Repeated Nights

Katara hugged Aang tighter to warm herself from the nippy winter air. Her parka didn't feel warm enough, but as she hugged Aang closer to her it felt like sitting next to a fireplace with a wool blanket tucked around.

Aang returned her squeeze, he too was getting cold from the night's chill. He loosened his grip on Appa's reigns to enjoy Katara's radiating heat. They were returning to the South Pole at a later hour than usual from a mission. Aang almost regretted leaving so late, but at the same time enjoyed it.

He had asked Katara to go on this special mission with him. It wasn't a special Avatar mission, more of an air nation mission. He and Katara went to the Southern Air Temple, because today was the annual Winter Preparation day that was part of air nomadic custom. When Aang used to live there, his people took this day to prepare for the harsh winter ahead of them. Everything had to be ready before the first snow fall. The temple had to be sparkling clean from top to bottom, the harvest had to be brought in and stored, and prayers were needed to be made to wish for a pleasant peaceful winter.

Aang wanted Katara to be a part of this. He felt like it was his responsibility to share his people's customs so they may spread. The day went by very peacefully. Katara enjoyed the cleaning, it allowed her to pay more attention to the detail of the temple. It was breathtaking. Aang explained to her, after they were done cleaning, that it almost looked like it used to be. Katara replied that she would have loved to live with him here if given the chance. Aang had to smile at that. He had been married to Katara for already month and she was thinking ahead by moving in with him. It was customary that the water tribal bride moves in with her new husband 6 weeks after the marriage. But Katara was getting too eager for that.

Aang had his own house back at the South Pole that Katara helped him build. It wasn't too far from her own that she shared with her father, her grandmother, brother and sister-in-law.

They had left the temple when the sun was setting. The temple was gleaming in the sunlight, grateful that Aang had kept his old home in his heart still. However as Aang glanced back at it one more time, a strange empty thought occurred to him. The temple itself looked almost like it did when he was a kid, but the temple looked vacant and lifeless. There was no smoke coming from stoves that cooked their fruit pies. There were no gliders spiriting in the colorful sky. There were no animal calls being sung. There were no tender waves wishing him goodbye. There was nothing.

This was only part of the thought that troubled Aang. The other part was that he had the power to change that. He had the power to return his people to that wonderful temple. The problem was he questioned when was the best time to start changing that. He and Katara could fill those empty halls and rooms, but he and she were so young and innocent. Now, 1 month into their marriage, was not the best time to be thinking about intimate lust. Katara was of marrying age and the top waterbending master of the South Pole, and he a full realized Avatar with the highest authority, but they were still too young. He was 15 and she 17.

Aang never wanted Katara to ever feel uncomfortable, he wanted to always be there to please her and make her feel happy. Taking the next step in their relationship seemed too much to ask for from his innocent virgin wife. However in Aang's heart he felt hurt and disloyal to his people when that empty temple appeared in his mind.

"Aang?" His love's voice startled him from his frustrated thinking. "You ok, you've been very quiet since we left the temple. Something troubles you?" Her voice was so soft and concerning, it made Aang's heart melt.

Aang debated how he would explain this to Katara without frightening her, "I'm just trying to remember my life back at the temple. But the more I try to recall it, the fainter the image becomes. The winter preparation did bring back a lot of fond memories, but leaving it didn't feel the same. It feels like I left that place empty."

Katara studied him with her bright blue eyes. They reflected vibrate hues of the ocean from the moon's light. "It felt empty, meaning missing your people. You loved them very much didn't you? I wish I could understand how that feels, to lose everyone." Katara squeezed him harder.

"I don't want you to understand that pain Katara. I want you to understand the love I had for my people. You realize that you and I……we can…….fill the emptiness, in the future I mean." Aang bit his lip at his last sentence.

Katara smiled slightly, "Yes, I've realized that the moment I started cleaning those halls. I was imagining what those halls were used for, and who walked among them. Then I imagined who would walk in the temple now, and a picture of tiny children came into my mind." Katara hinted a blush.

