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Resident Evil 4: Twisted Fate

Chapter Five – Stupid Freakin'…Freaks

"If prison doors in America were this pretty, everyone would wanna be all up in our jail systems."

Leon chuckled. "I have nothing to say to that."

Ashley just shrugged her shoulders and let out a tiny 'eh'. "I gotta agree with her, though. But I don't see how a giant lion with its mouth open is art."

"Hey," I pointed at the older blonde, "don't talk shit about the lion. I think it gives the door character."

"Ugly character."

"Hmph," I crossed my arms and stuck my nose up haughtily; "you just don't appreciate the complex beauty that is art."

"I don't get why you two are bickering about a damn door," Leon said, shaking his head.

"What else is there to do?" I deadpanned.

Leon blinked once. Twice.


"Weirdo," Ashley commented before pushing against the ornate prison door. "Oh yippee, the door needs a key."

"Whoopdeedoo," I stated sarcastically. I rolled my eyes; of course I knew the stupid effing door was locked, but just the mere fact of having to find yet another key was really starting to grate on my nerves. Kinda like a…cheese grater.

Hence the verb 'grate'.

Hence the verb 'annoy'. As in, you are really annoying the crap out of me right now.

Right now?

Right now. Earlier. In the shower. Talking to really cute boys. Eating green eggs and ham in a box with a fox. And probably in the very near future.

Damn, I'm so good. I should go pro.

If you go pro, I'll end up in the loony bin. Or an insane asylum. Either way, shut the hell up.

Aren't a loony bin and an insane asylum the same thing?


Whateva, Honey. I'll hit ya up later for another entertaining chat.

Yeah, whatever, bye. Go die in a hole or something.

Heh heh, sounds like fun.

Gawd, I really don't wanna know what you would consider 'fun'.

My rather perverted inner-self left my head (or left to go wherever it goes when it isn't bugging me; probably to torment the deeper recesses of my mind, poor me) with an evil, fading chuckle and I couldn't help but wonder what Ashley and Leon thought of me when I went into one of these…episodes (what else am I supposed to call these encounters with myself, joyful reunions? Yeah, right.).

"Why do you always do that?" an exasperated voice exclaimed.

I blinked, willing my inner-self-induced headache to go away, and stared at Ashley with a dumbstruck look plastered on my face. It took a second for the blurriness to disappear, but that was just because I didn't have my glasses anymore. "Do what?"

"That." She breathed heavily, pointing at my now dark blue eyes (don't ask me why my eyes change from a light blue in darker lightning to a dark blue in brighter; sometimes it just depended on what I was wearing, but I digress). "Your eyes get all glassy and distant, like you aren't here with us." Quickly, after she noticed the weird looks both Leon and I were giving her, she added, "I mean, sure, you're here with us physically…but mentally?"

"Uh…," I mumbled, obviously lacking any intelligent thought.

Rats. She thinks I'm crazy! I swear I'm not! I SWEAAAAAR!

But just as Ashley was about to open her mouth again, Leon decided to butt in.

"Sometimes that happens in these types of situations. Our minds subconsciously take us away from all of the evil, almost like a distraction, because it can become too much for anyone."

Hey, thanks Leon. You just go ahead and believe that. I wasn't about to disagree with him and tell him I was freaking talking to myself. I might have to see a psychiatrist when I get home, but I didn't want to end up talking to one every day, in a cell, jacked up on meds.

No thanks, inner-self.

So stay the heck away from me for a while.

To my surprise, and utter delight, no one answered me.

"Okay," Ashley stated, still looking at me. "I guess that does happen. Sorry, Brittanee."

I shook my head and waved my hands in front of me. "Oh, don't be. It's fine." Really, seriously, it was. I mean, I'd probably ask the same thing if she was the one doing it. But, hey, maybe she was and I just didn't notice because I was too busy dealing with the exact same thing?


Oh well.

The older girl flashed me a small smile while Leon peered through the cutout windows in the wall to scope out the prison level below. As Ashley explored the room for anything useful, I walked over to Leon and stood silently by his side.

