note: this is my first story on here... ot was origionaly my science paper if you were wondering about the science lingo.... so enyoy!

Diaclamer: i do not own maximum ride.... thats what its based on... maximum ride

"Why can't I just stay home…you can home school me, right?" I asked. You probably want to know who" I" am, right? Well, if you said "no" just skip down a little bit but for those of you who said "yes", I'll tell you. I'm just like you….except I'm 13…and…well my mom is 2% bird. My dad? He's normal. Apparently the percentage that I get from my mom is enough to let me fly. So on and so forth. I won't bore you with the details so let's begin. My parent just left on a "business trip" which I know is getting together with friends and they left me with my aunt and uncle. They're like me by the square centimeter. Uncle Fnick (that's what Uncle G calls him) was testing me on my science stuff. "Ummm…what does little M big L stand for??" He didn't get to go to school very much when he was a kid and somehow he is a genius and only about 30 years old! "That's milliliter, right? It's on like soda cans and stuff." "Ya…. You know I didn't learn that stuff ever! The only reason I learned," he looked at the paper, "kill…o….meter……. kilometer was when we flew over Canada." I usually learn these by song, I thought, except density. Density is the amount that you will sink or float… wait … no. sometimes I really confuse myself. Buoyancy is the amount you sink or float!!! Not density! Density is the amount of mass packed into the volume!!

While my Uncle Fnick was trying to find a new question from my worksheets silently I pulled out my text book. The thing is, people only think it's a text book. Just as I was about to start reading my uncle asked me another question. "Hey, what's the formula for density?" he asked,"Umm…" oh great! I wasn't paying attention to the teacher when he taught us this! I thought; "mass meaning weight…. Divided by… volume. Or mass over volume."That was when something odd happened. It seemed that something was pushing on the walls. One wall was closing in on us, millimeter by millimeter. We both stopped our stories. A crack formed in the wall, growing quickly by the centimeter. "DUCK!!!!!" Uncle Fnick said. We ducked just as the wall burst into thousands of pieces. Pouring on us by the liter. We snapped out our wings and looked up. There were two robots; one was about a meter taller than the other, one for me and one for my uncle. "Ok so you take the little one and I'll take the bigger one. I've fought these before. Go for their ankles or their heads with a karate chop down." Then we went in. I barely had to put a gram of pressure to make the robot snap.

My uncle had more fun with his ro-bo-dude. He punched it in the stomach with the force of 100 kilograms to make it stagger back. He then went down to a low kick to get at his anckles before the robot had to me to do anything and finally finished him off with a chop to the head. "Yes!" was our victory cheer when our victims were completely dissembled, we high-five.

Now, you may want to know who I am and now that you've herd this you probably want to know even more. Sadly I guard this secrete with every milligram that my feathers add to my weight. I must keep my existence a secrete. All I can leave you with now are my initials. R. N. R.