I love my brother Geoff, I really do. But the man is an idiot; he walks into the dress shop and goes to Nancy.

"Damn, any guy would be lucky to have you." Decides to say to Lance that he thinks his girlfriend is hot. (Little secret for you, Lance is a little over protective of Jen.)

And just now, wanders into the changing room and said to Jen, "You know that if the bride isn't a bitch… her maid of Honour certainly is." Me and Nancy were having fun listening to the sounds of his screams.

Until, five seconds ago… when Nancy pushed me out of the bathroom and everyone's head turned in my direction and Geoff dropped to the ground. A. because Jen dropped him. B. Because I think he was in shock.

"Oh, my God."

I blushed, the blood rushing straight to my face. I ducked my head; unfortunately, Nancy had stuck my hair up into an intricate bun, so there was no such luck of letting my face hide.

Jen ran and hugged me before her and Nancy, grabbing their flowers, headed down to the church.

"Oh, Ellie… You're so grown up…" I smiled at Geoff, before letting him hug me tightly. "Mom and Dad… Ellie they would be proud of you…"

I sniffed and pushed down the block in my throat, my heart beating against my chest. Both with excitement and with disappointment.

It was five years ago, what happened with Marco, I was now twenty two and an orphan. My parents had been in a hotel fire, the inquiry said that they had died in their sleep so they felt no pain. Not saying that me and Geoff didn't.

He helped me walk down the stairs and towards the church. We were getting changed at Jen's family's summer house. It was in a small town with a picturesque church just down the road.

The sun was shining, and there were fallen orange and red leaves on the ground, which surprisingly didn't help when you're walking in a wedding dress that probably weighs more then a small child. But I could be exaggerating…

When we got to the church they were waiting, Nancy was stood expectantly looking at Geoff. He smiled at her and held out his arm. They both began talking animatedly.

When the Admiral walked in, he was in his uniform. What? Just because it's a formal event does not mean that he can't look like he could start a war. The same could be said for his son, though.

He stopped when he saw me. Why was everyone doing that?

"Amazing. I'm… so glad…"

"Me too."

He smiled and held out his right arm. You see, Arthur had offered to walk me down the aisle on the eventually of mine and Will's wedding. He'd found me crying over the fact that my father wouldn't…

"Geoff, it's time for you and Nancy to go."

The music changed after a few seconds and it was our cue.


"Oh, yeah. How about you?"

Arthur chuckled before leading the way for me down the aisle. Everyone watched. Like I was some kind of masterpiece.

"I wouldn't worry; you and Will… were always meant to be together it's written in time."

He smiled down at me and then Will stepped out for me. Holding out his hand, his eyes making my heart soar and his smile making me want to faint.

"Dearly, beloved we are gathered here today…"

There was no expense spared on the ride out of there. A large carriage drawn by white horses, I picked up my bouquet and threw it. Surprisingly, Nance caught it, after staring at me for a few seconds, I nodded. She kissed Geoff and there was an appreciate yell of "FINALLY!" from me, Jen, Lance and Will.

He pulled me down onto my seat and we headed off to our "Surprise" destination.

"Mrs. Wagner."

"I sound like your mother…"

"Well, you look nothing like her. You're so beautiful. I love you."

"I love you seems inadequate for you."

"Well, we say what we can and we knew what we mean."

I smiled and folded my head into his chest, letting him hold me. Arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

The church was nearly out of sight, and out of the corner of my eye; standing there, waiting for us to go… was a dark shadow…


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honour to present to you the credits…

King Arthur Pendragon: Arthur William Wagner.

Lady Of The Lake/ Elia: Elaine Harrison

Mordred Pendragon: Marco Campbell

Queen Guinevere: Jennifer Gold

Lancelot Du Lac: Lance Reynolds.

Merlin: Miles

Uther Pendragon: Admiral Arthur Wagner

Ygraine Pendragon: Jean Wagner

Gawain: George Hutchinson.

Elyan the White: Elliot Marble.

Leon/Lionel: Leo Summers

Galahad: Geoff Harrison.

Tristan: Tristan Bake

Bors: Noah Roberts

Malegant: Rick Smith