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Chapter 5

"Sonny!" her Mom called from downstairs. She was in her bathroom applying eyeliner and her hand jerk, nearly ruining the perfect line she was drawing. "Your breakfast is getting cold! And I think Chad just pulled in the driveway!" Hearing Chad's name make her hand jerk again, this time making a jagged line just under her eye.

"Crap," she muttered, turning on the faucet and wetting a washcloth so she could clean up the mess. It was 7:55 and Sonny was getting ready for school. She was a sophomore in high school and Chad, who was a senior and was allowed to use the school parking lot, picked her up for school every morning. School didn't start until 8:30, but they liked to leave at 8:00, giving them some extra time in the morning to hang out before they were separated for six hours. Their age difference had always been one of the most difficult parts of their friendships.

"Okay, I'm almost done!" she called, rubbing at the makeup with the cloth until it came clean. She reached for the pencil to start over again. She heard a knock on the door, then her mom answering it, then the sound of Chad's voice as he greeted her mother. She couldn't really tell what they were saying, but just hearing his voice made her happy. He was her best friend. It was almost impossible to be sad when he was around.

Suddenly she heard footsteps climbing the stairs. She knew it was Chad coming to say hello. She frantically finished with her eyeliner and started her mascara. She wasn't one to wear too much makeup, but she did like to wear a little bit. The last thing she wanted was Chad to see her with one made-over eye and one natural one.

There was a tap on the bathroom door followed by Chad's voice, "Hey can I come in?"

She quickly swiped some mascara on her second eye and stuck the brush back in the bottle. "Yup. The door's unlocked."

He opened the door and stepped in, not bothering to close it behind him. They'd be leaving soon anyway.

"Good morning," she said, twisting the mascara shut and placing it on her sink.

"You know," he said, "I still don't get why you wear that stuff. You're pretty enough without it."

She smiled and blushed, looking down to hide it, "Thanks."

He smiled back. Nine years later, and her smile was still contagious. "You're welcome. I'm just speaking the truth."

She grabbed her pink-tinted lip gloss and shoved it in the pocket of her jeans. "I just have to eat really quickly and then we can go," she explained, heading for the door. He followed her back downstairs and when she sat down at the table he sat across from her. Sonny picked up a fork and began eating the waffles her mom had set out for her.

"Would you like anything, Chad?" her mom asked, "I have a few extra waffles and there's some juice in the fridge."

He shook his head, "That's alright, I ate before I left. Thanks though." He turned back to Sonny, "So how are you doing with geometry?"

She sighed, "I'm still at a C. I have a test on Friday, but it's the last one of the marking period. I have to ace it if I want a B- as my final grade."

"That's not too bad. You should be able to do that."

She let out a sarcastic laugh. "Yeah right. Do you know how many theorems and postulates I have to have memorized?"

"Well what if you had an older and much wiser tutor to help you study?" he said, crossing his arms on the table and leaning towards her.

She cocked up her eyebrow, "What makes you so sure of yourself?"

"Well, I did take geometry when I was a freshman. Honors level, actually. And I'm in AP Calculus now. I think I can handle some average level geometry."

She mimicked his action, leaning in towards him, "Alright. If you think you're such a math genius, tutor me. See if you can get me at least an A. I want an A+ though."

"You're on. My house. After school. Bring your math stuff."

"It's a da-deal. It's a deal. " She glanced at the microwave to check the time, "We should probably get going now." She stood up, grabbing her plate and taking it to the sink. Chad got her backpack and handed it to her before they both headed out the door.

"Bye Mom!" Sonny called.

"Have a good day at school!"

Once at school, the two split up to drop their stuff off at their lockers and get their books for the first part of the day. Sonny, whose locker was upstairs, then went back downstairs to hang out with Chad. Sitting against the lockers, they talked for the awhile as they watched the hallways that were nearly empty at first fill with teenagers. With only five minutes left until the home room bell rang, Sonny began to gather up her things.

"You still need a ride after school, right?" he asked.

"Yup. No student council meetings this week. And drama's over now, obviously."

"And I must say that blonde guy with the lead role put on an amazing show during the performance last weekend." He smirked.

She lightly smacked his arm, "Way to be modest."

"Okay, sorry. But if I did a good job, then so did the brunette playing Student 2."

"Thanks," she said.

