AN: Just a little drabble I came up with after playing Mana Khemia 2 and doing a class where the teacher curses my team.

Chloe slowly opened the door to the teacher's room, making sure that no one saw her. If any of her workshop members saw her entering this particular room they would surely run for the hills and she'd never be able to try any of her incantations on them again.

Seeing no one, she gave a soft smile and closed the door behind her.

A soft voice floated out of the shadowed room. "Were you followed?"

"No." As always Chloe was blunt. She had no fear that the teacher would discipline her for her tone. Chloe had a great deal of respect for this teacher, but that didn't mean that she would change her ways just for these extra lessons.

"Good." The magic circle on the floor lit up, illuminating the magic teacher face... or rather, what little of it that wasn't covered by the hood. "Shall we continue our lessons then?"

A sort of dark glee lit Chloe's eyes. There were so many things this woman could teach her and she intended to learn them all.

"Yes, Ms. Miranda. I am ready."

AN: I don't know about any of you, but something tells me that these two characters would get along way too well for their own good. Both seem to love cursing others and reveling in their agony.