"I don't see much," he offered. "Just some metal bars…and…what is that?"

I opened my mouth to respond, but I bit my lip, hard, instead, stifling my answer. Honestly, I couldn't just go around and answer every question that Leon asks. For one, he'd tweak or something. And two, he'd get suspicious.

Oh, hey, Leon, I know what that is. It's this giant dude with killtastic-cutyourheadoff-sliceyourspineinhalf-Wolverine claws. Yeah, great, right? And oh, before I forget, you have to somehow kill that effing Wolverine poser so you can pull this strategically-placed lever so we can get the heck out of here.

How do I know all of this?

Hah, well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you…


That sounded crazy even to me, and that was saying something because yeah, if you hadn't noticed, I was starting to get a little loopy. I didn't know if the situation I was in was to blame, or if it was that stupid purple shit Saddler injected into my neck.

Dammit. Eff you, Saddler. Eff you.

So, instead of blurting out anything useful (that could potentially keep us alive a little longer), I opted to play the "stupid and innocent" part. A dumb move? Maybe, maybe not.

I leaned further into the open stone window-thingie (I know, descriptive, huh?) and squinted. I could barely make out some dirty and torn brown pants. I leaned in a little more and saw a flash of silver.

I inhaled sharply.

One of the metal appendages moved.

Shit. Okay, so my heart just dropped down into my stomach. Somehow, things just got a little more real. I didn't know why I kept thinking I would just wake up and everything would be over, but I did. I should have realized this wasn't a dream the first time I got hurt (usually you wake up right before you get hurt in a dream, right?). Well, this sucked even more. At that moment I knew I couldn't just let Leon fight this thing himself. Sure, I might get scraped (or killed), cut (or killed), and/or sliced in half (or killed…wait…I'd be dead if that happened) in the process, but at least I would know I died helping.

Leon flashed me a concerned look once he heard me inhale. "What? What is it?" he asked me worriedly.


Oh, oh gawd. What do I say? What do I do? I took a deep breath as I stared at Leon, searching for an answer inside of myself. Okay, I was going to help him. That was it. Yeah. Help.

I died a little inside as I lied (it's not really lying, is it? It's just not telling the whole truth…gah) to him: "I think there may be a lever down there, Leon."

He narrowed his eyes suspiciously. I bit my lip, willing him to end his questioning. But, you know, my luck never really was any good. And…uh, yeah. I wasn't exactly great at lying, either.

"You saw something else." He worded it as a statement, not a question, and that sort of scared me. Leon was just too damn good at what he did.

"Yes," I said as I lowered my head, ashamed. I didn't really feel like I had the privilege to look at Leon's beautiful face when I was addressing him. "I saw…claws."

"So it's a person down there."

"Well," Ashley walked up to us, "what if he needs help?"

Before I could teach Ashley that People plus Claws does not equal Safe, Leon beat me to it. "Ashley, I don't think someone with claws needs help."

"Oh," she grimaced. "Oh my."

Leon started walking towards the prison door but I flung out my right arm to stop him. I gripped his lower arm and felt his muscles tense at the skin-on-skin contact. He tilted his head to the side, his dirty blonde hair shielding his eyes from view. His gaze, I know, was focused on my hand.

"I'm coming with you," I said, stern demand laced through my voice.

His muscles tensed again as he whipped around. My hand started to drop, but Leon shackled my wrist with his own hand before it fell to my side.

"Absolutely not," he hissed.

I flinched at his almost-savage tone. Heck, I even saw Ashley from the corner of my eye swallow slowly as she backed away, her eyes wide. I tried pulling my hand away from him, but this only caused his grip on my wrist to tighten, almost to the point where it hurt.

"It's not safe," he added lowly. His icy blue eyes, which were piercing into my own darker blue ones, were watery and veiled over with a thin milky film. What the…?

"I don't care," I spat at him, my nose wrinkling in disgust. What the hell was his problem? What was wrong with his eyes? Oh my gawd…was the parasite—

"Okay," Ashley yelped, her voice shrill with nerves. "Okay, I think that we need to—"

I tugged my arm, harder this time, trying to get away from him. Leon, whose eyes were still locked with my own, gripped my arm so tight that I could practically feel the gloveless tips of his fingers digging into my bone. I gasped and looked down, now frantically trying to extract myself from his hold.

