't heard in a while. U Got It Bad by Usher. He rolled over so he was laying on his stomach. The sun was glaring through his window right in his face. That was definetly something he wasn't to happy about waking up to. His hands moved to his eyes and rubbed all the nasty sleep junk out of the corner before sitting up.

Getting up that fast definetly gave him a slight head rush. He stayed still for a minute, keeping a hand on his forehead and opening his eyes pretty wide. When that dizzy sensation passed, he slowly got up. He walked over to his dresser and got out his clothes for today. A blue and black long sleeved shirt, with a sort of faded pair of jeans and a black belt.

Finn also picked out a white shirt for his sleeping friend, just in case he needed it. When he turned around to throw Puck the shirt, Puck wasn't there.

That was just like Puck. Leaving before someone got the chance to confront him about something.

Or at lease that was what Finn thought until he heard the toilet down the hall flush. He knew it wasn't his mom because she works from 5 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. His theory was proven correct when Puck walked in scratching his head.

"I thought you bailed." Finn said throwing the shirt his way.

"Thanks," Puck caught the shirt with one hand, and started taking his black one off with the other, "I was planning on it, but I wanted to talk to you."

"Really?" The words came out of Finn's mouth in almost a stutter. This wasn't like Puck.

"Yeah. Dude, I would tell you if I was dealing. I promised you that I would, and I also said that I'd stop. And I will, after I get some more money so I can help my mom out, okay?" Puck said in a serious tone.

Finn sighed, "Okay. I'll believe you, but just stay away from those guys. They're the reason you're always getting in trouble."

"Okay... I'll just sell to the Coach then." Puck said smirking, grabbing his shoes off the floor and walking out of the door.

"Wait! Coach smokes?" Finn called after Puck who was already out the door...______________________________________________________________________________________________

Rachel was waiting at her locker for Finn, acting like she was doing something important trying not to look to noticeable. She took out her Honors Biology book, flipping the pages, then putting it back, going down the line of her neatly organized binders until she "found" what she was looking for as she heard Finn's locker open behind her.

She turned around and acted like she hadn't noticed, "Oh! Finn. I didn't hear you come up. Good Morning."

"Good morning to you, too." He said with a smile. He opened his locker and roughly stuffed his back pack into it, not caring what it crushed or if it wasn't supposed to fit on that shelf. He'd make it fit.

Rachel cringed a little. Her locker was so neat and tidy, but his was just a giant mess. She shook off the weird feeling of disgust, "How was the rest of your night with Puck?"

"It was okay. He fell asleep a little after he got there. This morning we talked though, and now everything's cool." He said, still trying to get his back pack to fit in there so he could close the door.

"Well, what did you talk about this morning?" She asked.

Finn turned to talk to her about it when he saw Puck walking down the hallway to his first period. He would have said something but that was before he noticed the black eye that Puck had. Finn pulled him towards his locker and tried to keep his voice down.

"What happened?" Finn asked surveying his eye. He went to touch it, but Puck smacked his hand away.

"I hit my eye on my mirror."

Rachel moved to the front of Puck so she could see what Finn was asking about. She gasped when she saw it, "That's not a simple hit with a mirror, it looks like you got punched..."

"What could have happened to you in the last half an hour?" Finn asked. Puck just looked at him, but quickly shifted his gaze to the floor. "Oh no. No. No. No. You swore."

"I swore I'd stop when I got enough money, which it just so happens, I don't." Puck said as the bell rang. He walked away from Finn without another word, glaring at everyone who was in front of him or tried to stop and say hi to him. Unfortunetly for one kid walking by, the contents of his coffee were now all of the floor, thanks to a quick flick of the wrist from Puck. No one was safe from pissed off Puck.

"What'd he swear? I'm confused..." Rachel said, luckly Rachel and Finn recently got the same first hour because of a schedual change requested by Rachel's Daddy. Saying she wasn't being challanged enough for her last class.

Finn started walking to class, grabbing a binder out of his locker and trying to let Rachel catch up to his long strides. He always liked that she was sort of short, and walking with her took extra time, but not today. He wanted to get to Glee practice so he could talk to Puck more, so his theory was that if he could get to class soon and get to all of them faster, time would go by faster. The laws of time were wasted on Finn.

