~ Sunsets and Ice Cream

Prologue : That one day…

"Why are you such an asshole?!"

"Why don't you just drop it and run like every other weakling in this town?"

I take a deep breath; I really don't need to be fighting Seifer right now. I don't wanna sink down to his level. Who wants to be known as the biggest d*ckhead in school, anyway? Oh wait. He does.

As I reach down to help Hayner off the floor, I see the fight wasn't too bad; a couple dark bruises, but he's gonna be fine. But that doesn't matter – Seifer still beat up my best friend. "Because," I say, purposely speaking slowly as if I was talking to a little kid – and I swear, it feels like I am sometimes – "you can't seem to get it through your thick skull that you can't just beat people up just because you feel like it."

Hayner shoots a murderous glare at Seifer, then mouths a grateful 'thank you' and backs away from me and the senior, towards the rest our friends. I look around; some of the other kids were watching us. Guess we were a bit TOO loud... so much for being subtle.

Seifer crosses his arms with that annoying grin of his plastered on his smug face. "It seems to me like you want a repeat of last year, runt." He mocks. I really don't want to remember that, my head hurts just thinking about it.

I roll my eyes. "I'm not here to fight you, Seifer. I'm just trying to ask you nicely. Stop bugging my friends."

"Why should I?" he snorts.

Ok, now he's really pissing me off. I'm not gonna take the bait, though. Last thing I need is to get into another fight with him.

"Because," I hear myself blurt, "it's wrong." Wow. Nice one. I just helped myself look like a complete idiot.

Seifer just laughs. "Is that the best you can come up with, loser?"

I clench my fists. This guy's really getting on my nerves... I am SO ready to–

"Roxas!" I hear someone call.

I automatically turn around at the voice – whoa, where'd that mob come from? I can see my brother pushing his way through the crowd towards me – that's Sora for ya; always trying to be the peacemaker – and into the circle. He grabs me by the arm and hisses, "Come on, Roxas, we'll be late for class," and starts trying to pull me away from the now-laughing senior. What's that guy's problem? There's nothing funny about this at all, what's he laughing at?

"Sure Roxas, let your gay little brother drag you off to class!"

The both of us freeze mid-step, and a few bystanders gasp; a murmur makes its way through the crowd.

Sora turns to look back at Seifer, the hurt showing clearly in his eyes. He hates that nickname. It's something Seifer and his idiot friends labeled him with in junior high, and it's stuck ever since. Being his brother, I would know; Sora's perfectly straight. He even has a f*cking girlfriend! Being upbeat and optimistic – not to mention hyper – doesn't mean you're automatically gay. It's just the way he is!

I carefully take Sora's hand off my arm, and slowly turn to face the upperclassman. "What did you just say?" I ask him, putting as much venom into the question as I possibly can. Seifer's smug grin falters, then comes back a split second later.

Then, I hear it. Every principal's worst nightmare:


Holy crap – I never saw the crowd get so big. They're packed so tightly together that there's no place for me to run – not that I want to, anyway.

I take a step towards the *sshole and repeat my question. "What. Did. You. Call. Him!?"

Seifer leans forward, and drawls, "I said, gay, little broth—ack!"

I wasn't letting him finish that. An involuntary grin spreads across my face as my fist impacts his ugly mug with a satisfying 'crunch!.' The crowd around me erupts into riotous cheering and yelling – some cheering for me, others for the jerk I just slugged. The never ending chant of "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" continues in the background.

Seifer reels back, a hand over his nose. "That's it. You asked for it, runt!" he yells, his voice sounding a little off. He cracks his knuckles as he rushes at me – prob'ly just trying to scare me. As I sidestep his punch, I see a small trickle of blood coming from his nose. Ha! Serves him right.

I stick my foot out as he barrels past me, tripping him; He nearly falls flat on his face, but manages to stop himself before smashing his face on the tile floor. As he gets up, I start hearing my friends in the crowd.

"Be careful!"

"It's not worth it!"

"Roxas, cut it out!"

It's already too late to try talking me out of this one. Seifer can diss me all he wants, but I'm not about to let him drag my friends or my brother into this.

Wait, where'd he go?!

Fuck! He'd snuck up on me when I wasn't looking.

He throws me backwards against a row of lockers, my back hitting the metal surface with a loud 'bang!'. Holy sh*t, that hurt!

I push myself off the lockers, seeing stars. I can feel a lump forming where the back of my head slammed against one of the door handles; I manage to stop myself from making a face at the pain – no need to feed the flames. Over the blood roaring in my ears, I can still hear the cheering; sounds like there are more people cheering for me now. I am so ready for anything he can dish out.

Her voice cuts through the crowd, standing out above all the noise; "ROXAS!"

I turn toward her, completely forgetting the fight. Sure enough, there she is, standing at the edge of the circle. She stares at me, her eyes practically begging me to just walk away.

I start towards her. "Xion–!"

I never see him coming – Seifer slams his fist into the side of the head with the force of a small battering ram, sending me crashing into the wall of spectators. My vision's fuzzy and my balance is gone – only thing I can hear is the crowd roaring. I can barely hear anything above the calls of outrage and support, but I can still hear pitched squeal from her...

Damnit, Roxas, you should've been paying attention!

The students I was thrown into push me up, almost throwing me back into the fight. My head's pounding and I can barely see, let alone stand; I don't know how I stayed on my feet.

"Stop it, Seifer!!" I hear her cry.

Out of nowhere, I hear a loud 'bang!', like something heavy hitting metal – hard – and a feminine yelp, then a muffled thud. The mob roars again; only this time, it was obviously in rage.

I can finally see again, and I blink as I try to take in the scene before me. Seifer's just standing there, staring openmouthed at something on the ground. He glances at me, then looks back at the person trying to pick herself off the ground, his expression showing nothing but shock.

I look at the person and can't hold back a gasp; Xion's trying to pick herself off the floor, a pained grimace contorting her usually happy features. She looks up at me, and her expression feels like someone's putting my insides through a blender; she wants me to stop. She shakes her head ever so slightly. 'Just walk away,' she looks like she's saying.

I glare spears and daggers at Seifer, who was looking like he has no idea what just happened.

He hurt Xion.

He is so. F*cking. Dead.


A/N: HOOOOOOOOOOOOO SNAP. What'll be the outcome of this fight? Who will win? read the next chapter to find out!! :D