Author's Note: This is an alternate ending to Five Days, as requested by 21. As always, I own nothing.

Okay, I admit to cheating, this one went over a bit, 125 words instead of 100. Sorry, but I couldn't resist.

This takes place during the part in the episode when Cyclonis has just taken the crystal, and is about to kill Aerrow, when Aerrow reveals he was healed three minutes ago due to the clock being slow. He starts off by saying, "I know something you don't," which is where we will begin.

"I know something you don't."

"What? That Dark Ace is dating Starling? Because he totally came clean with me last week."

"What the hell!?! Dark Ace and Starling?"

"What, haven't heard the gossip? Half of it's for spying purposes, but I think they're both enjoying it. It's funny to see Ace pretending to sneak out, but do go on, what do you know that I don't?"

"Oh, um, I forgot."

"Well, then, if you don't mind, I'll just take this crystal and go."

"Hey, wait, aren't you going to kill me or something?"

"Nah, the creators will only think of some lame plot twist like you being healed ten minutes early if I try. Better for me to leave now, with my dignity still intact."

And you know that was how it should have ended!

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