We talked all night until the sun showed up,

I confessed my love, but it wasn't enough.
And it's only now that I'm finding out,
You were the only one to break my heart.
If I could just go back to the start,
I'd tell myself I don't need anyone.

Dumped New Found Glory

"Do you really expect me to be able to pay for all of these by myself?" Quinn yelled as a very annoyed Puckerman struggled to get through the crowded hallway in an attempt to throw the hormonal bitch off his heels. All second period, she had been texting him about how the doctor's kept sending her bills through the mail. It's not like it was his idea to put her real address.

"I don't expect you to do anything." With every step he took, the more frustrated he got. It took all the control in his body to not shove every kid in his way against the lockers. His fists were clenched tightly shut, turning his knuckles a ghostly white. Thankfully, the harsh glare that clouded his face was enough to part some of the students.

It had to be his glare, accompanied by Quinn's harsh tone as she yelled over the background noise, "then do something to help me pay for these. Get a job," she ordered.

A hand grabbed onto his shoulder, pulling him to a halt. He spun on his heel and faced the fiery girl. She had a threatening look about her, striking a slight bit of fear into his system. Puck couldn't actually do anything to stop her if she turned into a psychopath and attacked him. Hitting would lead to hurting a girl, and depending on where he hit, could have been harmful to his child.

Over the past three weeks, Quinn began to show a little weight gain. Puck noticed one day when they were out for lunch after the thousandth time they went to the doctor's office. She reacted on his comment by storming out of the restaurant. He would never mention her weight to her again, or to any other woman, for that matter.

"Are you aware that there's a fucked up economy out there? I bet I could be a college graduate with a PhD. in plastic surgery, and still not get a job in Hollywood," Puck stated.

The pure look of anger on her face faltered. Quinn struggled to find the words to form a comeback, but seemed at a loss. He rolled his eyes and began walking again. She thought he was oblivious, just like every other girl. Well... almost every girl.

As if the good Lord heard his thoughts, he spotted one, Rachel Berry, sadly accompanied by her friend, Finn Hudson. It struck him hard every time he had to watch him be within five feet from her. What he wouldn't give for one more conversation with her...

Ever since that day, that fucking day... he hasn't been able to talk to her. Not only was it hard for him to even face her, every time he got the nerve to, she would act like he wasn't there, or immediately walk away. Going through the day: walking past her and getting no acknowledgment what so ever, and having to sit though every Glee session, watching his ex-best friend flirt with his ex-girlfriend. It was torture to the highest degree.

She wouldn't talk to him, and Puck always seemed to have a compulsive need to make things in his life right after he constantly fucked them up. How was he supposed to know if she was okay if she wouldn't so much as acknowledge his existence?

He glared down the hallway as he stood still in the busy crowd, blocking most of the hallway since Quinn was still dragging behind. The world was moving around him, noisy and loud, but it was as if the sound of both of their hearts shattering as they watched the scene unfold in front of them.

Finn slowly leaned down, and kissed her on the cheek, while Puck watched in pure horror as a blush covered her cheeks. She smiled up to him, before closing her locker and taking his hand in her own.

Fortunately for Finn, he spotted the two down the hallway, so he conveniently chose to take her the opposite way. Quinn was the first to speak, "I guess they're dating now..."

Puck said nothing as the warning bell rang.

"I've got to get to class... we'll talk later," Quinn said, and he heard her footsteps glide away as the students cleared out.

Puck shoved his fists into the pockets of his baggy jeans and began walking down the hallway, being the only slow walking person there, letting the rest of them fly by in slight panic. He couldn't have cared less about going to class... especially when he was doing it all for Rachel.

Attending every class, putting up with every teacher, not dozing off in class, and torturous study rituals with different nerds. Even if she wasn't paying attention, maybe on the day she decided to care again, he would be doing something that made her proud. Now, he didn't give a fuck about what Rachel thought.

After all, she didn't care about him anymore.

The final bell rang as he turned the corner. All the doors slammed shut, sending echos into every piece of the school. He continued to walk, letting his feet guide him instead of his mind. Unfortunately, his steps took him to her third period. He gazed into the window, staring at his... Finn's Rachel.

The way her hair always fell in such perfect waves, while still being indecisive on if it wanted to be straight or curly. How she still managed to make his eyes widen with her natural beauty and lack of make up. Maybe it was her confidence he loved so much.

Stop it, he told himself. It's only going to make it worse.

For a moment, Rachel's expression shot to the door where he stood. His heart skipped a beat as their eyes met. Puck could feel her icy glare as it pierced through his chest, but there was still a chance... just a slight chance, that she was regretting her decision.

He was hoping, with most of his dismantled heart, that she would excuse herself from class and come to him. Letting him hold her one more time, smelling the perfectly blended scent of her dark brown hair, and telling her once and for all, that she couldn't leave him... he needed his Berry.

Her glance faltered quickly before it pulled away. He could see the hurt tint in her eyes as she attempted to focus on the board and lecture. Pulling away from his gaze was the last thing he wanted her to do. For that moment, he knew he meant something to her, even if it was a brief patch of emotion.

He moved out of window view as the teacher moved too close for comfort. Even if she managed to see him, it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

Noah's hand went to his left pocket, searching quickly for his phone. His fingers moved smoothly over the keys, typing quickly, "come here."

His skull hit back against the locker, causing an echo to race through the hallway. The vibration sent a shiver through his arm, and his mouth begun to taste of copper. I can't.