They were both startled by a sudden thump, signaling that Appa had landed. They landed at their destination, the South Pole, on the biggest hill overlooking the entire village. Aang's house sat on this very hill, watching over his new people. And not too far down the hill rested Katara's houses whose windows were dark. It was then that Katara realized how late the night was. Her whole family must be asleep right now. But if she left now, she'd be going to sleep without any supper and so would Aang.

Aang and Katara both hopped off of Appa and patted him gingerly. Appa let out a big yawn and headed for his ice made hut, right next to Aang's house. Momo, who had been asleep the whole ride in the saddle, repositioned himself on Appa's head, and continued his slumber.

Aang faced Katara, he looked prepared to say goodbye. Katara hated that look.

"So Katara its getting a little late." Aang said rather ashamed to be leaving on a strange note of their previous conversation.

"It is. And I can hear your stomach growling." Katara smiled.

Aang laughed. "Yeah, we didn't eat any supper. Too bad all the plants up at the temple shriveled up for the winter."

Katara took Aang's arm and headed for the door to his house, "And I'm not about to leave my husband on an empty stomach." She gently poked his side.

"Nor my wife." He poked her back.

Within a few minutes, Katara was already busying herself in the kitchen while Aang was setting up the fireplace for the stew. Aang also placed their winter parkas around the fire for them to dry.

Aang stood calmly in front of the fire. Then he turned his head to gaze at his wife, Katara was cutting up potatoes for the stew. Instinctively, Aang came up behind Katara and wrapped his warm arms around her. He stared at the knife in her hand over her shoulder. He took his hands in hers and slowly controlled her movements with the sharp object.

"Don't want you getting cut dear." Aang giggled.

"If you're so worried about me, why don't you make the stew then." Katara challenged him.

"Because you make it better than I do." Aang kissed her cheek and held her tightly again. He breathed in her hair. The sweet smell of flowers, rosemary incent, and her flesh filled his nostrils. Aang always loved the smell of her flesh, he wished he could breathe it every morning and every night. But he would have to wait one more month before Katara could officially move in with him. In fact, tonight was the first night that Katara had stayed so late in the evening at his house without any other guests like her family.

"It will taste even better if you helped a little. Here, take this pot and fill it with water and set it on the fire." Katara handled him a small pot with a long thin handle. Aang did as asked. Katara then filled it with all his favorite vegetables, spices and sauces. And the best part of the stew, no meat.

While they were waiting for the stew to cook, Aang and Katara shared cups of tea. Aang just heated up the cups of cold water to make them steaming hot. The hot liquid flushed away the chill of the wintry night in their bodies. From time to time, Aang and Katara would find each other staring at one another over the tip of their cups. This resulted in some small giggles.

Katara had finished her drink and examined her tea leaves in her cup. Iroh had taught her a little bit about tea leaf reading back in Ba Sing Sai. She motioned Aang for his cup and she examined the both cups of leaves.

"What do you see?"

"Good luck, happiness, and……lust." Katara blushed at the last one and her smile widened.

Aang mirrored her expression. But he couldn't help but feel like his whole body was taken by the magical word she just spoke. Aang found his smile dropping and his body leaning in closer to hers. Katara didn't move and began to close her eyes, watching and waiting for him to touch her. Aang's lips reached out for her, Katara waited with eager breath.

The pot over the fire began to bubble and the lid clanked open. Katara opened her eyes, and quickly left Aang's presence to serve out the stew. She sighed a little, but still smiled at their almost kiss.

Katara came back with their two bowls of stew and spoons. Aang took one and began to dig in. Momo had smelt the stew's aroma from outside and leapt from the window to the dining table. The jumpy little lemur stared hungrily at the two as they slurped their stew.

