Title: Revealing sorrow
Author: bendleshnitz1
Pairing: Angelina/Fred, Angelina/George
Rating: G
Word Count: 463
Prompt: Oops
Summary: Angelina opens her heart to the love of her life.
A/N: Written for a prompt challenge on thehogwartslife as a pinch hitter.

Revelaing Sorrow

The vast grey sky threated downpouring rain any minute now. The autumn leaves flew around their ankles. The kids silently jumped, trying to avoid contact with them. A giggle occasionally escaped their lips.

"Ashley, Chris! Stop it", hissed Roxanne angrily to her children, who were each grabbing one of her hands.

"You too, Mark. Grandma is be very upset and she doesn't need you misbehaving while she visits your Grandpa." Fred said while arranging his hair and slowing the pace as he spotted his mother in front of the headstone of his father, right next to their uncle's.

The five of them stopped where they were, giving Angelina privacy as she talked to the love of her life.

"...all this time. I miss your kisses, your touch. I don't know how much longer I can handle without seeing that mischievous sparkle in your eyes. My memory starts to fail. I'm losing more details day by day. It's been too long, my love. I tried to do my best. I tried to live the happy life you wanted me to, but it's harder everyday." A sob escaped Angelina's lips through the handkerchief pressed against her mouth.

A tear dropped from Roxanne's eyes. Fred threw his arm around her shoulders, trying to comfort his sister. A year had passed since George's death and it wasn't getting any easier for their mother.

"This past year...it's been harder, love. He's not with me anymore. I can't trick myself every morning pretending it's your arms that are around me. I can't pretend it's your eyes I'm looking at before he kisses me." Roxanne's frown grew deeper sentence by sentence, adding to Fred's confusion as their mother left a lily on the gravestone. "You two were only identical to the world's eyes. Not mine. I always could tell the difference in your touch, in your eyes, in your soul. But it was easy to trick myself. It wasn't the same as having you with me, but George was always a caring husband, a wonderful father and a loving grandpa. I know no one can have everything; but isn't it cruel enough I couldn't live the life I wanted with you and now I can't even enjoy living with the second best until I die?" Angelina's tears were uncontrollably cascading down her face with the same intensity as the raindrops now falling from the roaring sky. "I will always love you, Fred. Until my dying breath, love"

"Oops! Granny confused Grandpa's name", Ashley innocently exclaimed, repressing a giggle.

"Dad, weren't you named after your Uncle Fred? Grandpa's twin?" Mark whispered, all eyes still on Angelina.

"Yes buddy...", murmured Fred, turning his head to watch his sister, who was staring back at him, her eyes -just like his- wide with shock.