Just then, a tall girl with long dark hair in loose curls walked by. Her makeup up was slightly overdone and she scowling. She was followed by two others, one with similar dark locks, wearing the same expression, but clearly a different person and another with honey brown hair, straight as a pin, and expression that seemed too sweet to be following the two scowling girls.

"Still hanging out with underclassmen?" the one who seemed to be the leader remarked.

Chad groaned, "Portlyn, not now."

"Actually, I think now's the perfect time. Maybe you can finally show me why you ditched me to hang out with this bitch."

"Takes one to know one," Sonny muttered.

Portlyn turned her head to glare at Sonny for a moment, and then redirected her attention to Chad.

"That's the exact reason I dumped you," he explained, "You come off as this sweet, innocent girl, but as soon as you don't get your way, it's like the angel in you turns into a devil. I'm pretty sure we went over this already, a year ago, when we broke up."

"Ten months ago, actually. And you still haven't answered my question. Why is she better than me?" she crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, her heels clicking rhythmically against the tile.

"Who said Sonny replaced you? We were best friends before I met you, we were best friends while I dated and you, and we're still best friends now. Case closed."

Sonny smiled proudly and gave Portlyn a look of satisfaction which was returned with another glare. She didn't usually like to cause drama, but Portlyn was so easy to anger. Sonny had exactly what she wanted: Chad. Rubbing it in to someone who was being such a jerk made her feel pretty good.

"Fine. But I know that someday, you will regret this. Especially when you realize you're dateless for senior prom. Goodbye Chad Dylan Cooper. Chastity, Marta, let's go." She walked away followed by her minions, their heels clicking in perfect sync against the tile floor until the disappeared at the end of the hallway.

Chad huffed, leaning his head back so it hit the locker behind him, "I wish she would just get over it and leave me alone."

"Tell me again why you dated her?" Sonny asked.

"I was 16 and stupid. She was hot. "

Sonny laughed, "Well I'm glad you've raised your expectations with girls."

"What about you, any guys that you're looking to date?"

"There is this one guy I've been thinking about, though I don't know if it would work out. But I've got a bigger problem right now. James won't stop trying to get me to go out with him. It's so annoying. It's like he thinks I don't know what he does to girls. He dates them until he finds a girl he thinks is better, and then he dumps them."

Chad shook his head, "He's been at that since fourth grade. I was in fifth grade, but I remember everyone talking about it. That's when I stopped hanging out with him. He spent too much time with girls and didn't want to play with me anymore. Plus, I was with you most of the time." He smiled at the memories and saw her smile too and even noticed a bit of pink flushing her cheeks.

Suddenly a teacher appeared out of the door yelling, "Get to class! One minute until homeroom start!" to the teenagers who were all hanging out in the hallways.

"We better go," Chad said, pulling himself up and then offering a hand to Sonny. She grabbed it and pulled herself up.

"Meet you at your car, right?" she asked.

He nodded, "Yup. Then your house for a geometry study session!"

She groaned, ignoring his chuckle at her misery. "Alright. See you later!" she gave him a quick hug and headed for the stairwell.

Chad picked up his books and walked to his homeroom. He sat down in his seat just as the bell rang and the announcements started. He only half listened as the senior class president announced things like forms due for fall sports and sign-ups for class elections that would take place for next year. He was a senior. None of this stuff mattered. In a month and a half, he'd be done with high school for good.

But then an announcement came on that caught his attention, "Senior prom bids will be on sale during all lunches next week only. You can pick up permission slips for students wishing to attend from others schools at the office."

Realization suddenly struck him and he stopped paying attention to whatever else was being announced: he didn't have a date for prom. Portlyn's words from earlier replayed in his head, "But I know that someday, you will regret this. Especially when you realize you're dateless for senior prom." He definitely wasn't feeling any regret for dumping Portlyn, but she did make a point: he had no date for prom. And it wasn't like junior prom where you could just show up with a group of friends. It was find a date or just don't go at all. But skipping wasn't an option. That was just social suicide. But what girl would go with him that didn't already have a date?


Sonny was a sophomore. Obviously she didn't have a date to prom. But senior prom seemed like a place for couples not friends. But you could be a couple, a voice in the back of his head nagged. He shook his head and tried to ignore it. But the thought kept coming back.

She could be a great girlfriend.

But they were best friends. What if something went wrong? He didn't want to lose girlfriend and a best friend…

…But when he thought about it, she was perfect. He could always to her, she laughed at his jokes, and she was honest with him. He loved every moment they spent together and just seeing her smile made him happy. Even when they were in elementary school, going on their pretend adventures, he loved being with her. Not to mention she was pretty gorgeous for a 16 year old girl.

