Author's Note: I've never really done a drabble series before, but I thought this would be fun, and funny. I am a dedicated supporter of Cyclonia, so these are how, in my opinion, the episodes should have ended, with a lot of humor thrown in. They'll all be 100 words exactly. Enjoy!

This one is Cyclonia Rising (the final episode of Season 2). By the way, it will jump from episode to episode, not in any particular order. This is dedicated to smileyfacer, for sort of in a backhanded way giving me the idea. I am evil, mwahahahahaha!

I own nothing. If I did, it would look like this:

Piper felt herself slipping. "I'm sorry, Aerrow," she whispered. There was fear in her golden eyes. 'Save me,' they seemed to plead.


"NOOOO! Piper!"

Boom! NeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwSPLAT!

"No fair, Dark Ace! I wanted to shoot him!"

"Shut up, you arrogant witch."


"Ouch! What was that for!"

"Um, nothing, I just felt like shooting you. Thanks for the compliment, too. Now I rule the world!"

*one week later*

"This is boring. Come on, Dark Ace, let's go conquer the Far Side or something."

And so Atmos was finally free of Cyclonia, for forever. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end!

That was fun! ;-)

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