"He swore to me that he'd get out of all the bad stuff he's been doing. That black eye proves he was lying. He left this morning way earlier then he was supposed to, I was jsut getting up and he left the house around the same time. He could have went down to the corner and tried to get rid of his stuff by the time I was fully ready to go." Finn said as they walked into the class.

There was only a few kids seated in the class when the late bell rang. The reason being that there was a very old substitute in the place of the teacher. Finn assumed that the kids who noticed the sub, walked right off campus.

This just so happened to work out better.

Finn and Rachel took a seat in the back corner, away from the sleeping students in the front. Finn against the wall, and Rachel to the side of him.

"Finn, I can't understand what your talking about if you're going to be so vague about it. Can you just start from the beginning?" Rachel said, turning in her desk so that she was facing him. Putting her right leg over her left, making sure that her skirt stayed on her thighs. Much to Finn's dismay. He was staring at her skirt when she turned.

She noticed he was staring and coughed slightly. He snapped out of it and gave her a nervous smile, "I don't really know if I should be telling you this... I mean it's Puck's business an-"

"Please? Maybe I can help." Rachel cut off.

Finn ran a hand through his hair and turned to face her. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands together.

"Well... I didn't know Puck that well in my freshman year, but I heard a lot of stuff about him. He fell into the bad crowd. A bunch of seniors that were just the bad kids. In the office every day, skipping school, anything they could do to get in trouble they did. If you heard about a fight, you could win money betting on one of them starting it. They were even on the street selling drugs and junk. Everyone said he'd come to school high on something different every day. Weed, something called bars, ecstacy, all of that stuff. I saw him a few times, but nothing really screamed that he was on drugs, ya know?" Finn said, lowering his voice. "Then when sophmore year came around, I started talking to him because of football. I found out that a lot of that was true... But he wasn't happy with it. He hated himself. He's just been through a lot of shit, and he thought that was the only way to get rid of it. He was pretty addicted to some shit, but he wanted help. I was there for him to helped him get better."

"Do you know what happened? I mean, to make him do that stuff?" Rachel asked.

Finn had to think back. He knew a majority of what went on in Puck's life, but not all of it. Puck was good at getting the subject changed when it got uncomfortable, but obviously Finn wasn't.

"His mom was having money issues, and she still is. That's what he ment by saying he was going to stop when he got enough money earlier. He was selling stuff on the corner of J street this morning. I'm guessing that's when he got the black eye." Finn said. Rachel was about to say something, but she saw something register in Finn's brain, "Wait. If he got punched, he could have lost what he was selling... He could be in some serious trouble."

"Something tells me that he's fine. If he just got a black eye, he wouldn't have lost anything. I've seen Noah fight, he's really good. I'm pretty sure he could stand up for himself in a fight." Rachel said, partially to get the look of worry off of Finn's face. It wasn't her favorite thing to see and it was something she saw a lot. On a normal day, she couldn't help it but now she had a chance to.

The other part was because she really has seen Puck fight. A few times actually. Everyone of them was in favor of Puck. He never made it out with any serious injuries, it always seemed that the other person was in some serious pain. Rachel wouldn't be worried if she was walking with Puck and someone tried to jump them. Wow, that was a weird though for Rachel. She blinked a few times and turned her attention back to Finn who was really worried.

"Finn, calm down." Rachel said, placing a hand over his and giving him a reassuring smile.

He took a deep breath, "Other then the money, there's something that's going in with his family but he won't really tell me anything more then they're just fighting. But anyway, He almost got caught by the cops last night because he was with someone who was selling. He didn't tell me that he was the one doing it. He's still friends with some of the people from that crowd. He was with them last night, and they're not the best thing for him. At all. He's been clean for a while, and I don't want him going back to this. He's better then this, but he has his moments."

"I'm sure he's fine. If you want, I can try and talk to him?" Rachel suggested.

"Thanks Rach, but I don't think that's a good idea. Puck would kill me if he found out I told you this stuff." Finn said, turning back in his desk.

"Okay..." Rachel said, her voice slightly confused and concirned. She turned back in her desk, staring down and sneaking glances at Finn, watching him thinking about Puck...

"Noah!" Rachel called out, hurrying to catch up to him after Glee practice. She thought that now would be a good time to try and talk to him about what Finn told her. Sure he told her not to, but what harm could it do? She had to almost jog to keep up with him, it was a disadvantage of being short.