It was all coming together now. Sonny was perfect. All those years he spent dating other girls, waiting for that special one, he was too blind to see that the one he needed was right in front of him. He didn't just like her as a friend. He loved her.

Well I was sixteen when suddenly,
I wasn't that little girl you used to see

His decision was officially made. He would ask her out tonight. He wasn't sure how, or when, but when the time was right, he would know. The possibility of jeopardizing their friendship or the thought that she might not even like him like that was ignored. If anything, he just needed to tell her how he felt. They had always been honest with each other and suddenly stopping that now wouldn't be fair. `

The rest of the day seemed to stretch on forever. His teacher's seemed to have picked their most boring lessons to teach today and he found his eyes constantly moving to the clock and his thoughts constantly drifting towards Sonny. When the bell rang signaling his last period class was over, he nearly ran out the door. At his locker, he randomly grabbed books and stuffed them in his bag, hoping they were the ones he'd need for his homework. Then he made his way to his car.

He threw his backpack into the trunk and then leaned against the passenger door casually, trying to look cool. He spotted Sonny leaving the school shortly after, talking with her friend Tawni who was in a few of her classes. She waved goodbye and then starting heading over to Chad.

"Hey Sonny," he greeted, opening up her door.

"Hey," she said, removing her backpack from her back.

"I'll take that," he told her, taking the bag from her hands and slinging it over his own shoulder. Her face showed that she was surprised by his actions, but she just shrugged and let him be.

"Thanks." He waited for her to slide in before closing her door for her. He then placed her backpack in the trunk and looped around to his side of the car.

"Being chivalrous today, are we?" Sonny questioned, smirking at him as he slid into the car.

"What, I'm not allowed to be nice to a girl?" He turned the key and the car chugged to life.

"Hey, I'm not complaining, I was just taken off guard. You usually don't do stuff like that for me."

"Maybe I just felt like being sterling today. I could totally pull off that knight and shining armor thing, don't you think?" He smiled at her as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"I believe it. You were my perfect knight back when I was seven," she laughed.

He laughed with her, "I'm just tapping back into my childhood."

They spent the rest of the ride home reminiscing on their childhood games from the past; laughing at some of the crazy scenarios they managed to come up with to put themselves in.

When they pulled into Chad's driveway, Sonny noticed something in the backyard that she hadn't thought about in five years. "We should go back in the tree house to study!" she suggested enthusiastically. She unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car, walking farther up the driveway to get a better view.

Chad stepped out of the car and opened the trunk to retrieve their backpacks. "That old thing? Do you think it will hold us? We've gotten a little bit bigger since we last used it," he reminded her.

Sonny put her hands on her hips, "Are you trying to say I'm fat."

With both backpacks now on his shoulder, Chad waved his hand frantically. "No, no! You're perfect," he reassured.

Sonny laughed, "Calm down Chad, I was kidding. But thanks anyway."

"You're welcome. So do you really wanna go up there?"

She nodded, "What could go wrong?"


"Shut up!" she said, playfully shoving him. "C'mon, let's race to the top like we used to. Ready…"

"I don't know…"




They both took off towards the tree house. Then Chad realized something. "Wait! I'm carrying two backpacks! That's not fair!"

Sonny, who was up ahead, looked back and called, "Too bad!" Then she laughed and kept running.

"Alright then…" Chad muttered to himself and then picked up the pace. Just as Sonny was about to reach the trunk of the tree, Chad grabbed her in a bear hug and spun her around until she was facing opposite the tree and he was the one closest to the tree.

"Hey!" she yelled, trying to sound angry. Her laughter wasn't helping, "That's not fair!"

"Too bad!" he replied, mocking her words from earlier.

He climbed up to the top as fast as he could and then waved at Sonny who was only half way up the ladder, "Woot! I win!"

Sonny pulled herself up to the top and stood next to him. "Well I would have won if someone didn't try and strangle me."

Chad laughed. "C'mon, we've got geometry to do, don't we?"

"Fine," Sonny grumbled, shuffling her way from the porch to inside the house. She took a seat at the tiny table.

Chad took a seat across from her, his not even fitting under the table. "Maybe we should sit on the floor," he suggested.


They made their way over across the room, sitting next to each other against the wall.

"Okay, so what are we learning?" Chad asked.

