Repeated Nights


Aang was walking through the Southern Village with a knapsack swung over his back. Humming an ancient tune, he merrily strolled from a bakery shop to the populated village. He had to run an errand today, not an Avatar errand, but a personal errand. He was happy to accomplish his errand early in the day so he could return home to his wife hopefully before she woke up.

He pasted by the early risers in the streets, they all waved and cheerfully said hello. Aang returned the gesture with a wave and an even friendlier greeting. He was in a good mood, and it wasn't just because he was a morning person.

Aang walked up the road to Hakoda's household, his house was on the same street as the chief's. Aang noticed that someone was standing outside. It was Suki holding her 5 month old baby girl. Suki had bags under her eyes, perhaps from another sleepless night. Aang could only imagine how tired Sokka must be at this point. Aang walked up to Suki and greeted her. She gave a yawn and rocked her girl some more.

"I finally got her to sleep." Suki mumbled.

"You should get some too." Aang suggested as he stroked his niece's face with his finger. She was still so tiny.

"Forget it, Nanenia (Na- knee- a) will wake up again in a few minutes. She has her father's temper." Suki half giggled. "You're up early, what for?"

"I wanted to surprise Katara with something special." Aang motioned to the knapsack.

"Oh. I wished Sokka gave me surprises." Suki pouted and addressed her leave to go back inside the house. Aang smiled and then looked back at his house that sat right on the hill above Hakoda's house. Aang's smile grew wider and he bared his teeth. Excited, he airbended himself up the hill through the thick snow.

He made it to the front door and quickly opened it. He tiptoed in, took off his shoes and looked around. Momo was sleeping next to the kitchen fire. He was able to hear Aang's approach with his super hearing. He lifted his head and became excited. Aang placed a finger to his lips and warned Momo not to make a sound. Momo got the message and crawled over to Aang's shoulder soundlessly. Momo purred lightly as he nuzzled his head against Aang's temple.

Aang smiled and shushed Momo again. He grew serious and began tiptoeing towards his shared bedroom. He was so happy to have Katara living in his house now. They had been living together since the day after the First Snow Festival. Aang was never more happier in his life.

"I know you're there Aang." Came Katara's voice from their bedroom. Aang pouted, he was barely at the open doorway and Katara was able to pick him out.

Aang dropped the quiet act and casually walked into their bedroom. "How do you do that?"

Katara smiled. Aang was surprised to see her wake and sitting up. She was knitting a scarf with blue colored string. The scarf was so long that it was rolling over her inflated breasts and her swollen pregnant stomach. Aang was amazed to see how fast Katara was growing, she seemed to get more beautiful everyday even if she stayed in bed most of the time. Katara was wearing her usual lose sleeping robe, it barely clung to her shoulders which was half revealing her new heavy assets. Katara grew out of all her bras so she gave up wearing them. And her stomach, it looked like she was full term already with a single child. But Aang and Katara both knew that there was more than one baby growing inside her. Aang had felt Katara's womb with his earthbending senses so many times that he was sure that there were four babies in her. Four children of their own flesh and blood. Her stomach was poking out from underneath her sleeping robes. Her skin was stretched tight like a drum but blue veins were visible under her skin. There were a couple of stretch marks here and there. But overall her stomach was glowing. Katara called it the motherly glow. Aang called her a beautiful glowing spirit. Katara never looked more beautiful being fully pregnant with his children, with their children.

Katara laughed when she could see that Aang was staring at her motherly body again. "Because you are my husband." She teased and knitted a bit more.

Aang walked fast to join her in bed, sitting beside her. Automatically his hands went to her stomach touching and feeling the life inside her. Aang found the concept of pregnancy fascinating. That all life comes from a woman, but it takes a man to make her like this. He rubbed his hands over her swollen belly. "I'll letting them know I'm here."

Katara giggled so more, "They were wondering why you left so early, leaving their mother all alone in bed."

Aang smiled to himself, "That's because daddy loves mommy so much that he went out and got her a surprise." He said reaching into his knapsack.

"Really?" Katara got off from resting her back on the pillows to face Aang. She was very excited. She tossed her knitting aside.

"Close your eyes and no peaking." Aang spoke.