"If you die, then I fail my mission. It's better for me to go down there myself," he stated, his other hand coming up to clench my shoulder.

I pushed against his chest with my free hand, my insides churning. I honestly didn't know what was going on; my brain had shut down and all I could register was Leon. Leon and his weird behavior. Leon and his odd eyes. Leon and his painful embrace. Leon. Leon. Leon.

"Leon," Ashley screeched, her arms flailing. "Leon, stop!"

He ignored her and I pushed against his chest as hard as I could, considering his steel-like hold on my shoulder.

"Yeah, and if you die, what does that mean for Ashley and me? What are we supposed to do then, huh? You idiot."

I was getting pissed. I was angry and pissed off. What the hell was going on?

"Let go of me," I struggled against him again. "Let go of me," I whimpered, "You're hurting me!"

The result was instantaneous.

Leon's eyes widened and he immediately released me. I stumbled backward, welcoming the fall as I landed on my backside. Anything. Anything to get away from him.

"What the hell?" Ashley shrieked as she rushed to my fallen form. "What the hell," she repeated, softer this time. "Holy crap! Brittanee, are you okay?"

She helped me to my feet and Leon, looking like someone had just kicked a poor, innocent and abused puppy, rushed over to me.

"Bri," he sighed helplessly, "Bri—I'm so sorry. Please…shit, Brittanee." Leon reached out to me. When I felt his fingers barely grazing my arm, I recoiled from him.

"Don't touch me," I snapped, my voice venomous. "Don't you fucking touch me."

Oh god. His face. He looked so hurt that it almost pained me to look at him. But I didn't care. At that moment I. Did. Not. Care. I didn't know what came over Leon, but I was furious. And, yeah, maybe I was overreacting. Because for all I knew the parasite inside of him—inside all of us—could have caused his little outburst of unseemly rage. His eyes—they weren't normal. The way he looked at me was not normal. At all. He frightened me to the point where I couldn't even think, let alone figure out was going on. I didn't like it. Not one bit. And if I found out that his stupid, sudden explosion wasn't caused by that dumb retarded parasite, I would seriously kick his blonde ass.

I inched closer to the older girl when I noticed Leon just straight out staring at me, hugging onto her for dear life.

He reached for me again, desperation etched on his face. "Please, Britt—"

"Leon," Ashley barked, slapping his shaking hand away. "You stop that, you idiot. What the hell just happened?"

"I…I don't know. Please, Brittanee," Leon pleaded. "Please, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. Please, just understand."

I stared at him. I stared at Leon so hard that I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. And he stared back nervously, eyes hesitant. Poor Ashley was just watching from the sidelines, probably thinking that this fighting crap was stupid.

"And you better understand that I'm helping. Stop treating me like a baby."

My voice was harsh, but whatever. Sometimes Leon was too thickheaded for his own good. He needed to understand that I wasn't just a little kid who didn't know what the hell she was doing. I was a teenage girl with a brain, thank you very freakin' much!


I threw him an icy glare, daring him to talk back. Gladly, he didn't.

"That's what I thought," I snapped. I walked up to him and I had to crane my head to look him in the eye since I was so close to him. I jerked on his shoulder strap and before Leon could react, the TMP was in my hands. "And just for that, I'm using this just this once."

He opened his mouth to retort.

"Shut up," I ordered. "I don't care what you think right now."

Ashley started laughing and Leon was getting annoyed. Honestly, I could care less.

"I'm not treating you like a baby, Brittanee. I'm doing this for your own good, can't you understand that?"

There we go again, with the whole "understanding" thing. I felt like I was a two-year-old and Leon was my father trying to teach me how to talk.

Oh, Bri, honey, can you understand what I'm saying to you? Huh, baby? Can you say 'gun'? Do you understand what that means? Well, do you?

No, apparently to you I'm a little baby who only goes googoogaga wah wah. Fuck off.