Puck rolled his eyes and cursed in his mind. He was almost out to the parking lot, all he had to do was go through the rest of the bleachers and across the football feild and he'd be home free. So close, but yet so far. He turned to face her, seeing only her behind him, "What Rachel?"

He already sounded annoyed, "I wanted to talk to you..."

She was finally a foot away from him, standing in front of him. She felt sort of odd being this close to him. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was just weird. Her heart was racing, and she didn't really understand why. Was she scared?

"So you couldn't have done it in the last 6 hours of school?"

"Actually there's 8 hours of school, but that's besides the point. Finn told me you've been having problems at home and I was wondering if there's anything I can do to help? You're better then all of that stuff Noah." She said putting a hand on his arm, rubbing it in comfort looking him in the eye.

"Finn told you that stuff?" Puck said, not moving away from her. He just looked at her hand. She didn't know whether to keep it on, or take it off.

"Yes... After he saw you with the black eye, he told me he was worried about you. I am too."

"I'm a big boy Rachel, I can take care of myself. Tell Finn that I'm fine. Actually, you know what, don't. I will. And for the record, I can handle whatever the hell I get myself into." He said taking her hand off of him. He went from the nice quiet Puck, to the mean jerk in a milisecond. He turned with a glare and started walking away.

"Wait, where are you going?" She yelled after him.

He turned around and started walking backwards, smirking in her general direction, "I'm gonna go party. Where else?"

"You promised Finn you'd stop doing that!" She said, making sure she was loud enough for him to hear her clearly.

"Finn broke a promise, too. It's called payback. And sometimes, it's a bitch." He said turning back the right way, walking fast without really looking like he was trying.

She tried to call after him to get him to stop, but it was all over with. He was already half way across the football feild. She did, however, notice that he pulled something out of his pocket. She was scared for a second when he stopped. Her instant reaction was that he had a gun and he was about to shoot her, but then he held it up to his ear, and she knew it was a cell phone.

Given his past, who wouldn't have put 'gun' there as an option?

Whoever he was talking to didn't get to say much, she could see that he was doing all the talking because he had to walk in a slant to get off the football feild. As soon as his words ended, so did the phone conversation.

She was about to walk after him and try to talk to him again, except the sound of her phone playing Defying Gravity inturupted her potential stalking moment.

"Oh no..." She trailled off. 'Finn' flashed on the screen of her phone. "Um... Hi Finn."

"Why'd you tell Puck I told you? Now I don't know where he's going, or what he's going to do. He trusted me with that stuff and now he's going to go to a party and probably get fucked up. Why would you do that Rachel?" Finn paniced into the phone.

"Calm down, Finn. How much trouble could he really get into? I mean, it is Lima, Ohio."

"Yeah, well Lima isn't a town of saints. We've probably got just as much stuff wrong with us here as the big cities do. And it's high school, people are desperate for trying to get in trouble. Something like that. You're just to sheltered to realize this stuff, Rach." He said.

That hit a soft spot. She wasn't that sheltered. Sure her dad's were protective, but just to the point that they didn't want anything to kill her, or hurt her. Not like she wasn't smart enough to decide that stuff for herself. Her parents wanted to give her as much freedom as they could, but they still wanted her to be safe. Most of the sheltering was actually done by herself, not just because of her dad's rules.

Finn sighed into the phone, "Sorry... That was sort of harsh. I shouldn't be attacking you. It's my fault, not yours."

"No. Finn, it's really not. I should have listened to you," She said, making sure her voice didn't lead on that she was slightly upset about the sheltered comment, his apologies don't always work on her. He ment it and she knew it, "I'll make it up to you."

"I think you've done enough." Finn said, trying to break that to her gently.

"No, I'll find Puck. He can't be going to far." She suggested.

"How would you know where to look? Did he tell you?" Finn asked, "Let me go if you know. I'll talk to him."

Rachel turned to walk back into the school, but stopped when she saw a flyer on the fence under the bleachers: 'Party! Free Beer! B.Y.O.M! 6pm and into the A.M.'And of course, there was an address.

"I don't know where it is... Then again it is Lima. Shouldn't be to hard." She said, taking the flyer off the fence.

"It couldn't hurt, I guess."

"Thank you, Finn. I'll call you later and tell you how everything is. Goodbye." She said hanging up...._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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