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Something different and darker, especially if you're a regular reader of The Rain Season, my other fic.

This is not for you if you are easily offended or under 18. Srsly, go look at Rob pics or go see New Moon for the umpteenth time. Shoooooo!

Boob gropes and kisses with tongue for lambcullen for encouraging the debauchery. I love you Lambie.

"Oh God!"

"Trust me, he's watching."

"Deeper, please go deeper."

I watched as she bit her lip, while I thrust into her. I lifted her legs up higher and the movement caused me to slide further into her slick wet passage.

She gasped as I ground my hips against her.

"Oh. Oh! Right there, you bastard. Fuck me."

I smiled, remembering that she liked dirty talk.

With each grinding motion into her I growled as I gripped her hips, "You. Fucking. Love. It. Say it."

"Oh!" she panted, "Oh yes! Faster. Fuck me faster, I'm almost there!"

I slammed into her again and again, the sound of our skin slapping together as she scratched her nails down my back. Reaching between us, I stroked her clit and watched as her eyes rolled back in her head, a scream bursting from her mouth and her toes curled. She came hard around me and lay panting as I pulled out of her and finished myself with my hand, spilling out onto her stomach, growling loudly with my release. I stood there panting for moment, my cock still in my hands. I closed my eyes and moved my hands to her, running them over her breasts.

Sighing, I reached for a towel, cleaning her naked skin of my seed. I leaned down and kissed her ear and breathed against her neck, my breath lulling her back to sleep.

Hearing her dreams and thoughts as if they were my own, I smiled as she drifted back into the tide of her subconscious mind. Pulling my knife out, I quickly found her femoral artery. It was easy enough, I had done it a thousand times over to a thousand different women. Making a small incision, I lapped at the blood that gurgled from the wound. She sighed and gasped in her sleep while I fed.

When I had drank my fill, I allowed a small amount of venom to fill my mouth to seal over the cut I had made. Just enough to heal her without turning her.

Her dreams faded, her mind started to break towards the surface. I was dressed and out of her window before her head rose from the pillow.


So, are you ready for possession, yet?