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Chapter 2- Midnight Walk; Secrets

Cammie's POV:

I checked my alarm clock. 11:24. I looked at the sleeping forms of the entire junior class spread out around me. They had fallen asleep watching Tina's annual Jason Bourne-athon, but I wasn't tired.

I looked back at the clock. 11:25. All right, then. I was going for a walk.

I was still wearing my uniform, so I just grabbed a pair of sneakers and quietly crossed the room, stepping over sleeping girls.


I stopped, then without turning around, asked, "What is it, Macey?"

She jumped to her feet. "I'm coming too." I sighed and sat back down, knowing it would be useless to argue.

Once Macey was ready, I lead her down the stairs and to the janitor's closet. When we were there, I wiggled a loose brick in the doorframe, causing wall of the closet to slide sideways and revealing a secret passageway. Macey gasped. I had been finding chinks in the security system for years. That's me--Cammie the Chameleon. Invisible, hiding in plain sight.

We walked down two more halls, went through five hidden doors, and finally came to a heavy oak door.

"Where are we?" Macey whispered, glancing around the small space. I pushed open the door.

We stood on the manicured lawn, inside Gallagher grounds. I climbed out and carefully closed the door, which blended in perfectly with the rocks behind us. The woods were on our right--I headed that way, ducking to avoid the camera as it scanned the lawn.
I heard voices, so I froze. Macey glanced at me. Her blue eyes were huge with shock.

"It's stopped bleeding," came a girl's voice.

I looked at Macey again, and without speaking, we crept forward.

"That's good. We'll be able to leave in the morning." That was a boy talking.

Macey took a step closer, brushing away some low branches. Now I could see them, and what I saw made me want to scream.

Six kids, between the ages of 6 and 14, were crouched in a rough circle. But one of the girls had her back to us. And she had wings.

Real wings.


Now, I must have been in shock or something, because when the little blonde one sat up and said, "Someone's there." I didn't immediately realize what she meant. By the time I had, a dark-haired boy had Macey by the throat, and I was being pinned down by the winged girl.

I came to my senses and punched her, hard. She winced. I blinked. I had expected a stronger reaction then a wince. My punches hurt.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"We, I-I'm just a student. At the Academy." I stuttered, reviewing my cover story. I was a spoiled, clueless, selfish, ignorant Gallagher girl. I knew nothing about spying or spies.

"The Academy. This school?" I nodded. "Then you can explain the security."

"What do you mean? I don't know what you mean!" I tried to sound scared and confused. Scared was easy. Confused, not so much.

"She's lying." the little blonde one announced. I glared at her.

The bird-girl scowled. "Tell the truth."

"After you. What are . . . you really have . . . wings?"

Bird-girl hesitated, and the boy spoke up."If they're from that school, they could help you . . . I mean, us."

The bird-girl paused for another moment, then nodded. She got off of me, and the boy let go of Macey.

"Don't tell anyone. No one can know about this, okay?"

I looked at the girl, and thought of all the lies I've told, all the secrets I have to keep.


Max's POV:

I studied the girls in front of me. One of them was really beautiful, tall and skinny with glossy black hair and blue eyes. The other one was . . . plain. She was very pretty, but there was nothing special about her. Brown hair, brown eyes, not tall or short, fat or thin, tan or pale.

I took a deep breath. "I'm Max. This is Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, Angel, and Total." I waved to each of them in turn. "We all have wings, except for Total."

I stopped, unsure how to go on. The plain girl saved me.

"I'm Cammie, Cammie Morgan. This is Macey. You said you needed help?"

I made a face. Fang had said that, not me. "Well, someone shot me and . . . hurt my wing. All we need is a place to rest . . ." I trailed off.

Cammie smiled. "I know the perfect place." She turned and walked into the woods, then stopped. Looking over her shoulder, she asked, "Well? Coming or not?"

I glanced at Fang, who shrugged. My choice, then.

I turned and followed Cammie through the trees.

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