Hi all, This is a short poem about the troubles of Sasshi depicted in episode 12, the second last episode of Abenobashi shopping arcade. I got intrigued when Sasshi said "NO" in the loudest and most dramatic tone ever when him and Arumi are at the temple. Like most of my poems, this is a simple four lined stanza poem but i included the punctuation marks. yet another Disclaimer "I don't own Abenobashi and all this is a figment of my imagination of what Sasshi could be thinking." Hope you enjoy the series and this poem all together.

Silence is the Best Answer

I must not tell her

I must not tell her

She'll be in ruins,

If I tell her.

I can't stop worrying,

About the future.

Will it happen?

Will it actually happen?

I can't tell her.

But maybe she knows.

I can't stop thinking

It may or may not happen.

I just hope

It just might not happen.

I just wanna keep hiding

This possible future