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Distracted Fate - Prolog

Now under normal circumstances Xander Harris and Harry Potter would never have even known the other existed. But then again neither of them were normal anyway. Their lives began on the same path as fate had originally planned until the day after destiny made its first move for The Boy Who Lived.

You see Aunt Petunia wasn't very pleased suddenly finding a baby on her porch, in fact she was downright ####ed off. As she read the note left with Harry Potter by Albus Dumbledore who didn't even have the courtesy to even sick around do they could say now, she glared at it so intently she noticed that it didn't really say SHE had to have him, just some blood relative. She remembered writing out so many notices to obscure relatives when Dudley was born, now her Dudders was a good normal boy, she wouldn't have minded so much having another forced on her if the child was going to be normal. Harry meant having to deal with magical people, something she's hoped not to have to deal with once Lily had finished at that *shudder* school.

Petunia turned to Vernon and all but commanded him, "Go up to the attic and get down that box with all my mothers stuff in it."

"But," Vernon started to say. He just wanted to take the boy to an orphanage.

"Do it!" Petunia almost shouted at him, Vernon turned and moved quickly, he couldn't really run anymore he was so out of shape, towards the attic. He didn't know it then but at that moment his marriage took an interesting turn where Petunia became alpha of their little family.

'Yes,' Petunia thought to herself, 'we might not have a lot of close relatives but we've got a lot of them. Mother was really good about keeping track of them too. I just need to get him as far away from here as possible to anyone who shares our blood. I think we even have some family in America and Australia. I just need to pick someone who will probably take him, it'll be easy.'

Petunia smiled as Vernon returned carrying a small dusty box. She opened it up, ignoring the dust that spread around it as she focused on the contents. Using the simple focus she usually only used to gossip she went quickly through the files, mostly photos, that were her mother's unique family tracking system. She quickly eliminated any family that lived near her, placing them all in a pile far from her. She quickly formed other piles. She finished quickly and soon she was looking through the pile closest to her, filled with relatives in America. She eliminated some of those just as quickly, they already had several kids, they were possibly too distant a relation to hide Harry. After all if these wards Dumbledore wrote of relied on blood he might just bring the boy back if they were too weak.

'Perfect,' Petunia thought to herself as she looked at the choices in front of her, Both second cousins in America. Now she just had to contact them and see if either would take him in, Mary Winchester and Jessica Harris. If not she'd go through one of the other piles, like the relatives in Australia. She's find someone no matter what. After all, these people had no idea Harry was a freak and by the time they know it'll be too late.

Several international phone calls later Petunia learned that Mary had died in a fire, her family had moved and there was no forwarding contact for them. She also learned that Jessica was a nurse and more than willing to take in a distant relative, especially one so young, seems she couldn't have any more kids after complications after having her son and they'd wanted a couple of kids. Petunia just had to prove that Harry was related to them and it would be over.

It took a couple of weeks and a lot of paperwork but it was all worth it to Petunia if it meant she wouldn't have to deal with wizards ever again. She smiled so large when her nephew was taken into a plane, hopefully never to be seen again. A couple of long place rides later and Harry Potter opened his eyes to look up at Alexander 'Xander' Harris who had spent the hours after Harry's arrival staring at him in awe while he slept in Xander's old crib. He was a big brother now. And he was going to be the best big brother he could be.

End - Prolog


I started another fic! I'm evil! I keep wanting to write more to my other fics when I get distracted with ideas like this… Hopefully this'll be short since I was originally planning this to be a one-shot. I AM messing with the time lines a little. Hope you all liked the Supernatural mention, I had to hold back a ton of other mentions to even more shows…