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This is sort of like the introduction to the story.

It will get better.

So, in this story crossover, Isabella Swan sort of takes Harry's place as the Chosen one or the Girl Who Lived and instead of having a lightning bolt shaped scar, she has the dark mark on her wrist. Although she is not a death eater. Over the Summer, Dumbledore sent her to Froks on a mission to bring back the vampire Edward Cullen (if you've read twilight, it stops right after Cullen breaks up with her). Now, in bella's sixth year, Edward comes back as a professor. She doesn't know why or how even. Id Dumbledore hiding somthing from her. And why is Harry acting even weirder than before? Ron shows feelings for Hermione, and Malfoy is still as foul as ever, now that he's a death eater too. The story is pretty much the same except for the fact the Bella replaces Harry.


"Swan, Isabella"

I head professor McGonagall say my name as I went up and put the sorting hat on my head.

I heard whispers behind me as I went up.

"THE Isabella Swan?"

"Swan did she say?"

"Hmmm, courage isn't something you lack, Bella. A fascinating mind, I see. A thirst to prove one's self. Ambition greater than one can imagine…difficult. Very… We'll have to make do with Slytherin of course… I see him in you…" The sorting hat whispered in my ear.

"WHAT?!" I yelled and everyone stared at me.

I've heard about Slytherin, nasty place. It would only change me for the worse.

It wasn't my fault, either. I am, of course, Slytherin's descendant. One of the last one's remaining.

I had to convince the hat otherwise. I couldn't let family and relationship descendant rubbish get involved with my life.

I had to tell him no.

Of course, that's only a memory.

Isabella Swan, a Gryffindor sixth year, with best friends Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley. We were sitting in our compartment on the Hogwarts Express, after the worst mission ever.

You see, everyone knows my name. I'm famous. I survived the Avada Kedevra, the worst killing curse. Isabella Swan, the one with the dark mark on her wrist.

Of course, I'm not a Death Eater. It was that night… the night my parents died. He tried killing me, but only left a mark on me that showed that I was working for him. To this date, no one really knows why.

But Dumbledore thinks of me as his favorite student. He gave me a rather important mission last year. A mission that failed, unfortunately. I was to go to Forks, Washington. Maybe you've heard the story. It's all over now, though. I've learned an important lesson, never to get close to anyone. Ever.

"So, who do you think is our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, this year?" Hermione started to fill the awkward silence.

"Dunno…"Ron simply grunted, looking out the window.

"Well, can't be worse than Umbrige, can it?" I said gloomily.

"Right," Harry agreed.

Hermione sighed, "Even if you did get the vampire, Bella," Hermione said, knowing she would get lip lash for even thinking of bringing up this idea, "It might not have worked well either way. The plan wasn't well thought out. I said so in the first… Of course, Dumbledore thinks he knows what he's doing."

"Unless…" Harry said darkly, "This was actually part of his plan."

We all looked at him, expecting him to laugh. Had he been serious? Strange, Harry being a Seer, he had awkward moments occasionally.

We were already dressed in our robes; we were getting closer to school.

Soon we found ourselves sitting at our house table, waiting for the first years' sorting and Dumbledore's words.

"Another year," Dumbledore started "I truly look forward to get to know each and every one of you. I would like to remind you that the forbidden forest is off limits to everyone," He paused and looked at me straight in the eye, and the rest of the students followed along, "And once again the third floor corridor on the right-hand side is out-of-bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death." They all looked at me, thinking at least Dumbledore would've told me. I shook my head no, I didn't know anything.

We all looked back at him; he was now muttering something to Filch.

"And now, I would like to welcome our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, although much, much older than he seems, Professor Edward Cullen.

The room clapped,

the teachers clapped,

my friends all clapped.

I didn't clap. Edward? Here?

No. Way.

So that was the introduction, Chapter 1 will come soon.

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