The Cullens arrived home, still contemplating the new students.

They met Esme at the door.

'Hello kids, how was your day?' she asked as they slowly entered the house.

'It was alright.' Emmett answered, sitting down on the couch and turning on the TV. That was unusual in itself – he usually threw himself on the couch and turned on video games.

'What happened?' Esme asked in concern.

'It's probably best that we tell you and Carlisle at the same time.' Rosalie answered, a frown marring her features.

'I'll go call the hospital now.' Esme rushed off to the phone, worrying about what could have possibly happened to her kids.

She came back in a few moments later, and said that Carlisle would be home in a couple of minutes.

Not even two minutes later, Carlisle came through the door, taking off his coat, and placed his bag down.

'What happened?' Carlisle asked as he entered the lounge and pecked Esme on the cheek.

'We met the two new kids today.' Alice said happily, bouncing a little on the cushion she was sitting on.

'Oh yes,' Carlisle said, smiling at his hyperactive daughter. 'The Founder kids right?' when they nodded, he continued. 'Their mother came in for an ultra sound today, she's about eight months now.' Carlisle informed them, noticing the slight gleam in his blonde daughter's eyes.

'I don't get it though,' Esme said delicately. 'Why is this a problem?'

'Not so much a problem, just a worry.' Edward replied, trying to soothe his mother of all intents and purposes.

'It's just – 'Jasper trailed off for a second, 'Well, they know that we're vampires.'

At Carlisle and Esme's startled look, the 'children' explained what happened at lunch. The reaction to the town gossip cause both Carlisle and Esme to smile and chuckle/giggle in amusement.

Once the tale was finished, Carlisle looked to Jasper seriously.

'Did you feel any feelings of ill intent coming from them?' He asked.

'No. there was a lingering sadness around the two, but other than that they were perfectly happy, content and mischievous.' He answered honestly.

'What about you Edward?' Carlisle asked his 'youngest.'

Edward thought about it and his eyes widened in surprise.

'I actually don't remember hearing anything and I didn't dig.' Edward answered surprised at himself.

Carlisle nodded, a little surprised and turned to his daughter.

'They're no threat – well unless you make Harry mad. Then your ear drums will be.' She giggled happily.

Carlisle smiled in relief.

'Even so, I think we should go and introduce ourselves to them. Let's go hunting quickly, and when we get back, and cleaned up we shall go and see them. They live in the house just outside of town.'

His family nodded and they all sped through the glass back door.

Harry was in the kitchen making dinner – it was his punishment for tattling on Draco.

Despite their hopes that the 'vampire news' would distract them, it didn't.


'There are vampires at your school?' Remus asked shocked.

'Yeah, but they are Veggies, so we aren't in that much danger.' Draco quickly soothed

'Ok, but I still want to meet them, and evaluate your safety factor myself.' Remus told them.

'So do I.' Tonks told them seriously.

'Sure…well, seeya.' Harry said into the tense air, and he and Draco made a break for the stairs.

'Hold it!' Tonks yelled. Draco and Harry froze, one foot each on the bottom step, and turned around slowly with sheepish grins on their faces.

'Yes?' They questioned.

'Did you think that would actually distract me?' Tonks asked them.

'We – hoped.' Harry said, hanging his head a little.

'Nice try.' She said, 'Now do I need to go through the lecture again?' She asked.

'No.' Draco and Harry said sullenly.

'Now inform me of the key points – Harry?'

'Tattlers are in no way respected by their peers, even if they tattle for their own good. The only time when tattling is acceptable is when someone has done something illegal, hurt themselves or going to hurt themselves. When doing it in the form of a joke, it is even less acceptable. Tattlers get dinner duty for a week.' Harry said, hanging his head even more.

'Good, Draco?' Tonks turned to Draco.

'Whiners are an annoyance. They make people loose any respect they had for them, and stay away from them. Whining is only acceptable when deathly ill or trapped in the hospital wing. Whining about school is just pathetic, especially when constantly repeated. They should just suck it up and go on with it. Whiners get bathroom cleaning duty for a month because they are more annoying then tattlers. 'Draco said monotonously, not looking forward to his duty.

'Correct.' Tonks said happily, turning back to watch TV.

Harry and Draco turned and trudged up the stairs, Remus' chuckles behind them.

~End Flashback~

Harry was just putting the home-made lasagna in the oven when his phone went off.

Flipping it open, he was surprised to see that it was from Luna.

Make sure you bring out the stash of bloodpops I gave you for dinner tonight.

The message confused him, he didn't know why he would need them, but Luna had never led them astray before. He reached for the top cabinet, before sighing in frustration. He hated being short.

He took his wand from his sleeve, glancing out the window to make sure no one was there, and summoned the box full of bloodpops down.

He set them up in a bowl in on the table, and set the table. He put in the garlic and herb bread, letting that cook for a few minutes, whilst the lasagna finished up.

Smelling the food, Remus, Tonks and Draco wondered into the room.