Aang and Katara stared at each other as they ate, their slurping sounds made them giggle. They would watch and laugh as they would find stew juice hiding on the corners of their lips. But as they were coming down to the last of the stew, the giggles turned into long quiet stares. They seemed to pay little attention to their food and at Momo's cute begging eyes. Their eyes seemed fixed on one another in a way that happened very rarely for them. A few times, they would have a very quiet stare, examining the beauty of their eyes and face. Then when they were done studying each other's face, they would slowly lean in and beginning kissing one another. But this time seemed different. How different was it? Neither one of them could tell, it just felt like something different would happen after the stare.

Aang figured that in order to exploit this difference he would have to give in to his lowest instinct. He threw his stew bowl on the table with a loud clank and launched himself at his love. He first grabbed hold of Katara's lips with his own. His arms wrapped around her waist and began soothing around her dress like snakes. Katara threw her bowl of unfinished stew off to the side, it spilled on to the floor which Momo enjoyed as the couple became distracted with something else.

Katara returned her love's kiss. She wrapped her arms around his upper back and softly played with the collar of his shawl.

Aang dared to share his tongue with her. Katara accepted it and began to dance with it in his mouth and then retreat back to hers. They began to breathe together, and give off heat for one another. Katara's body heat fueled Aang's instinct to go further, to bring out his deepest emotions of his love for her.

Aang held Katara closer to his body and gently threw her onto the dining table that they were kneeling at. Katara didn't seem at all surprised by his actions. Every part of her was encouraging him to take advantage of her in that position. Aang swept everything off of the table that was in the way, not caring what might break. He continued to press his chest even heavier into hers. This pressure deepened his kiss and forced him to move his hands further down her body. Katara wrapped her arms around his neck and let her legs curl around his legs. Their breaths drew heavy as it became difficult to breathe.

Aang departed from her lips and set his lips on a journey down to the crock in her neck. Katara breathed deeper at the soft feel of those tender moist petals bristled the ticklish flesh of her neck. The feel of it awakened a power hungry side of her, a side that carved for something. The carving made her tremble slightly inside and filled her with a powerful urge.

Katara raised herself off the table and pushed Aang onto his back on the floor. Aang got his breath knocked out of him. Katara lingered over his face. They breathed heavy over each other. Her hair was coming loose from her bun. Several strains of her velvet hair tickled around Aang's neck and ears.

Aang giggled as her hair tickled him, but he still felt uncomfortable. He was enjoying this very tender moment they were having, but the space they were in didn't match the feel. It felt cramped and hard and unpleasant. Aang could see in Katara's eyes that she felt the same way too. They needed a cushion or a blanket or a mattress. At that thought, Aang's worry kicked in again.

Aang cleared his throat, "You know you feel a little cold. Do you want a blanket?" Aang lied, Katara felt just as warm as he did. Pink blushes were in both of their cheeks.

Katara nodded, "Yes, that way we can snuggle together." Katara smiled and bit her lip. She believed she had an idea of where Aang was going with this. Blankets can only be found in Aang's bedroom. He was slowly leading her into his bedroom.

Aang lifted himself up but still had Katara in his grip. He began advancing towards his bedroom. With each step, his heart rate increased tenfold. He stared deeply into her eyes as he held her and walked with her to his bedroom. His speeding heart began to fill his mind with doubt, was he getting nervous? What if one thing would lead to another? Would Katara be ready for this step in their relationship?

They were now in his bedroom. The darkness greeted them, but the moonlight coming from the windows glistened their features. The light enveloped Katara's eyes which brightened up the color in her pupils. Aang was captured in a harmonic spell. He shut his eyes, hoping the doubt in his mind would go away.

He gently kissed her eyes, those beautiful captivating eyes concealed under a thin membrane of soft flesh. Then he kissed her rosy pump cheek, then her nose, and finally her lips. Katara had been waiting patiently for him, she returned his kiss back with even more heated passion than before on the dining room table.

