Gerald and Phoebe

Everybody was at PS 118 when Gerald and Harold were talking to Rhonda and Nadine. Helga was with Phoebe in the lunchroom. Helga saw Gerald and said "It's Geraldo and Pink Boy." Gerald said. "Hi, Helga." Phoebe went to Gerald and started to leave with him. Helga got very mad at this and said in an angry way. "Where are you going, Pheebs?" Phoebe answered. "Sorry Helga, but I have a date with Gerald." Helga asked, "Since when Phoebe?" "Since yesterday when I told you, Helga." Phoebe answered.

School was over for the day and Helga went to Gerald Field practicing catching a baseball with Sheena, who likes Eugene. "Thanks for playing ball with me, Sheena. My best friend, Phoebe, is a stupid date with Geraldo." Helga said. "Your welcome, Helga." Sheena answered. "What does Phoebe see in Gerald anyway?" Helga asked. I don't know, Helga but I guess she really likes him alot. I heard she has a crush on him" Sheena answered. "That's it I'm out of here. See you around, Sheena." Helga said running. "Bye Helga." Sheena echoed.

Helga ran into Rhonda, who was looking for Nadine. "Helga I'm scared." Rhonda said. Helga said to herself. "Rhonda Lloyd scared." "I can't find Nadine. I am so worried and scared that something happened to her." Rhonda continued. Let it go, Rhonda!" Helga yelled at her. "What is wrong with you Helga? Nadine could be hurt." Rhonda said. "Like I care. Phoebe left me ok so please leave me alone, RHONDA!" Helga shouted. "Whatever!" Rhonda said to herself as she kept walking still looking for Nadine.

Helga next ran into Sid. "Watch where you are going STUPID!" Helga shouted. "Sorry Helga." Sid answered as he kept on walking. Helga saw Arnold and Lila together at the diner. Helga said "What does he see in Little Ms. Perfect? Oh! Arnold. Why do you not know that I love you? Why you do not love me? why, why--" "Wheeze,wheeze." Brainy wheezed. "Why do you follow me all the time, Brainy. Leave me alone?" Helga said. SMACK! Helga punched Brainy on the ground. "I hope you like that Brainy." Helga said

Stinky saw Helga punch out Brainy. "Helga Pataki at three o' clock" he said to Rhonda, Sid, Sheena,and Eugene. Something is wrong with her," Rhonda said, "and in has something to do with Phoebe." "What's wrong with Phoebe?" Stinky asked. "She is on a date with Gerald and Helga does not like it." Sheena answered. "She told you but did not tell me? When I get my hands on that Helga. She will wish she was not born." Rhonda said. Helga was walking and she saw Phoebe get out of the diner that she and Gerald went to. "Helga, what are you doing her walking by yourself at night?" Phoebe said while Gerald was next to her. "Phoebe" Helga said. "I have to go Gerald, Helga needs me" Phoebe said. "Ok Phoebe see you later. I have to go find Arnold anyway. He left with Lila thirty minutes ago and I'm getting worried because he did not page me." Gerald said.

"YOU have a pager, Geraldo?" Helga said. "Yes I do, Helga." Gerald left to look for Arnold. "Pheebs, I'm sorry I forgot about your date with Gerald," Helga said. " I guess I just want you for myself and I can't do that. I also have to tell Rhonda I'm sorry." "What did you do to Rhonda this time?" Phoebe said. "I said some mean stuff to her." Helga said.