My first Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction. It had to be puppyshipping, of course! At the same time, it's a light parody of the couple, the reasons we support it and people who take shipping too seriously.

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by Inktrap

Chapter One

Ten pages, fifty yen, printed at every six months. The Domino High's Gazette was far from a respectable newspaper magazine.

Owned by the newspaper club, the Gazette was started together with its foundation. Born from the complaints of a student body who wanted Domino High to be not quite like Every Other School, the Gazette was supposed to have the function to keep the students as their parents wanted them: smart, well informed, actualized. In its first edition, it came with interviews with school staff, high quality articles from renamed professors and informative clippings from other hard-to-find magazines.

It didn't sell.

Not one copy. Not even the newspaper club's parents bought it.

In the next edition, the club printed an extra page with comics and sales went up, five copies being actually sold. They sold fifty copies when they decided to publish exclusive snapshots from the school idol. Their sales rose to a hundred when they published an interview.

It wasn't clear when Domino High's newspaper club gave up on being informative, smart and actualized to being exactly that - but on the subject of the student's lives.

Now, the Domino High's Gazette had sale records.

The newspaper club, that once was formed by nerds and otaku, was now as elitist and strict as the kendo club, whose brute members were the most hated in the whole campus. You could only enter by invitation, and nobody knew who was in. It was part of the game. And the members, well, they wanted more.

There was a thin line keeping truth and lies apart in the Gazette, but no one could tell. After all, when students had their ultimate dark secret open for everyone to see, they all claimed it to be fake, a meddling from the newspaper club. The club still had 79% approval between students, and everything was fine.

And therein laid the problem.

The newspaper club didn't want it to be 'fine'.

They had kept a low profile for a very long time. They didn't want to bother with petty secrets and life facts. No, they wanted the ultimate news.

And they knew exactly what would provide that.


If there was something Kaiba Seto was used to, it was people staring at him.

Wide eyes and gaping mouths were often the result of a Kaiba entering anywhere. Thus, when the young corporate executive got out of his limousine, waved goodbye to Mokuba and entered school grounds, he didn't acknowledge any difference in people's attitudes.

Kaiba crossed the distance between the Domino High's gate and it's main entrance with the grace only someone of his caliber could manage with thousands of eyes upon his figure. He did, indeed, shot a backwards glance to see if the driver was still parked in front of the school, since the limo tended to attract more attention than himself. It was gone, though, so he dismissed the fact as being just an everyday occurrence.

The daily occurrence ceased to be one in the halls, when a freshman blushed as she looked at him and ran away, dropping what was in her hands.

Now, Kaiba made an habit of never picking foreign objects out of the ground, much less when there were plenty of people capable to do exactly that all around. Problem was, as soon as the girl dropped her possession - Kaiba quickly recognized it as a newspaper magazine of sorts - every single student around pretended to be highly interested in everything but Kaiba and the paper. Mainly, Kaiba noticed, they were busy reading copies of the exact same thing the girl dropped. Now and then, when they thought he wasn't looking, they glanced at him and whispered awkwardly between themselves.

With resolution, Kaiba Seto walked towards the newspaper. When he crouched to get it, the mutters stopped. When he got up, the Domino High's Gazette in hands, every girl and boy had disappeared from vicinity.

Kaiba managed to keep his face only a slight shade of blue when he read the school's newspaper headline.


It wasn't even 8AM and Anzu was already with a throbbing headache. She didn't want to know what would happen when Jou showed up. There wasn't any need to add to the blinding pain that Honda's screams and Yuugi's pleads were causing her.

"Come on, guys," Anzu crossed her arms. She was frowning and looking straight at Honda with an air of disapproval. "We have to support him...."

Honda was eager to reply, but Yuugi stood up to his friend. Anzu didn't know which was worse. Sure, Honda's loud voice made her head hurt a lot, but she knew how to handle the guy. The one she couldn't deal with properly was Yuugi. He was too cute for their own good. All it took was one look for her to forget she needed to be fierce if she wanted her friends to understand her point.

"But Anzu," Yuugi begun. "We don't know if this is the truth. I mean... We're his friends. Don't you think he would've told us?"

"Yeah- we know him! I mean, it's obviously a lie! The newspaper club should've joined with the creative writing club years ago. They make up a bunch of stories!"

"But if it isn't?" Anzu raised her voice so he could be heard over Honda's explanation. "He'll be so upset. It's already a very difficult situation. And now he's being exposed like that in the school's newspaper... If his friends don't show any understanding, how do you think he will feel?!"

Honda groaned. Anzu had always been a huge fan of the crap the newspaper club pulled on the other students.

"You're so gullible, Anzu!"

"It's not about that." She sighed. "It's about us being here for Jou."

"It. Is. Not. The. Truth."

"How would you know?" she asked defensively.

"Girls wouldn't understand this stuff."

"Try me."

Honda had cornered himself. He glanced at Yuugi, looking for help, but Yuugi just gave him a sympathetic look.

"Mai. Take Mai for instance. "

"Yes... What about her?" Anzu asked carefully, unsure if she would like to know the answer.

"Din't you see how they were all over each other in the Duelist Kingdom?"

Anzu looked shocked.

"She's ten years older than him!"

"And she has boobs ten times bigger than yours!"

It took about five second before she tried to kick Honda in the place where it hurt the most - she was stopped, though, by Yuugi's cute face pleading mercy.

"What we're saying," he explained, shyly "is that maybe the newspaper got it all wrong."

"But Yuugi, we can't count on that. If it's wrong, he'll clear up all the mistake latter. But we won't be able to make the pain disappear from his heart if we treat this as an horrible lie and it is, in fact, the truth!"

"Anzu, stop with the drama," Honda moaned.

"But what if?! What if Jou is dating Kaiba?!" Anzu's voice echoed in the room full of quiet students. That was strange. They all were gossiping just seconds ago...

Jounouchi Katsuya had just entered the room.

"What if I'm WHAT?!"

------------- To Be Continued

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