Her lips and tongue moved hungrily in his mouth, but the strength of her knees was giving away. Aang rushed her to support, he backed her up against the wall. Her delicate features were being pressed against the unforgiving wall by Aang's pressure. Katara made the wall work with her, she leaned all her weight against it and lifted her legs up around Aang's waist.

Aang now had to support all of her weight, he pressed Katara even harder against the wall which deepened their kiss. Katara struggled to hang on, she tightened her leg grip around his waist. Her legs began to burn from this strange new position. Katara let a small moan roll into their kiss.

Her moan made Aang's heart twinge and his inners turn into gelatin. Soon his legs felt numb as the leg grip tightened around his waist and Katara's moans came more frequent. She dared let her hands slip further down his torso. She gripped firmly at the hem of his shirt and she started yanking it up. Aang lifted up his arms and let the fabric slid over his face. Katara threw away the discarded material. She busied herself with feeling the new material that was hidden under the shirt, his flesh. Her hands pressed and squeezed the muscles of his chest like they were molds of dough. But this dough was hard and smooth and hot to the touch.

Aang couldn't take it anymore, the leg grip, the intensive kiss, the chest squeezing, it was too much of his legs alone to stand on. Letting go, Aang fell backward on to the floor with a hard thump. Katara fell on top of him. Even upon falling, Katara did not want to break the kiss. The pain from the fall made Aang begin to moan as well.

Katara's legs lay bent by Aang's hips, however the annoying feeling of her pants made him itch. He had to remove them. He forcibly grabbed for the hem of her pants and began to pull them down. Aang was shocked that his actions were moving at a faster rate that he could barely keep control over.

Katara helped him remove her god-awful pants, and it became another discarded material. Aang enjoyed the feel of her tender smooth legs against his hips. But he wasn't feeling Katara kissing him anymore.

He looked back up at her, she lingered over his face. Her eyes half closed as if still in her dreamy lustful haze. Aang loved that look, it made him want to touch her more. Aang's hands found their new destination, her legs. He rubbed the smoothness of her legs and took in the texture of her flesh. He had been able to explore her like this.

A smile danced on her lips. Then Katara didn't look at his eyes anymore, they stared down at his chest. She placed her lips ever so gently on his throat and worked on kissing his delicious neck. Her kiss traveled down to his collarbone and then to one of his pectoral muscles. It was her turn to explore Aang, but she would do it with her lips and tongue.

The feel of her moist petal like lips on his sensitive skin made Aang feel a rush of heat. He gripped her legs harder as she lingered her lips on his chest. The feel was too good. It was too wet and hot, too soft and tender. It was almost too much of a feeling to hold in.

Then abruptly Katara stopped and sat up rather quickly. Aang met her eyes and felt his heart sank. Her eyes no longer had the half shut lustful haze, that was replaced with worry and fear and embarrassment. She didn't look affectionate anymore, she looked almost afraid.

But what could have caused her break away from the heat of their lust just when Aang could feel it becoming a raging fire. Then he realized this weird hard feeling happening in his groin area. The feeling did become too much. He stared at his pants which had a stupid looking bulge in them. His boner must have scared Katara.

Katara looked away and got off of him, she tried to smile but it didn't stay for very long. "I better go clean up the kitchen." Her voice was shakily and Aang could see her whole body trembling. "I should head home too."

Her words punctured Aang's heart. He sat up in a stupor as he watched Katara make a brisk pace out of his room. His heart sank deeper and deeper as the space between them expanded. Aang's lips dried, his lungs hurt to breathe, and his chest caved in. He had done something terrible. He convinced Katara to try and step up their relationship, but he knew they weren't ready for it. He knew it, and he wouldn't listen to his brain. He was overcome by the heavy wave of lust and physical attraction that his heart and cock were beating to.

Katara looked so frightened by the sudden turn on of his erection. This was her first serious relationship, she had not been exposed to such much lust in one evening. Aang should've taken it slower. He knew it was a bad idea, it was too soon. Now she was leaving him, and who knows when she will ever feel comfortable around him again.