AN: Well, here's my first poem since the manga has ended and based on that last chapter. I can't wait until the bonus comes out and for all of you who have been under a rock, Ouran will have a 60 page one-shot in January.

By the way, I still have some poems (I think 3) that are handwritten and I need to type them up.

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The Very Observant Short Loti

He observes them all

With his silent cousin

By his side

And sees

The obvious

That Haruhi didn't see.

Tamaki and Hikaru

Loved her,

But didn't know it themselves.

Kaoru or Kyoya

Was probably just as clueless

About their feelings

For their raccoon girl.


He never expected

That Kaoru

Was just as clueless

That he thought Kyoya was.

Only a question

Was able to expose the Shadow King

That he acknowledging her.