Title: A Touch of Magic

Rating: K

Summary: Mildred Snape starts her second year at Hogwarts and finds a whole new reason to hate people like Draco Malfoy.

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Chapter 1: No Letter From Harry

Mildred Snape walked the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thinking about when her friends Harry and Hermione, her mother, would return. It had been only two weeks since term had ended and she missed them. Naturally she didn't miss Ron, who hated everything about her, but she could stand a few weeks with him. What really got her was the fact that he hadn't written to her and he had promised that he would.

She wanted to go to his house and check on him but Dumbledore had told her that it would be far too dangerous and that he needed to stay with his Aunt and Uncle during the summer holidays for at least a month.

"But why?" Mildred asked.

"Because it's for his own protection," Dumbledore had answered.

She wanted to talk to her father about it but he had gone back to Spinner End, leaving her alone with Professor McGonagall. She shared Mildred's feelings but had told her that they would check on Harry when the month was over.

"Great, I can't wait," Mildred said and took some coins to get Harry a birthday present in Hogsmead.

Mildred's own birthday passed and Hermione sent her a present and a note, telling her that she hoped that she was doing well, alone; at Hogwarts and that they would all be back soon. When it was time for them to check on Harry Mildred got herself ready for the horrible Dursley's. However before she left she told the House Elves to bake a cake for Harry and have it delivered at eight.

"Will do Miss Mildred," said one of the elves and both witches left.

When they arrived at the Dursley's Professor McGonagall marched down to their house, Mildred having to run to keep up, and rang their doorbell. A few moments later a bony woman appeared and she gave a scream of horror.

"Shut up," McGonagall snapped, "Where's Harry at?"

"Harry, who?" the woman asked.

"Don't play dumb with me, Petunia," McGonagall told her, "Because it doesn't befit you."

Petunia went red and then looked at Mildred.

"You brought another freak with you," she said and Mildred frowned.

"She's Professor Snape's daughter," McGonagall told her.

"T-That nasty little b-b-boy had a daughter," Petunia stammered.

McGonagall glared at her and then returned to the original question, "Where's Harry at?"

"In his room?" Petunia answered.

"Show me the way and if you try and harm us I'll make sure it's the last thing that you do."

Mildred was surprised at how violent McGonagall was but followed her as Petunia showed them where Harry slept. At once Mildred noticed locks and she wondered why Harry would need so many of them.

"Unlock it," McGonagall demanded.

She did as she was told and Mildred saw Harry looking up from his bed.

"Harry," Mildred said and ran over to hug him.

"Mildred, Professor McGonagall, what are you doing here?"

"Taking you back to Hogwarts," McGonagall told him, "Get your trunk."

"It's downstairs in the cupboard under the stairs," Harry told her and McGonagall gave Petunia a dangerous glare.

As they waited for the trunk to arrive Mildred asked why Harry hadn't written to her and he told her about a house elf named Dobby. Mildred at once knew that Dobby had belonged to the Malfoy's and she told him that the Malfoy's have a house elf named Dobby.

"Do you think it was a joke?" Harry asked.

"No, I don't," Mildred answered.

When the trunk finally arrived McGonagall didn't wait for Harry to even say goodbye to the air before they were gone. Mildred told Harry all about how her summer had been and that Hermione and Ron were very worried about him.

"I can't believe that Ron wrote to you, he hates you," Harry said.

"Which I don't see why he would," McGonagall said, "Mildred is a fine girl."

"I agree but you know how Ron is," Harry said and this got a snort from Professor McGonagall.

When they returned to Hogwarts the cake arrived and Harry had the first piece. He really liked the gift that Mildred had gotten him, a bag that allowed you to have your money changed to pounds.

"This will really come in handy next summer," Harry said.

"Which I intend to correct," McGonagall told him.

"So where's your father at?" Harry asked when McGonagall had left.

"He's home," Mildred said.

"Without you?" Harry said and Mildred nodded, "I wonder why he didn't want to take you home?"

"Because the Malfoy's come and he's in hot water with Lucius," Mildred told him, "He thought it was safer if I remain at Hogwarts since Lucius hates it that he gave me a good score in Potions."

Harry snorted.

"Why don't you write to Hermione and Ron and tell them that your okay," Mildred suggested, "I'm sure that Mrs. Weasley is planning on to rescue you soon."

"Great idea," Harry said, "And thanks for the present."

Mildred went pink and Harry left to write his letters.

"I'm telling you, Albus, they had him locked up," McGonagall told Dumbledore, "Like he was some kind of animal. Why was his door locked like that?"

Dumbledore took a piece of parchment out and handed it to her. She read it and gasped.

"So that's why?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said, "I believe that Harry didn't tell them that he couldn't use magic outside school and they locked him up because they found out."

"Well I don't care the reason," McGonagall said, "I told you, years ago, that they were the worst sort of Muggles. And now I've seen the proof."

"Minerva, I have to force Harry to live with them for one month," Dumbledore told her, "I'm sorry if you don't like it."

McGonagall got up. "Don't think this is over.'

And she stormed out.

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