The Overheard Joke

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In this story, Harry and Draco have escaped the wizarding world with Remus and Tonks after the war. They want to kill Harry for being 'too powerful', Draco for being a former Death Eater, Remus for being a Child of the Moon, Tonks for being with Remus, and for being pregnant with is baby. As you can tell the background of this story is a little AU for the Potter Verse. They move to Forks, and it is a little while before Bella moves there. This is just a silly little one-shot that has been plaguing me.

Harry and Draco shared an exasperated look, as the blonde who had introduced herself as Jessica dragged them to her table at lunch.

Harry lightly pushed into Draco's mind and brought up an image of Lavender Brown and then put one of Jessica next to her. Draco sniggered. They were too alike for their own good, and it was probably the only reason why they put up with her.

After the war, Lavender was one of the ones who helped to hide them and their 'parents'. Ron had abandoned Harry, saying he was turning dark, but the rest of the Weasleys helped – including Percy. There were many others that helped, including Harry's best friend, Hermione and Draco's best friend, Blaise.

They came to this quaint little town when Luna suggested for them to go there. She said something rally strange, it was like she was talking in two different voices at once, only one being hers. Harry had feared she was making a prophecy, but shook himself of that thought when he realized it was Luna. The idea of her making a prophecy was just ridiculous, but still – the words had yet to leave the new family' mind.

You four are now a family.

A new place to live is what you need.

Away from the world who fears you, away from those who love you.

You need a quiet town, to get away, a place no one would possibly look.

The house from the Black inheritance left to Harry, it lives in a place of green.

Its name is that of an eating utensil, and there you shall find peace, and more to love you.

A little joke overheard will be the first string attached to each other, and soon all the bleeding souls shall be healed.

When Harry thought back t it now, it did indeed sound like a prophecy, but he just put it down to Luna being Luna.

As Jessica chatted away to both he and Draco, while the others at her table booked at them in curiosity, Harry looked around the cafeteria.

It was definitely a lot bigger than the one he had in primary school, not that he ever go to eat in there. Harry was surprised about how spacious it was, even with the small number of students at Forks High, it should have been fuller than it was.

As Harry's gaze looked out the window, to look at all the beautiful greenery he couldn't help but smile at the thought of Neville living here. He would love it, but then his gaze fell on a group on inhumanly beautiful people walking past the window and in the door.

'Who are they?' Harry asked, never letting his eyes leave their graceful movements.

Jessica and Draco looked over to where he was looking.

Draco's eyes widened, but Jessica just giggled.

'They're the Cullens.' She told them in a hushed voice.

'They don't look related.' Draco commented, never letting his eyes stray, just as Harry hadn't.

'Oh, they're not, except for the two blondes who are technically Hales. They're twins and have been living with Mrs. Cullen since they were eight, she's they're aunt or something. The others are all adopted and live together with Dr Cullen and his wife.' She whispered to them with a giggle.

'They're all very....' Harry trailed off, trying to find the right word.

'Hot.' Draco supplied, and Harry could have sworn all of the Cullen's tried not to smile at this.

Harry glanced at Draco out of the corner of his eye to give him 'The Look.' Draco shrugged, not perturbed in the least.

'You were thinking it too.' He told Harry who rolled his eyes.

'Oh yes. But they're all together though, like together, together…'before Jessica could continue, Draco interrupted her.

'Ooo, fivesome.' Draco swooned in delight.

'Kinky' Harry added with a leer.

Jessica looked at them with a blush covering her face.

The Cullens who had heard the whole conversation and had found it hard not to smile at the forwardness of the new blonde student, couldn't cover their mirth at their reaction to the gossip and burst out laughing – all of them (Rosalie and Jasper included).

The entire cafeteria looked at them n shock, and Harry and Draco smirked as they stood up to go to their next class.

As they passed the Cullen's table they both said in unison,

'Seeya later, you kinky vamps.'

This one statement was enough to shock the Cullens out of their laughter as they watched the two enigmas- for they could be described as nothing else – leave the cafeteria.

Emmett looked after them for a second before snickering to himself.

'I like them' he stated with a broad smile.

Alice bounced up and down in her seat with a huge smile on her face, nodding in agreement. Jasper nodded along as well, he felt a connection to the two new students. He didn't know why but he did. Edward smirked, and agreed that he definitely liked the new students. Rosalie sniffed and gave the impression that she could tolerate them for the simple fact that they had good style, humor and they thought that she was hot.

Alice's smile grew even bigger if possible, and she started to bounce in pace even more, making her brothers, mate and sister fear her, just a little.

Alice giggled, and her next statement caused Emmett to break out into loud laughs, and the rest of her family to look at her in shock.

'We're gong to become a sevnsome!'

AN so what do you think? Was the prophecy OK? I wanted it to sound like she was just talking to tem, but at the same time make it a prophecy. Let me know what you think, because I could see this becoming a story, but if no ne likes it, it is staying a one-shot. Also, if you have a better title, let me know!