Love is a funny thing. That is the one thought that filled Karin's mind as she looked at Micchi. He was sitting behind her scribbling in a notepad, a faint look of concentration on his face. She squirmed and blushed as a familiar warmth spread through her belly. She quickly glanced away feeling embarrassed. The Brit was something of a problem for her nowadays. Because of him her emotions were seriously out of whack. She didn't know when it started, but one day she looked at him and something changed. She suddenly couldn't stop thinking about him. Her face got red when he stared at her, she felt nervous and uncertain around him, she became clumsy when he was near, and she swore that the temperature mysteriously rose to 100 degrees when he touched her. It was crazy; Karin could tell herself that it was some strange sickness and push it to the side, but she knew better. This was the same thing that had happened when she realized her feelings for Kazune, only it was much, much worse. She wanted to deny what she knew was the truth. Because admitting it, even to herself, felt like an impossibility. Even so, as the heat in her middle spread slowly to other parts of her body, the words inevitably formed in her head and she sighed in defeat as Micchi asked a question and his voice sent cold shivers up and down her spine.

The stubborn girl smiled sadly. From her lips came three soft words that broke down all her barriers and crushed her denial in an instant. "I love Micchi."

And that was the undeniable truth.