"Well can't you understand that you put all of this stress and responsibility onto yourself? If you just let me help, things could be a lot easier! But no, you have to be Mr. Macho-Look-After-Everyone Man. Listen, I know you can do most of this by yourself, but that doesn't mean you have to!"

I bit my lip and Leon sighed. Ashley crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

"Well I think you're both stupid," she said. "Brittanee, sometimes when you try to help, it doesn't always work out. Remember?"

Yeah yeah, El Gigante. I remember, geez. And probably a lot of other instances, but I'd rather forget about those. Of course I knew messed up a lot. But most of the time I did more good than harm! …Mostly. Gawd.

"And Leon," Ashley continued, "you need to quit the 'It's My Mission' shit, it's getting old! If Brittanee and I want to help you, damn straight you better let us help! Or have you forgotten who my father is?"

Oh SNAP. Ashley just cussed and threatened Leon in the same sentence! Oh gawd, this is better than whatever I could have conjured. Wow, Ashley, congrats. I never thought you had it in ya. Just…wow.

"Honestly, I think we all have messed up in the past," the older girl stated. "But that doesn't mean we didn't get through whatever it was in our way. I kind of screamed too much and acted like a complete and utter wimpy bimbo. But, hey, I got over it and finally came to my senses. Brittanee couldn't aim to save her life, but that didn't stop her from getting better. Leon…well, you just learned along the way that both of us girls get what we want. How else could we get these guns?" Ashley asked, pointing to the gun stuffed between her belt and skirt.

"We could have just stolen them," I pointed out.

Ashley and Leon both laughed. Good, that's what I was here for. I hated touchy-feely moments with a lot of seriousness. That just wasn't my style, man.

"The point I'm trying to make," she persisted, "is that even though we have our faults, if we all work as a team, our strengths can combine and we can beat this. We can defeat this crazy midget and we can definitely crush Saddler. We've gotten this far, we can keep going."

By this time, my jaw was practically hitting the floor. I didn't really know what Leon was doing because I opted to not look at him. But…wow! Ashley just kept getting deeper and deeper. It was definitely a surprise…and a shock. I was just so used to the cry baby Ashley I always had to deal with while playing the game. Who knew she had such a kick-ass personality?

"I love you," I quickly breathed, eyes wide. Ashley giggled and we shared a girly hug. Well, I'm glad that was over. I hated fighting with Ashley; I always thought it got the two of us nowhere. I was kinda seeing her as a sister now, and I hoped we wouldn't have any more disputes anytime soon.

Leon ran his hand through his hair and looked everywhere but at us. He tapped his foot nervously and if I knew any better, I would say he was tearing up. But, hey, that was just my opinion. Ashley went up to him and breathed his name. He nervously wrapped the older girl in his arms and they hugged for a while. I just stood there awkwardly, hoping he wouldn't try to hug me. I just wasn't ready for that right now. Not from him.

But, you know, like I said, my luck sucked. As soon as Ashley broke away from him, Leon opened his arms in my direction and waited eagerly for me to come to him.

I chewed on my lip timidly as I eyed the blonde agent. I knew it would break his heart if I refused him, but I just couldn't make myself go through the physical contact with him right now. I blinked, tears welling into watery pools in my eyes and cascading down my long lashes.

Why? Why do I always have to cry? I couldn't stand myself sometimes.


"No," I waved my hand at him as I used my other to wipe at my eyes. I was trying so hard not to cry, but it was difficult. My ears started to hurt and my throat tickled. "Just…I can't," I finally sobbed. "I'm sorry, but I can't."

Leon looked troubled as Ashley comforted me. Of course she would understand, she was a female. "Just give her some time, Leon."

A lot of time.

"Here," I choked out, handing Leon the TMP. "I'm sure I would just kill myself with this thing, right?" I laughed at myself then. It was a dry, humorless laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.

Leon grabbed the weapon out of my hand and went for my arm. I winced and flitted out of his reach. "Don't, Leon. Not right now. Just don't touch me."