'Surprised you weren't in here earlier Rem.' Harry commented with a smile.

'I was engrossed in a book, Tonks took it away though.' He pouted. Harry and Draco chuckled at him, knowing how much he loved hi books. Tonks just shook her head and took the salad out of the fridge where Harry had put it, and put it on the table, for the first time noticing the bloodpops.

'Har, what's up with the bloodpops?' Tonks asked him curiously.

'Luna messaged me, telling me that I had to get them out for dinner.' He replied as he took the lasagna out and started serving. The others nodded at his explanation and went to sit down, but were stopped when the sound of the doorbell startled them.

'Tonks, Rem sit.' Harry ordered – no one messed with him in his kitchen. His so called punishment wasn't really a punishment to be honest.

Obeying him, they did so. Draco looked at Harry, and sighed knowing that it was his job to get the door.

'Hello?' Draco asked as he opened the door, only to gasp as he came into contact with all 5…no 7 Cullens. So that's why Luna told Harry to get the bloodpops out.

'Come in.' Draco said before any of the Veggies could say anything.

He led them into the kitchen, where the others were all sat.

'Please, join us.' Harry said smiling, and gesturing to the seven empty seats, having conjured them when Draco sent the thought to him.

'We don't want to intrude.' Carlisle apologized.

'We were actually expecting you, we just didn't realize it.' Harry said, mumbling the last part to himself as Alice took the open seat next to him.

The rest of the Cullen's sat down in confusion as Harry offered them what they thought to be lolly pops.

'I thought you knew that we're – 'Emmett trailed off awkwardly when all eyes turned to him.

Alice just smiled brightly and took one, sticking it in her mouth immediately.

'Oh, so you're a seer?' Tonks asked Alice, as she had seen her eyes glaze over slightly before taking the blood pop.

'Yepp!' She nodded, squealing at the 'yumminess' of the blood pop.

'I'm confused.' Jasper moaned, having the confusion of all his family – bar Alice added to his own.

'It's Ok Jazz, have one of these.' Alice giggled happily as she stuck one of the bloodpops into his mouth. Jasper scrunched up his nose, preparing for the taste of ash that human food gave them, but instead the metallic taste of blood assulted him, accompanied by the unique taste of a cougar.

'What is this?' Jasper asked in surprise.

'That, my friend is a bloodpop.' Draco grinned. The rest of the Cullens' eyes widened and all took one and warily placed them in their mouths.

'Mhmm, Grizzly.' Emmett hummed happily.

'Yep, they are the animal blood version, but there are also Blood Donor ones.' Tonks told them, rubbing her baby bump in content.

'Blood donor?' Rosalie questioned.

'Yeah, humans who willingly donate blood to be made into the bloodpops.' Remus said, an arm lying comfortably around Tonks' shoulders.

'What exactly are you?' Carlisle questioned with narrowed eyes.

'Tell me Mr. Cullen, do you believe in magic?' Harry asked seriously. There was a scoff from Rosalie and Harry turned his serious gaze to her.

'Tell me Ms Hale,' Harry turned to her with a raised eyebrow, 'What do you think vampires are, if not magic?' Rosalie just glared at him, so Edward voiced his own thoughts,

'We are not magical; we are but unnatural, soulless monsters.' There was a small gasp from Tonks as the wizards' gazes turned to Harry who had caused the room's temperature to drop a few degrees with the deadly glare he now directed at Edward.

'A soulless being can not function, they wither away as they cannot perform simple tasks such as eating, they cannot move, they cannot think, they cannot talk or even mumble. All a soulless being can do is allow their bodies to function as their eyes stare blankly. Their consciousness, their being, their thoughts are not there. A monster is one who kills without remorse, without thought. They never feel and feed off of the pain that they cause others. Unnatural is not a word. Natural and normal mean different things to every person. If it exists, it's meant to be.' Harry whispered into the room, his eyes dull sending a shiver down the spines of the Cullens and making them wonder what he had experienced in his young life.

Just as quickly as the temperature had chilled, it warmed up again as Harry grinned, and turned his now lively eyes to Carlisle.

'You never answered the question Mr. Cullen,' all the male vampires in the room, with the exception of Jasper turned to him, taking the hint Harry rolled his eyes, 'Carlisle then,'

Carlisle grinned, barring his shockingly white teeth, 'I have seen evidence, but have never had my beliefs confirmed - why do you ask?'

'Well, my family and I are magical – we're wizards … and a witch.' Harry added the last part sheepishly as Tonks glared at him.

Harry looked over at the Cullen's and tried to suppress a chuckle that so desperately wanted to come out. With the exception of Alice, all their mouths had dropped.

When Edward was able to pick his mouth up off of the floor, he looked at the wizards and witch suspiciously –

'Why can't I read your minds?'

'Because we have a technique that can be learned known as Occlumency, it shields the mind from invaders,' Remus smiled at the vampire,

'And you can't read the mind,' Tonks said, smiling in amusement,

'It is not a book that can be picked up at anytime you please,' Harry and Draco chorused.

