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Remus felt his heart sink into his stomach as he read over Hermione's shoulder. He had found her in the library on a Friday night, but that wasn't a shock. What she was reading was. He leaned down close to her, but she was too involved in her reading to notice.
Hermione's eyes quickly darted over a passage of "The Book of Werewolves". Piled next to her on the mahogany table were: "A Study of Werewolves", "The Wolfish", and (a little to Remus's embarressment) "The Life, Mating, and Death of a Werewolf".

*well, at least she's thorough*

Hermione felt very strange about studying a teacher. This was different than looking up hinkypunks or vampires. She'd never had a crush on a vampire. ~nor do i plan too~ She'd never had one as a professor either. It was slightly unnerving.

~you know what else is unnerving? yeah, besides the socks. i think i feel breath on the back of my neck. and there's a hand on my shoulder. oh my...it's...it's...HIM!~

Hermione's eyes made large, adoring pools of blue when she looked up (and up wasn't very far, as he was leaning down to her level) and saw the face of her beloved professor. Remus smiled and fell back, leaning against the table.
"Taken a sudden interest in werewolves?" he asked, raising an amused eyebrow.

*don't force anything out of her. if she doesn't know, which i don't see how she couldn't, i don't want to raise any suspicions* (a/n: i'm sure you've realized that this doesn't follow exactly with PoA, which is the time in which this story is set. just ignore that)

Hermione stammered and lowered her eyes to the ground, where a sock was waiting in the shadows to destroy her as soon as she was alone again.
"You know, I've always found vampires to be much more interesting than werewolves," Remus said, reaching under the table, grabbing the sock, and throwing it out the open window.
Hermione looked surprised. "Oh, well, um," she cleared her throat,

~okay, he knows i know. just go for it~

"I've never met a vampire." Hermione tentatively raised her eyes from the floor.

*oh yeah, she knows. i think i'll play along for a while*

It was Remus's turn to look surprised (or at least pretend to be). "And you've met a werewolf?"

~okay, what's that all about? doesn't he know i know...or could i be wrong?~

"No," Hermione said quickly.

*okay, what's that all about? maybe she doesn't know. was i wrong about her?*

"Then what's with all the research?" Remus asked.

~is he?~

*does she know?*

"Just for that essay Snape assigned. It got me thinking," she lied.

*she doesn't know*
~do i know what i'm talking about? yes, snape confirmed that he is one. so why these games? maybe....maybe he'll be mad if he knows that i know and he'll eat me. does he know that i know he knows i know?~
*does she?*

"Thinking? About what? Their mating habits?" Remus said, poking at "The Life, Mating, and Death of a Werewolf".

~you've got no idea!~

Hermione blushed very deeply.

*uh-oh, i forgot that she fancies me. wait, she wouldn't blush that deeply unless she knows. okay, i'm decided. she knows. but does she know that i know she knows?*

"No, Professor," Hermione gasped, "about, you know, what one would do if she was face-to-face with a werewolf."

*~like right now~*

*okay, let's review. she knows. i know she knows. and now, i know she knows i know she knows. at least i think so*

~okay, he knows i know he knows i know~

"And," Remus continued, feeling the tension in the room build up, "if you were face-to-face with a werewolf, what would you do?" He rested his hand on the table.

~if he's going to bite me because i know, then i might as well just sit back and enjoy it (ew, dirty thoughts) because this is going nowhere. okay, here goes nothing, or everything, i guess it just depends. okay, here it goes....~

*here is comes*

Hermione reached behind her neck for an instant and unhooked the silver necklace she was wearing. "This," she said, and pressed the necklace to Remus's hand.

*OUCH!!!!!! #@(*#$^@$*%^$*@*%(@*&&*

Remus inhaled sharply and pulled his hand away. A burn mark was left on his pale skin. He snickered, examining his hand, and looked back up at Hermione, who looked like a person who had just written her own death sentence.
"I'm sorry," she croaked, "I didn't mean to hurt you." Tears were creeping up at the bottom of her eyes.

*oh, you hold a piece of silver to my skin, but don't intend to hurt me? then what the hell was that supposed to be? a gesture of good will?! while you're at it, why don't you just put some lemon juice in a paper cut for good measure!*

Remus smiled, cradling his injured hand. He wasn't really mad. In fact, this entire conversation was beginning to seem rather amusing. "So, you know."

~i'll give you three guesses~

"Yes, I know. And you know that I know."
"Well, I'd had my doubts, but now I know you know."
"And I know that you know that I know. I hope you also know that I'll make sure no one else knows."
"I know," said Remus. He was feeling very relieved, and very happy.

*she won't tell anyone! ah, i love this girl! oh wait, she fancies me. hmm...time to have some fun*

"Guess what else I know," Remus said, letting a mischievous smile form on his face.

*god, i feel like i'm sixteen again*

"What's that?" Hermione asked, looking a little taken back.

~what the hell is he talking about? what's that look for?~

Remus put one hand behind her head and gave her a small kiss on the forehead, much like a father would do. (a/n: of course, like a father would do. what, do you think he's a pediphile?! no way!) Pulling back, he nearly laughed out loud at the expression of shock that enveloped Hermione's face.

~ ~

"You know, in my second year, I had a thing for Professor McGonnagal. Don't worry about it." He winked and strode out of the library.

~ ~

Hermione sat mummified for a moment, trying very hard to comprehend what had just happened. As you can see from her last few thoughts, not too much was going on, as her head was clearly in the clouds.

~ ~

See, there is goes again. Finally, a thought entered her head.

~well, i guess he knows~

*~*~*~*~*~THE END~*~*~*~*~*

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