"Area of shapes," she told him, pulling a bright yellow notebook out of her bag.

Chad snorted, "Haven't you been learning this since like, 4th grade?"

"Did you know what the apothem of a polygon was in 4th grade?"

His amused expression disappeared, "Oh. No."

"And what about all the postulates and theorems that go along with squares and rectangles and rhombuses and all those other shapes?" she added, "Did you learn that in 4th grade?"

"Okay, I'm sorry," he told her, putting his hands up in defense, "Now what are you having trouble with?"

They spent the next hour going over problems and trying to come up with clever ways to remember all of the definitions and rules. Eventually Sonny's head was so filled with information she thought her head might explode and Chad was sick of the subject he thought he was done with freshman year. They decided to take a break before moving on to other assignments. Chad decided this was the perfect opportunity to let Sonny know how he felt.

"So, I've been thinking about what Portlyn was saying today," he started.

Her eyes widened, "Oh no, please don't tell me you're going to start dating her again! She called me a bitch, and I don't even know her!"

Chad laughed, "No, that's not what I meant. I was thinking about when she said I was going to be dateless for Senior Prom."

"You're going to take her to prom?" she exclaimed, "That's practically dating her!"

"No, let me finished," he explained, "I still wanna go to prom, but I don't want to be dateless. So I was wondering if… maybe you'd go with me?" He looked at her hopefully.

Her shocked and angry expression suddenly turned surprised, yet pleased. "Yeah, that would be awesome! Of course I'll go!"

"But that's not all I wanted to ask you," he said, looking down now and twiddling his thumbs.

"Oh. Well, what else is there?"


"C'mon, just ask me! You can't tell me you have something to say and then not say it. That's just cruel."

He took a deep breath, looked straight into her eyes and said, "Okay, well I know this might be kind of awkward if you don't agree with me, but I'm starting to think our friendship is starting to become more than just a friendship. Today I realized that I don't just like you like a sister, but I really like you. And I don't know if you feel the same way too, but I just felt like I needed to tell you and not hide it, because I respect you enough to always tell you the truth. So I'm sorry if I just ruined our relationship right now, but I just needed to tell you. Because I truly do like you. Maybe even love you."

Sonny's facial expression changed yet again, this time to pure shock. Chad just basically admitted he was in love with her. Chad, her best friend. The boy who would always be there for her. The one that was her prince from the first day they met. The one who she always tried to look good for and who'd she chose to hang out with over any other boy at any time. He had seen her at her worst times, yet he never ran away like some boys would. Maybe she did like him all along, but was too afraid to admit it.

Visions of them as a couple began flowing through her head. She saw them holding hand, walking together, and she suddenly wanted to hold his hand like she did when she was little so many years ago. Suddenly she realized just how much she loved spending time with him and how she'd stay with him forever if she could. There was no denying it. She loved him, too.

"I…I think I feel the same way," she admitted.

"You think?" he asked, starting to get slightly disappointed.

"No! I mean… yes. I mean, I don't know. It kind of just hit me now. I feel like the feelings for you were always there, but I never recognized them as being romantic until now. Or maybe I was just denying them all along… I don't know."

"So what does this mean?" he asked.

"I'm not sure yet," she told him, "but I'm willing to find out if you are."

His look of disappointment was immediately wiped away. He looked directly in her eyes again and said, "Well, then let's make it official. Sonny Munroe… will you go out with me?"

"Of course I will, Chad Dylan Cooper," she responded with a smile. And just like always, Chad smiled back. His deep blue eyes, Sonny noticed, were sparkling with more joy than she had ever seen them before.

But your eyes still shined
Like pretty lights.

One moment she was admiring him, and the next his face was inching towards hers. She barely recognized the surprise of his lips meeting hers as it was overwhelmed with relief, joy, and overall, love. The kiss was sweet, yet passionate at the same. They broke apart after a few seconds, their faces just centimeters a part.

"I've been waiting to do that for nine years," he whispered.

"That's my fault," she said, "I shouldn't have run away when I dared you to kiss me that one time."

He chuckled.

"You do realize we've been dating this whole time? Ever since I was seven and you were nine?"

He was the one with the puzzled expression now, "How do you figure that?"

"We never broke up after you asked me out to impress your friend's at recess," she reminded him.

"Well, now it's officially official. You're my girlfriend and I'm not going to forget this time." As if to prove his point, he cupped her face and brought her in for another kiss. And finally, everything felt right.

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