"Please..." he whispered. His fist slammed into the bottom row of lockers, sending another onomatopoeia through the school before he pushed off and kept heading towards the original location.

The doors slammed open, crushing against the dry wall, probably leaving a crack or two in it's wake.

"I'm cut off, out of of the loop, back of the line. Can't get a word in, can't feel your body close to mine. And yeah, it's really quite more painful than it sounds," Puck began singing, filing the Auditorium full of his powerful voice as he jumped onto the stage and lights fell onto him. "I can't believe we're losing the connection that we found. I'm heavy with the weight of missing you, my dear, and I would tell you how but you're too far away to hear. That this was the worst day, 'cause this was the first day that you're gone."

The harsh spotlight made it hard to see, and with the band playing along with him now, Noah didn't notice a green-eyed beauty walk into the audience, taking a seat in the middle section, in one of the less worn out seats the lined the upper part. She stayed quiet, studying the man that was pouring his steel heart out in front of her.

"I'm fucked up, end of the noose, back of the line. I feel sick when I think of the life I left behind. And yeah, it's really quite more painful than it sounds. You barely gave a fuck before my body hit the ground. I'm heavy with the weight of missing you, my dear. I would like to hear you're okay with out me, and your happy thoughts are rarely about me." Puck stopped moving about the stage as the spotlight finally faded, "You're so worth all of this torture."

"No one's worth it you know," a voice called out to him as a steady clapping accompanied it. The shock of the sound only lasted a moment; as soon as he heard the soft hit that hung around after every word, he instantly knew it was the one and only, Quinn.

"Did I ask you?" Puck spat, jumping off the stage.

She stood up quickly, rushing down the long steps to grab him before he had a chance to escape, "I'm sorry. I can get a little cold once in a while..."

Puckerman said nothing. He sat down on the edge of the stage with a graceful thunk, leaving his legs cast over the edge. His feet slammed against the padding that lined the tiny wall that lied under him. It's not like he wanted to tell Quinn about his feelings, he was too much of a bad ass for that, but what else was he supposed to do?

She finally reached the stage, and stood in front of him. "You know I do care about you, right?"

He rose an eyebrow to her as her tiny hand laid across his thigh and she maneuvered herself between his legs, getting awfully close to matching her face with his own. He felt her minty, fresh breathe against his lips. His heart jumped a little as his hazel eyes locked with her own.

"I've always been attracted to you... when I was drunk was just more of an excuse to be with you, without actually being your girlfriend," she explained. "I loved Finn... but I liked you."

Before he could say anything in response, her lips fell onto his. It caught him off guard, and against his better judgment, he returned the pressure. Quinn's hand attached to his upper thigh, digging her nails slightly into his leg before running it up to his hips, pulling her chest closer to him. He bit gently against her bottom lip, asking for permission, but she pulled back. "Now we can be together."

"What?" That snapped him out of his daze quick enough.

"You heard me. Now would be the perfect time to try this. It's great. We can be a family," she pleaded. He studied her face, looking for any sign of a lie, but he couldn't find one.

"Are you serious?" He couldn't leave her to do this on her own. He wasn't going to take his father's path. Puck refused.

"Yeah... if we can make this work. But to find that out, we have to try. Besides, if they're doing it, why shouldn't we?" Quinn whispered. It was a mutual understanding who they were.

"So... if this doesn't work out, and you do decide to keep her, can I still help and us not be together?" Puck asked to clarify.

"Of course. Someone has to pay these bills." Quinn said as a partial joke.

With a roll of his eyes, he forgot about how painful it was to watch Rachel and Finn holding hands. It stopped the repetition of the vision going through his mind a million times, over and over again. He filled her void with responsibility. Quinn needed him for support. "I'll get you money."

"Please don't tell me you're still in the pool business," she said with a sigh, "you need to get a real job."

"I've got this," he said simply, kissing her lightly on the nose.

She smiled warmly, before they kissed again. His hand cupping her chin and her hands residing on his waist. That's when someone cleared their throat behind him. A bitchy looking Santana stood with a bubbly Brittany by her side. "Hope I'm not ruining your tonsil hockey session."

"Not at all," Quinn stated, not moving. It surprised him a little. Santana was more than protective of what was her's, and in her twisted mind, Puck was her's. A glare pierced through their bodies as another girl from his past walked into the room, holding hands with her new boyfriend. Noah's eyes fell onto her as she came in from behind Quinn. They were surrounded.

"Oh God, we've got Quick to deal with now," Kurt spoke with annoyance.

"That's the best you can do?" Puck asked. The back of his mind made it known that "Puckelberry" sounded so much better.

"I'm still in shock, Puckerman. Give me a moment," Kurt said as they all filed down to the lowest level of the Auditorium.

He couldn't help but keep his eyes on Rachel, and he didn't really care if Quinn or anyone else watched him. She looked at him with such hatred it almost hurt worse than her holding hands with Finn. He watched every step as she walked down the stairs. When he felt Finn's eyes on him, he finally looked back to his new girlfriend, who was fighting with Santana.

"Sex isn't dating, Santana, you really must get that through your head," Quinn said with a roll of her eyes as Mr. Shue walked in, his eyebrow already rose in confusion as he spotted the couple.

"Okay... everyone, let's get ready for this number," He said, clapping his hands together as they all took their places...