Death, Part 1

Author's Note: I know this is a rather dreary title for a rather dreary two-shot, but I wanted to explore writing the death scenes for my favorite and least favorite character. All of you who know me as a writer will know exactly whom I speak of.

The inspiration for this death scene came from a book called "Night World." Credit to where it is due: Nerd Corps © Storm Hawks.

And, to all you Cyclonis lovers: sorry! But, hey, you've got good taste ;-)

The Storm Hawks screamed as the ceiling above them started collapsing. Cyclonis, however, kept her head, gritting her teeth and supporting the huge pieces of stone with her crystal powers. They all ran forward to try to stop her, but the crystal energy radiating from her new doomsday device made them sprint in slow motion, as if they were underwater.

They were never going to get there in time. Aerrow knew it in an instant.

"Cyclonis! You have to stop this!" Even his voice was being drained of energy as he desperately tried not to be blown away by the waves of crystal power.

Purple eyes flashed desperately. This was her final chance. The Sky Knights had been reclaiming her empire, bit by bit. If this doomsday device failed, then she was finished.

"You'll die!" Aerrow screamed. "We will all die! The entire Atmos will sink into the Wastelands! You don't want that!"

Did she? She had thought once, if I can't have it, then no one can. Yet to end all life, to end Cyclonia for good…

Aerrow was right. She didn't want that. She might be finished, but she didn't have to drag the whole world down into hell with her.

Perhaps…just perhaps, she had a chance of redemption.

She raised one hand, and suddenly, everything was silent. Everything stopped.


The giant crystal that her device had been energizing explodes, sending sharp shards as big as limbs flying all over the room. The Storm Hawks, far away enough as they were, could dodge them.

Cyclonis, however…


This time, it was Piper who screamed, nearly fainting as she saw the queen's limp body. She had been thrown back, a huge crystal shard piercing through her midsection, small droplets of blood staining her perfect porcelain skin and pooling on the floor around her.

Cyclonis groaned, stirring slightly, and the minimal movement caused pain to wrack through her body. She spat, coughing up blood. Wrenching her violet eyes open, she noticed the Storm Hawks standing above her.

"It's okay. We're going to get you out of here," Aerrow promised.

She laughed, a chuckle that morphed into a cough, spitting more of that precious red liquid all over herself and the floor around her. "Idiot Sky Knight," she hissed, wincing in the pain. "It was a life for the world. A price you convinced me to pay. You can't take it back now."

Aerrow could only step back, eyes filling with tears.

"What, you've never seen death before?" Cyclonis's voice was scratchy, like she had grits stuck in her throat. "And this time, it's your fault, too. Well, go away. You don't have to watch my gruesome final moments. Just go and celebrate the defeat of Cyclonia. This is what you all wanted, wasn't it?"

None of the Storm Hawks could answer.

Piper kneeled down next to her, grabbing her hand. "I'm so sorry, Lark."

This brought another chuckle out of the dying empress's mouth. "Why? Because you called me by a fake name again? You realize that 'Lark' never was anything but a fake, right?"

Curiosity got the better of her. "Then what was your real name?"

Cyclonis laughed again, leering. She looked a bit more like her old self. "You'll never know. Because, you see, Piper, I never liked you. In fact, I hate you. And dying or not, I don't have to be nice, or pretend to be your friend anymore. The secret of my name is dying with me."

Piper stared in shock.

"What's more," Cyclonis continued, "It's not like you're a bad person or anything. You're too good. You would never hurt anyone. And you know what? I just got tired of hearing from all my Talons how pretty Piper was, or how good at crystals she was, or what an asset she would be to Cyclonia, or how Piper had beaten them in a sky duel, and I went to meet you, and I thought—the only thing this girl is, is stubborn."

Cyclonis broke off, coughing again, getting red flecks of blood all over Piper's shell-shocked face.

"And you know what, Piper? You look like a raccoon when you try to put on eye makeup like me."

With that parting line, Cyclonis began coughing again, only this time she couldn't get the blood out fast enough. She began to choke, her whole body arching up in convulsions, until finally, she fell still. Her eyes had fluttered closed.

She wasn't moving.

"That is how I want to die," Finn commented, surprising everyone with his breaking of the awkward silence. "Making my own way out of this world, being a total bitch about it, and pissing everyone off as I go." And everyone couldn't help but laugh, until the hysterical chuckles turned into sobs, and they were all crying and hugging each other for support.

"I…didn't…I didn't even…I hated her!" Piper admitted, crying on Aerrow's shoulder. "I don't know why I'm this affected. She was evil. She had to die."

"It's okay," Aerrow whispered back. Better than all the other Storm Hawks, he had known death. Piper and Finn had been orphans from birth. Junko still had his family. Stork had been a loner from a young age. Aerrow, however, had gone through the pain of having a loving family for four short years then having them ripped away from him.

"It's okay," Aerrow soothed. He understood. He had gone through all of this himself. "She was evil, but she was still a person. A person is a person, no matter what, so we mourn for her passing. Don't feel any shame in your sorrow. Only if you didn't feel sorrow, that's when you should be ashamed."

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