The Cullens looked at them as they burst into fits of giggles. Remus just rolled his eyes and smiled at their guests apologetically.

'Sorry, it's just something that their Occlumency teacher drilled into them, and for some unknown reason, they always laugh about it.' The Cullens all nodded their heads as the 'Founders' started to eat their dinner, and the Cullens helped themselves to bloodpops. Their was chatter around the room, everyone getting to know each other, even Rosalie who was talking to Tonks with her mother and sister about the baby.

Once they had all finished eating, the leave for the comfortable sitting room that had an open fireplace in it, already lit and crackling.

Emmett, before they left, snatched the bowl of bloodpops from the table as Remus shut off the lights, chuckling softly.

'Do you mind if we ask you some questions, about, well ….' Carlisle trailed off, looking at the wizards, and witch meaningfully,

'About being wizards … and a witch?' Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Not at all, but if we feel uncomfortable about something, we reserve the right to deny answering.' Tonks said, looking to Harry in concern. Harry saw and rolled his eyes, but was secretly grateful to that little condition that all the Cullens agreed to.

'So, how do you detect if someone has magic?' Carlisle asked the first question. Remus smiled, taking this question as he was the most scholarly of the group.

'A child can show signs of magic at any age, although rarely does it appear before the age of 2, as it is an extreme emotion that causes it to react. For example, the toddler may want something, their toy or a cookie, and that want is so powerful the object of their desire flies to them. However, the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts both have ways of detecting when a child first performs magic, which is when the Ministry can determine if it is a Muggle Household and Hogwarts put them on the register.'

'So when did all of you perform your first piece of magic?' Esme asked, curious as to the answer.

'I performed my first piece at 2 and a half.' Draco announced proudly.

'3 for me,' Tonks announced, a hand still resting on her belly.

'I preformed my first piece at 3 also.' Remus replied, smiling lightly at his wife.

The Cullens all turned to Harry who had a perplexed look on his face.

'I have no idea.' Harry replied shrugging, having so many accidental magic incidents in his life didn't help him determine when his first was.

'Well, I do.' Remus smiled at Harry who looked at him, forgetting that Remus had been around for this first year or so of his life.

'When was it? But if you know – that would mean I would have had to preformed it by the time I was 18 months.' Harry looked a Remus in a mixture of hope and a small bit of depression. Sensing this, Jasper sent a wave of happiness at the boy, who shot him a thankful but suspicious look.

'Yes Harry, your first bit of accidental magic was when you turned 6 months old. There was quite a fierce summer storm that night, and a tree branch banged on your window scaring you and in your panicked state, you popped right into Sirius' arms. You were always a child who felt things very severely.' Remus smiled at Harry's surprised look.

'NO FAIR,' Draco whined, attracting the attention of all those present. 'He apparated for the first time at 6 months old? Stupid Potter,' Draco pouted. Harry just laughed and swung an arm over Draco's shoulder.

'What's that now Draco? 14 – 3?' Harry grinned, causing Draco to sulk even more.

Everyone shared a laugh before the questioning continued.

'What is the Ministry of Magic?' Edward asked in curiosity, regretting it as the faces of the four before him darkened considerably.

'They are basically the government for the magical race. They dictate laws, deal those who brake them, licenses, almost anything you could think of for a government is handled there.' Tonks said in a slightly stiff voice. Sensing that it was best not to continue with this topic, Jasper quickly asked the next question.

'What is Hogwarts?' After that one word, the faces of the four across from him brightened, and giant grins spread across their faces. The emotions rolling off of them were enough to make him to smile as well, but the smiles on their faces affected all the Cullens, who all now wore a small smile – even Rosalie.

'Hogwarts is the best place in the world!' Harry enthused, bouncing in place.

'It's a school for witched and wizards, you start at the age of 11 and finish at 17, which is when you're officially an adult in the Wizarding World.' Draco continued, he too bouncing in place slightly.

'The school is actually a giant castle, and it has a lake and a forest full of all kinds of magical creatures and there are secret passages and rooms and, and, and,' Harry continued, using his hands for emphasis.

'And there are all sorts of classes – Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Flying, Astronomy' Draco continued, his grin growing as the eyebrows on the Cullens' head rose and their jaws slowly dropped.

'And then in third year you can choose between Divination, Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures!' Harry finished, almost jumping off the couch.

'And when you hit third year, you can visit the village called Hogsmeade which is the last all Wizarding town in Britain, maybe even Europe!' Draco finished with wide eyes.

The Cullens' jaws were almost on the floor by now. They could tell the two boys wished to say more, but Remus took out his wand and flicked it at them. Their mouths continued working, but no sounds came out.

'Silenced them for a few minutes. If you want to know more, you can of course asked, but they basically sums up Hogwarts. It definitely a magical place, even in the Wizarding World.'

Nodding dumbly, the Cullens regained their composure, and Emmett blurted out the next question.

'Why do you smell like wolf?'

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