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Summary: A short fic following the relationship between Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy through Hogwarts. Not the most original idea, but hey...

He made his way across the courtyard tentatively, warring with himself as to whether he should do this. Every time someone in the constantly moving human traffic cut across him he'd almost turn back. He wondered if he could just sneak away through the crowd, it was mostly made up of students twice his size after all, but he glimpsed the eager faces of his friends under the walkway and knew he couldn't chicken out. There would be a monster of a forfeit waiting for him if he did.

He kept his eyes on his target as he shuffled his way around buffeting book-bags and snagging robes. He could hardly miss it, bright as it was against the dreary winter scene; it kept his attention like a lit match in a darkened room.

He was near enough to make out her expression now; she frowned at a piece of parchment clutched in her hand, her chin tucked under her blue and bronze scarf, little wisps of that wild mass of hair escaping in the chill wind to swirl all about her head. He found he didn't want to turn away any more, instead he was drawn forwards until he was suddenly stood right in front of her, looking down on where she perched against the base of the stone statue.

It was a few moments before she realised he was there. Her eyes suddenly moved away from what he assumed was work, to rest on his shiny black shoes peeking out from under his cloak. Her frown changed from one of frustration, to one of puzzlement at the distraction. When she realised what this pair of feet meant, her gaze shot up. He shifted uncomfortably at the look on her face.

"Uh…" he had no idea how to do this. He didn't want to do this.

Her expression became less rabbit-in-the-headlights and more confused when he didn't immediately explain himself. Oh, for goodness sake! You are Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! Malfoy's do not get rattled by girls! So what if she gets hurt? You don't even know her...

"Right…So me and my friends," he pointed with his whole arm towards the four small figures watching them intently, no doubt trying to lip read, thought Scorpius. She frowned at them, completely stumped as to why on earth this strange pale boy was talking to her. "That's them. We were just watching you, and thought you looked like you needed help…" Just keep going Scorpius, "Do you need help?" he prompted.

"Um." She seemed to be trying to figure him out. He shifted under her gaze again, already feeling the guilt that he knew was coming. After a few seconds, she looked back down at the parchment in her hands, then held it up for him to see, "I was just a bit lost with what Professor Hepplethwaite wrote on my homework…" Damn. She was trusting him.

"Oh?" he asked politely, encouraging her to continue. He hated being so Slytherin. This was mean. He knew he'd have to do it soon before he actually got into a conversation with her.

"Well, I've put here that the Full Bodybind curse--" her words were abruptly cut off with a shocked cry when she was wrenched backwards as if on a wire, ending up swinging like a rag doll from the statue behind her, her collar hooked on the wand in it's hand.

Scorpius was already hidden under the walkway at the other side of the courtyard before the last of the papers from her bag settled on the icy ground. He looked to his left to see four first-year boys clad in too-long green and silver scarves clinging to each other so as not to fall over from laughing so hard.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down: his heartbeat and his breathing were frantic and he felt too hot. He looked back across the courtyard to see a couple of older Ravenclaw students trying to catch the girls helplessly flailing limbs so they could get her down. His eyes suddenly felt all squinty.

His friends still hadn't noticed him through their violent mirth, and after one last glance at what he'd caused, he sped off in the opposite direction.

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