Katara pouted a bit and then did as ordered. Aang waved his hands in front of her to make sure she couldn't see. He took a thick disk shaped object out from the knapsack and unwrapped it from its paper. It was a warm pastry with a gooey purple center. With a quick flip of his wrist, the gooey center swirled up to create a swirly cone of fruity gooeyness. He took a finger dip of the purple filling and put it towards Katara's lips.

"Taste." He spoke softly.

Katara opened her mouth and Aang poked his finger inside her mouth. She licked his finger with her tongue and moaned with content of the gooey fruity flavor. "What is this honey? Breakfast? Its so mouth watering."

"Breakfast in bed." Aang giggled.

Aang tore off a piece of the cake part and brought it to her lips, Katara took the piece between her lips and munched on it. Her mouth was watering and her tummy was growling loudly. "It seems our little cloudbabies like it too." Cloudbabies were a term that they called their children, it was like a cute nickname. A combination of water and air, it was very appropriate and adorable coming from parents of air and water cultures.

Katara opened her eyes to look down at her tummy, she rubbed her children and cooed them that more of the treat will come. Aang smiled and gave Katara the rest of the cake. Katara didn't ask questions and hungrily ate the cake. She took huge bits and swallowed big amounts. Aang was used to seeing her stuff her face. Katara had been like this with very good tasty food for a long time. But with more good food in Katara's tummy meant happy babies, which was why Aang went to the trouble of making these cakes so early in the morning.

"What is this?" Katara asked as she ate the rest of it and licked her fingers.

Aang grabbed for another cake in the knapsack and swirled the center again. "It's a fruit pie made the traditional way by my people. The secret is the gooey center."

"That's my favorite part." Katara smiled as she watched Aang swirl the fruity goo. He handed it to her and she stuffed that one in her face. "Its so good." Katara said between bites.

"I thought you might like it." Aang smiled and got himself one. "It's good to know that your food cravings are still…." Aang wasn't able to finish his sentence because Katara yanked on his collar and pulled him into a kiss. He could taste her tongue in his mouth, but he was too shocked to react.

Katara pulled away and blushed madly. "I'm sorry, my hormones are still a little wired and out of control." Katara was about to let go of Aang's collar but Aang took a hold of her face and kissed her. He entered his tongue into her mouth. Katara moaned in her throat and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Aang's hands slide down from her face to her neck, touching the face of her betrothal necklace he had given to her. Then his hands soothed down to her clothed inflated milky breasts to her pregnant stomach. Her stomach was so big that it was separating them from squeezes any closer, but either one of them cared. Her stomach was a part of the family now. Aang rubbed Katara's stomach gently, causing the little life inside her to kick in response to the affectionate touch. Katara giggled and moaned in Aang's mouth as she was delighted by both her husband's and her children touch and movement.

Aang giggled a bit in their kiss as well when he felt his children kick against his hands. With eager uncontrolled fingers, Aang pulled on the loose knot that was holding her robe together. The robe slide from her front and to her sides revealing her gravid form for Aang to touch.

Katara grabbed his hands before he could reach any further down her lower stomach. "Aang," She panted, "No."

Aang blinked like he had snapped out of something, "Sometimes I forget that I need to be gentle with you." He giggled.

Katara nudged him, "I'm not that fragile."

"Rrrriiiight." Aang giggled and pushed Katara back onto the pillows and fluffy bedding. They giggled together.

Katara stared up into her lover's deep gray eyes, "Do you think we'll be able to handle our four children? They would interfere with your Avatar duties and I could be in the way of something important…."

Aang stopped her by caressing a finger over her cheek, "I will have many children with you Katara, as many as you want. I will spend repeated nights with you. I would give myself entirely to you just to prove to you that I'll make this work. I will always be here for you and our many children. And I will make the world livable for us to share. I will always love you more than anything in this world." Aang kissed her forehead.

Katara gasped and sat up, gripping her stomach. Aang panicked, "What? Are you going into labor? Are you hurt? Do you need anything?"

"Aang don't freak out, I still have two months. Feel this." She took his hand and guided it towards the bottom of her belly. Powerful kicks were thudding against Aang's hand, they were the strongest kicks Aang had felt from them. It felt like all four of them were kicking at once.

"Wow." He mouthed.

"They have never kicked that hard, but it feels like they are responding to you." Katara giggled, a blush was rising to her cheeks from the wonderful feeling of her children squirming inside her.

"What are they saying?"

"Thank you daddy."