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The glow of a streetlight filtered in through the open window of the room, casting a yellow sheen across the sleeping girl's face. She had fallen asleep with her face pressed against one of the heavy tomes describing the goblin wars of 1572, a striped quill clutched loosely in her fist. Neat, slanted writing sprawled out from underneath the tip across a scroll of parchment-- the product of a long night spent working.

Heavy footsteps sounded outside of the door before it swung open, and a man with a slight frame and shaggy red hair entered. His mouth quirked up at the sight of the sleeping girl, and he paused before lifting her gently from her desk chair and depositing her in the neatly made bed that waited nearby. "Night Lils," he whispered, and then quietly crossed the room and swung the door shut behind him. The girl mumbled, eyes still shut tightly closed, and turned over, her red hair spilling over her shoulders like a cape.

The next morning, as the sun tentatively inched its feelers along the surface of the Earth, Lily Evans awoke with a start. Images of goblins had paraded across the backs of her eyelids all night long, and now the memory of the History of Magic essay sitting abandoned on her desk sent her flying out of bed. Her fingers gently caught up the fragile parchment, and her eyes raced down line after line that she'd penned the previous night. At last she set it down, but only in order to settle dreamily into the wooden chair that served as her desk chair and flip to the proper page in the book. Then, with one leg tucked under her and her mind immersed in the world of Oric the Bloodthirsty and Illiane the Brave, she commenced her scribbling.

"Lily! Lily! Mum says that if you don't come down she's going to throw out the toast she made you," the voice floated up the stairs, jostling Lily from her thoughts. She looked up, annoyance darkening her face, before snatching her quill and parchment from the desk and shuffling downstairs. In the past two hours she had already finished another foot of writing on a comparison of human and goblin behavior during wartime, and now she had only another two inches to go.

"I've re-heated your toast for you." Her mother handed her a plate of toast drizzled with honey and cinnamon as Lily sank onto the closest stool. The smells reawakened her sense of hunger, and she began to eat, her eyes turning back to the essay clutched in her hand.

"Aren't you going to say thank you? Anything? We've all been waiting for you down here and all you can do is read your stupid paper!" Lily's sister was glaring at her from across the table, her cheeks flushed with anger. Her thin blonde hair had been combed back into a ponytail, and escaping wisps gave her the appearance of having a smoking head.

Lily's head rocketed up from her essay before looking around as if she had only just realized her surroundings. For a moment a slight frown played across her forehead, but she quickly shrugged it away. "Sorry 'Tuney... and Mum I suppose. I really am enjoying the breakfast... I'm just dying to finish with this essay so I can send it in early. Allen was saying it increases your chances of being made a Head..." Suddenly she trailed off, spying the thick envelope in her mother's hand. "What... What's that?"

"It came yesterday for you, but you marched straight up to your room as soon you got home so I didn't have a chance to give it to you." Her mum held out the proffered envelope, and Lily took it, suddenly nervous.

"Yes well... had to finish my essay and all" she said distractedly as she slid her finger into the lip in order to open it. Was it just her imagination or was it heavier than usual? She recoiled slightly as her fingertips came in contact with cool metal. It could just as likely be a prefect badge, she reminded herself, trying to ignore her pounding heart. Finally, she summoned her courage and hooked her fingers around the edge in order to pull it out. An engraved "H" gleamed gently in the palm of her hand, embedded in fancy curlicues. The metal of the badge was cool and smooth, and heavy in a reassuring, solid way. She imagined that she would always be able to feel its pull on her sweater when she wore it. For a moment the family was silent, and then Lily's father clapped her on the back.

"That's great! Truly wondrous! We all know how hard you've worked for it, Lily dear," he said, and Lily's mum chimed in with her own praise. When they'd quieted, Lily dazedly excused herself from the table and retreated to her room, her essay left forgotten on the kitchen table. She was far too immersed in examining her new badge to hear Petunia mutter that she was "head of the freaks."

Once she'd reached the safety of her room, she collapsed onto her bed and pulled out the folded pieces of parchment that had accompanied the badge. The first was the usual letter that dictated which books she would need and welcomed her back to Hogwarts for the upcoming year, but she tossed that aside and hastily unfolded the second. Her eyes fell to it hungrily.

Dear Miss Lily Evans,

I would like to congratulate you on receiving the esteemed position of Head Girl at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon boarding the Hogwarts Express you will be expected to attend the annual Prefects meeting in order to explain to the new Prefects their positions and responsibilities. Please be prepared with a welcome speech. Also, it will be your responsibility to organize patrol schedules and weekly meetings for the Prefects alongside the Head Boy. The Head's Dormitory and Common room are located behind the portrait of Sir Grendyll and his hound. In order to gain access to your Common room, simply pat the hound's largest spot twice. You will find your belongings in the room designated as yours. If you are found to be inadequate for the position, or do not wish to participate, the title will be revoked. Best wishes and good luck! Headmaster Dumbledore

She stared gleefully at the letter for a moment before turning back to the badge. With trembling fingers, she bunched the fabric of her tank top and poked the pin through before stepping back and admiring it in the mirror. The heavy metal pulled at her thin sleep shirt, making it pucker and sag, but she knew that when it was attached to her thick Gryffindor sweater or robe, it would hold up beautifully. Her fingers were itching to write a letter to Alice, but she would have no way to send it even if she did write it. Plus she was running out of ink, and she needed the remainder for her essay. Perhaps tomorrow she and her father could make a trip to Diagon Alley so that she could pick up her supplies. Maybe as a present for making Head Girl she could even pick out an owl! That way she would have a way to send all her essays in early in the first place... Reminded of her essay, she started, before dashing down the stairs to snatch it out of the kitchen and begin working on it with renewed vigor.