With his wary one word reply, I whipped around so fast that my long, choppy dirty blonde hair probably hit him in the face. I practically jogged into the next room with the flaming horses, not bothering to pick up the memo nailed to the wall. Whatever, it was about Luis anyway.

I turned to the right and almost ran smack dab into the portrait hanging on the wall. It depicted a young man holding a gun. And, lo and behold, a big ol' silver key was attached to the painting. I snatched it up and twirled around to go back.

I met Leon and Ashley in the tiny room between the prison and the room with the flaming horses. They were reading the note I bypassed earlier. Great.

Ashley's eyes lifted and met mine. I held up the key and mouthed, "Got it!" She nodded and pointed to the note.

"Here," she told me, "I'll read it out loud to you, Bri."

I nodded to her and she began reading the note about Luis Sera.

"Capture Luis Sera," Ashley quoted as she turned the page. "I have confirmation that Sera has entered the castle. Why he would return during his escape leaves me to question his motives. But we must seize this moment and capture him. We will get the other two Americans after we apprehend Sera. It appears he took some vaccines when he stole our sample. The vaccines we can do without but we must retrieve the sample for it is our life blood. I feel there is somebody else or some other group involved in this whole affair. If the sample was to get into the hands of that other entity, the world which we seek to create will not come. We must apprehend Sera as quickly as possible."

I blinked as I mulled over the information. Obviously the two Americans were Leon and Ada. But I wonder how Saddler learned of Luis entering the castle? What, did he talk to his Spanish-speaking minions on a daily basis? The thought kinda baffled me.

"What I don't understand is this talk about a second "American,"" Ashley stated, using air quotes on "American." "What do you think, Leon? Do you know who the second person is? Saddler can't be talking about me or Britt. Or else he would have said three."

"I have an inkling, yes," Leon confirmed. "But I'm not certain."

"I hope Luis drops that sample on his way back to us," I said abruptly, without even thinking.

Leon furrowed his brow. "Why? We need to destroy that."

I rolled my eyes so I wouldn't have to look at him anymore. "Because. Now they're after him, and he's only one person. If he drops it, they won't necessarily care to use so much effort to kill him. He'll be…safer."

Right. Like Luis would drop the sample. If he does, I'll freaking make out with the man. Or at least kiss him until I can't breathe anymore. Because if he dropped it, Saddler would most likely find it and would maybe leave Luis to Salazar like he will Ashley, Leon, and I. Then Luis would live and then I wouldn't feel guilty.

If only.

"I hope he is okay, no matter how vagrant and perverted he is," Ashley chimed in.

"Me too," Leon agreed. "Anyway, we need to keep moving. Luis will find us when he finds us. No use in worrying when we have bigger fish to fry."

As soon as food was mentioned, my stomach grumbled in protest. Ugh, I was sooooo hungry. But thank the good gawd that no one heard it. That would be embarrassing.

"Uh, I have the key. It was in there," I pointed towards the horse head statues breathing fire out of their mouths. "Wonderful, isn't it?"

Ashley crinkled her nose in disgust. "Now that's just plain stupid. I hate this castle."

"Agreed," Leon grunted. "But since we have the key, let's get this over with."

The walls trembled and the floor shook as the prison door rumbled and slammed up into the ceiling. A few pieces of the stone ceiling broke away and rained down on all three of us. I whimpered and covered my head with my arms as the flying little stones flew and ricocheted against the floor. One hit me in my knee and I jumped.

"Well, OW. That hurt!"

"One got me in the elbow," Ashley moaned.

"I got hit in the knee," I griped.

"Oh, quit complaining!"

"Hey!" both Ashley and I yelled. Leon, shocked, looked at the two of us.

"Just because you have nice warm pants on and have a sleeved shirt, Mister, does not give you the right to be all, 'Stop complaining!'" Ashley harrumphed, stamping her foot.

"Well it's not my fault you two didn't dress for the occasion," Leon sassed back. No, seriously, he sassed.

"I didn't plan on getting kidnapped!' Ashley shouted, clenching her fists.

"Yeah, and I didn't plan on magically appearing here, either. Thank you very much," I added snootily.

