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(All rights lie with Kyousuke Motomi and Flower Comics)

What would you do if you were in love with a beast?

Yuiko's life was far from average, what with her beast-boy in the other room, enmphasizing that non-normality. She sat on her large red couch and studiously read the book she held. Slowly as the night dragged on, her eyes fell. Soon she was asleep and her book dropped softly out of her hands. Leo watched his love from around the hallway corner and saw the book descending. He nimbly ran to catch it and tenderly laid it next to her. However, the cover caught his attention. Beauty and the Beast. He huffed quietly and flipped through the first few pages, carefully scanning the words. He artfully reviewed the few illustrations in the book and smiled slightly. How similar this seemed to his own life. Living alone with only a few close friends and no one to truly talk too. His anger and fierce looks driving away anyone who wanted to get close to him. He was a beast. He laughed again and looked to the snoring Yuiko. How she seemed to be exactly like Bell. Beautiful, caring. Loving everyone she knew even if they weren't nice to her. Getting into loads of trouble and falling in love with a horrible monster. He looked over to the girl he loved and quietly set the book back by her head. He kissed her hand lovingly and left the room. And so the Beast became a prince, loving only one above himself and caring for her more deeply then anyone else ever could.