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Thank you for the reviews, lovelies! Who saw the last segment of Harry Potter (I'm writing this the morning after)? Gah, I cried through most of it and I'm not even sure if it was because it was that great or because new HP stuff is ending forever. I brought my wand with me and clutched it the entire time. Anyway, I'm counseling at a summer camp so this will probably be short. Just a filler...


How are you? Doing well I hope. And dad? I figured it would be more worthwhile to write to you, as Dad's always too busy to answer, but tell him he's still my favorite parent. Just kidding. School's been going along smooth as a charm. Sirius hasn't been expelled yet, and my Head duties are much less intensive than I'd imagined them to be, particularly with Lily as my fellow head. Speaking of Lily, (you know, the one with the sunset red hair and perfect rose lips that I gabbed on about for the past six summers? I'm sure you do) well let's just say I've won her over enough so that now she'll lay those lips on me. Oh don't worry mum, not like that. It took a bit of extra luck to convince her, but with the combination of my people and potions skills, I triumphed in the end. That's right, this is basically a big 'HOLY HIPPOGRIFFS, LILY EVANS IS MY GIRLFRIEND' brag letter. Anyway, the next step is to convince her to come visit over Christmas break, so that she can meet you guys. Give Jorkin a belly rub for me, will you? And write back soon!

Your lustrous son,


Dear Dad,

I hope you, mum and Petty have been well. School has been as fantastic as ever, but I do miss you. How's the business going? Have you sold any more of the roses? I always hope that by including lots of questions in my letters you'll be spurred to write me back more quickly. And so by that note, is Petunia still dating the whale you wrote to me about earlier? In the last letter, you asked me about Severus. Oh, he's fine I suppose, but I can only report that from a distance. Since our last blow out we haven't spoken much, and I'm afraid some of my recent decisions have left him gazing at me like he wants to make my hair fierier than it already is. I do miss him sometimes, particularly when I find myself doing simple magic, such as making flowers bloom. That always was his favorite. But I suppose people come in and out of your life, and that's just the way it is. I've pretty much managed to let go of him. Alice is good. She's dating an older wizard, a nice fellow named Frank Longbottom. He seems very sweet, although he is rather clumsy. Last time he was here he knocked an entire platter of gobstoppers onto the floor. Alice says she finds it charming. I suspect that they may marry soon; in these hard times, people snap up love as soon as they find it. And then there's Jasper. He's as affable as ever. Even Filch, the new caretaker, seems to have a fondness for him, and that's saying something as Filch is the sort that tortures first and asks questions later.

Why am I writing, you ask? Well, I'm coming to that. It's sort of hard to write. I guess I'll start with... Do you remember James Potter? I'm sure you do, after my years of ranting about his stupid pranks and conceitedness and bullying spirit. Gah, this is going to be difficult to say after all of that. Let's just say that this year, he's changed. He may have changed earlier, and I was just so thick that I didn't see it, but I finally began to notice. He's nice to first years, smart, funny, his pranks are numerous but generally tasteful (and laughter is important in such dark times!), he's magically talented... the list could go on. And you know what Dad? I realized after much struggle and denial, that I'm in love with him. So...(drum roll) he asked me out a few weeks ago, and I said yes! That's right, James Potter is my boyfriend and I'm actually happy about it. Who would've believed it? Anyway, he's great. He helps me study for transfiguration, and takes me for midnight broom rides, and even sneaks into the kitchens to bring me things like hot cocoa in the morning (he knows I miss my muggle drinks). Anyway, I really want you to meet him, and I know he'd like to meet you too. I haven't asked him yet, but I was thinking I'd invite him over for a few days this Christmas break-if it's okay with you of course.

Love you Dad,


Lily sealed the envelope magically and tied it to a tawny owl that had held his leg out for her. "Don't leave until you've got a reply," she told him, slipping an owl treat into his willing beak. With a flutter of wings, the owl took off through the open window. She watched as it turned into a small speck against the sky, and then turned to trot down the stairs. The view from the open windows on either side of the staircase was fantastic-the grounds were glossy with a fine layer of frost, the lake shimmery silver to match the sky. The color almost reminded Lily of James' invisibility cloak. She had just trotted down the spiral staircase to the Head's Den when a pair of strong arms swept her up.

"James!" cried Lily, her legs dangling feet off the ground. "Put me down!"

"Hello dearest doe of my heart," he murmured against the side of her neck, his warm breath causing her hair to rise. She could feel the warm, solid swell of his chest against her back. If his arm hadn't been digging into her ribcage and preventing her from breathing, she would've been very content indeed.

"I... can't... breathe!" she gasped, squirming some more. The arms released her, and her feet hit the floor with a soft pat. He spun her around, hazel eyes glittering, and bowed his head to crash his lips against hers. After a few more breathless moments, Lily stepped back, her head spinning.

"I still can't believe you let me do that!" James said, rubbing at his stubble in disbelief. "It's like... like I have to do it over and over again to remind myself that you're mine."

"I can't be yours if I'm dead from suffocation."

"Well I'll always be yours, Lily Evans, dead or alive or inferi. I will always, always be yours." His eyes were serious behind his glasses, his arms tight around her back. Lily found herself amending her previous statement.

"I suppose I'm as yours as it gets as well." Her sigh made him grin, and he led her fully into the Head's Den. Lily noticed that his head nearly brushed the squat ceiling. They sat down across from each other, in the cushy armchairs by the fire. She stroked Jasper as she thought about how to broach the subject of visiting her home with James over break, and he picked up the folded Daily Prophet that'd been lying next to his chair. "Any news?"

"None of it good," he said darkly. "Voldemort's been making house visits to witches and wizards he wishes to join him. If they refuse, they end up dead." James paused, clearly measuring his words before he spoke them, and then said, "Dumbledore spoke to me yesterday. He's afraid moldy Voldy might try to recruit me once I leave Hogwarts, you know since I'm pure blood and have good grades."

Fear, icy and cold, filled Lily's chest, giving her goose bumps. "What're you going to do?" she whispered. The air suddenly felt heavy on her shoulders, too heavy for normal conversation.

"Face him. I want to fight. I have to fight... I couldn't live with myself if I did anything else."

Lily nodded, understanding. "I know. I want to fight too. It's my kind he's targeting and..." James had frozen at her words, his jaw muscles bunching.

"I... Lily..."

"I have to, James. I know you understand."

"I do it's just..." he shook his head. "Merlin, I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. Probably die."

Lily found herself on her feet, pulled to him like a moth to light. "I don't want you to ever die," she whispered, settling on his lap. He pulled her closer, his arms snug around her waist. They were silent for awhile, allowing the heat of their bodies to warm each other, press away the cold fingers of fear that the newspaper had brought.

Finally James said, "I've been meaning to ask you... Would you like to come visit my place for a few days this vacation? I'd like you to meet my parents." His fingers moved from her waist to her cheek, brushing the soft skin with tentative fingers.

"I was going to ask you the same thing!" Lily said, surprised, half turning to meet his gaze. He laughed.

"Maybe we could do both-spend a few days at your house and then go to mine. I can't imagine spending any amount of time away from you anyway..." His mouth brushed her neck.

Lily's lips curled at the idea. She tried to picture James sitting at their worn kitchen table, the bright yellow cabinets and everyday muggle things surrounding him. She couldn't imagine it. "I'd like that," she said. "I'd like that a lot."