"Okay!" Leon raised his voice as he placed his hands in the air. "That's enough! Let's stop bickering and finish this so we can go."

Ashley's eyes twinkled and her foot popped into the air. "You mean…?"

Leon sighed, defeated. "Yeah."

I fist pumped. "Alllllll right!"

"I honestly don't know why I'm doing this. I'm going to regret this."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, quit your bitchin' and let's go!" I started hopping down the stone steps.

Okay, so I honestly didn't know why I was excited to be hopping towards my death. Really. Seriously. I most likely had a death wish, but I digressed. I was just happy Leon was letting me help him for once. And, yeah, I might die, but at least I would die fighting and shooting…and maybe crying, who knows.

Seriously, with me, I would be crying. Wah wah.

When we finally hit the bottom of the stairwell, my hands were clammy and my forehead was lightly sweating. All I could smell was dampness and mold and charred skin and yuck. My stomach rolled like a bunch of those gray rolly polly bugs and I was breathing heavily.

Leon stepped ahead of us slowly, towards the cell. As soon as Ashley and I went to follow, he held up his hand and said, "Wait."


"Because, Ashley," Leon stated as he began walking again. "I'm not sure if this thing will attack or not. Just stay back."

He was walking with caution; gun out, arms tense, muscles ready for action. And here I was: arms crossed, foot tapping, gun fitting all snug in my little short shorts. Yeah, I should probably whip that sucker out right now. No, really.

So I did. And Ashley, watching me, did the same.

By now Leon was near the cell door, ready to kick it down.


Leon, with all of his mighty might, kicked in the cell door. It buckled and fell with a loud, ear-scratching clang. Both Ashley and I cringed. And I sucked in a breath and clenched my gun so hard I thought it would break as I watched Leon near the chained creature.

Dear gawd, if I survive this…if Leon survives this, I will kiss him as well. Yup, totally. Seriously, it's not like he doesn't want it. Because he totally does. Really. Surely. Leon is so—

I was wrenched out of my thoughts when Ashley gripped my bruised arm tight. I cried out silently and tried not to flinch. It hurt, dammit. Stupid Leon and his stupid parasite and his stupid rage-freak-on-Poor-Innocent-Brittanee episode and his stupid ability to leave many bruises on my right arm.

Ashley squeezed my arm harder as Leon sauntered right up to the chained Garrador. All I could do was whimper at the pain Ashley was causing in my arm.

And, yeah, I was completely unprepared when Garrador let out a loud growl as he ripped the chains holding him out of the wall like they were just butter and he was a huge and sharp and bloody machete. His long silvery claws extended and Leon had to back-flip out of the way so they wouldn't chop his arms off.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that the prison door up above totally just slammed shut. Yeah, like that wasn't planned or anything. Stupid freakin' castle, I hate you. Stupid freakin' Salazar, go die in your own blood and guts or something, you freak. Stupid freakin' Saddler, with your stupid freakin' wiggly-creepy-juju-freak-Brittanee-the-hell-out staff, go fling yourself into a Del Lago infested lake and cry and bitch and moan and complain as you wait helplessly for your nasty demise, you prick. Stupid freakin' Garrador, with your stupid freakin' Edward Scissorhands complex, go scratch your face, you idiot, and paint your entire head red with your own blood and cry and whine and die, because yeah, you're a straight up bitch. Stupid freakin'—

"Brittanee!" Ashley hissed lowly, successfully ripping me away from my "Stupid Freakin'" rampage. Dang, I was on a roll, there…

My eyes widened when I saw Garrador, with his claws retracted, sniff the air and start walking straight for Ashley and me. Of course. How could I forget that the stupid thing was blind? All it could do was sniff and listen and charge wildly.

Leon was a few feet behind him, holding his finger to his lips, as if to say, "Shhhhhh."

But then Ashley clamped down onto my bruised and abused arm even more violently and I cried out loudly and yeah, I dropped my gun.

Garrador unsheathed his deadly talon-like-freak things with a roar and sprinted, in full charge, towards the sound.

Towards me.

Oh shit.

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