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*oh, screw the studying! who needs studying when you can stare into those eyes....*

Hermione felt a little wimper rise in the back of her throat and quickly repressed it. It was so silly of her, falling over a teacher like this. No one noticed her longing gaze; she always paid close attention to the professors of her classes...

*not THIS kind of attention. oh, this is so silly! what kind of frivolous little girl gets a crush on her professor? not me, nuh uh, no way...... ohmygod he's smiling*

*~*~*~*~*later that evening*~*~*~*~*~*

Hermione sighed and continued her homework. Not surprisingly, it was DADA homework, which was taking her longer than usual not only because she had not payed attention in class-

*Well, not attention to the class material, anyway*

-but also because she wanted to do it perfectly. What was she trying to do, win him over with her mind? Well, it was worth a shot anyway.


Twenty minutes later, Hermione was no farther in her work, but was staring dewy-eyed out the window in the commons, completely lost in thought, a half-moon smile plastered on her face.
"Hey, 'Mione!" Ron yelled in her ear.
Hermione yelped and jumped about ten feet in the air. "Ron, you scared the socks off me!"
Indeed, two white socks went scuttling across the floor. (A/N: read my other stories. this won't make anymore sense, but it will make it funnier, i promise.)
"Sorry," Ron said, but you could tell he wasn't. "What are you staring at out there, anyway?" He looked through the window.

*it's a good thing he can't see what i was seeing. i don't think he'd want to see himself being snogged by a professor. although i maintain he's got a thing for trelawny*

"I think Hermione was daydreaming," Harry piped up.
"Daydreaming? While studying?" Ron gasped in mock horror.
"That's not the big question," Harry said, mischievously. "The big question is what she was daydreaming about. Or who, for that matter."

*okay okay okay just go along with it. he's just joking. he can't possibly know*

"I was not, I was just....just...thinking about what to put next on my paper," Hermione stammered.
"I don't think so," Ron chimed in. "I think Hermione's got a crush!"
"Ron!" Hermione squeeked.

*calm down calm down he doesn't know he doesn't know. whew. okay, just keep control. they can't possibly know*

She took a deep breath. "I do NOT have a crush. The boys around this place are all so immature."
"Ouch," Harry said flatly.
"No, no, not on a student," Ron paused for dramatic effect,

*no no please don't say it please!!!!!!!*

"she's got a crush on a professor!"


Hermione felt her cheecks go red. What were they going to do? They'd certainly tease her about this until her dying day, and, *ohmygod no!* what if they told Remus about it?
Harry laughed and leaned against the desk. "Yeah, that's it. She imagining herself in his arms right now, I bet. But, which professor do you think?"
"Isn't it obvious?" Ron said slyly.
"Obvious? Okay, let's see," Harry pondered while Hermione smoldered, "Flitwick?"
"Ew. Nope."
"Okay, I give up," Harry said, smiling like a mad man, knowing exactly who Ron would say, "who does Hermione love?"

*oh good grief ron please don't say it please if you're my friend you won't say it*



"YES!" Hermione shouted.

*ohmygod, did i say that outloud?*

"Yes? You do?" Ron said, in real horror this time. "I was only teasing!"

*uh oh, better cover this up*

"No, I mean, er, yes. Of course I do," Hermione said, giggling out of her relief. "I mean, who doesn't just adore those cold, fish-like, black eyes! Oh, and his hair!" Hermione pretended to swoon right off her chair. Harry and Ron collapsed with laughter.

*mission: accomplished*

Ron made his way back upstairs to the dorms. Harry gave a last chuckle and cleared his throat.
"You know, Hermione, you're awfully lucky Ron didn't notice what I noticed, or that would have turned into more than just a joke," he said.
"What's that?" Hermione asked.
Harry pointed down to her clean scroll of parchment. Almost clean. One word was written in her small, tidy handwriting; "remus".

*aw sh*$!*

Hermione gasped and looked up at Harry with terrified eyes. Harry smiled at her, holding a finger to his lips. "Shhh," he said. He winked and ran off to the dorms. Hermione heaved a relieved sigh, knowing her secret was safe. She promptly burned the embarressing evidence and once again turned back to consentrate on hinkypunks. She was interrupted by a scream coming from the boys dorm room.

"Neville! Oh my God, some one catch that sock before it kills again!"

A/N: well, there's the first chapter. hope you liked it. hopefully we'll get oppertunities later in the story to add more sock jokes. hopefully this is better than the last one i did..... that was a disaster. oh well.
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