Get In Check

It was quiet. Too quiet…Raven looked up from the book she was reading and looked over the edge of the couch in the main room to make sure nobody was coming.

Hm, maybe everybody is busy today, Raven though. Well that works out well for me.

As she returned to her book, she was immediately interrupted by the sounds of the door opening and the rest of the Teen Titans rushing through the door. They all had bags, so Raven assumed they had all went out for a day trip to the mall. As she had guess, she was right.

Cyborg and Beast Boy ran to the TV to set up their knew game for their game station, Robin walked to his infamous music collection to add knew CD's he must've bought to the collection, and Starfire was looking over a book at the table. Maybe she's bought an actual Earth cookbook and has decided to try and feed us things that are actually edible, Raven though again.

Annoyed by the sudden interruptions, Raven closed her book, and got up from the couch. She decided she'd venture up to the roof and meditate in the nice sunny weather since everybody else would be occupied downstairs.

When she reached the top of the tower, she got in her meditation position and repeated her mantra. She needed this meditation session. Lately, she felt her emotions were more out of control than ever. They had never gotten to the point that they were shown, but she felt more angered then she had in a while recently. She hadn't known why, and she was still in the dark about the subject. She hoped she would soon find out the reason for her whacked out emotions, if they didn't seize that is.

She was completely in herself now. The meditation session was going perfect, just as planned. Nobody was around, and the weather was perfect, which meant no sounds, no distractions.

That was, until she heard the explosion from inside the Tower. It shook the entire building. It even brought Raven out of her meditation, causing her to land on her bottom roughly. She pushed her hair out of her face and doing as her first instinct told her, she pulled out her communicator and contacted Robin, making sure everything was okay, and that nobody was intruding.

"Everything's fine…well…as fine as Starfire's cooking can get," he whispered. This time, he allowed his voice to return to its normal tone. "We had a mishap with the cooking. Starfire decided to buy an Earth cookbook and, let's just say it didn't turn out as planned and it exploded."

Raven couldn't help but give a slight smile/giggle at this. She should've known better than think somebody was intruding. Raven nodded her understandings. "How's the damage?"

"Uhh…pretty bad."

"I'll be down shortly to help," Raven said as she got up from her fallen position on the floor.

"Are you sure, Raven? I didn't mean for anything to disturb you."

"No, it's fine. I'll come down in a few moments." And with that, she shut her communicator before Robin could protest any longer.

She then started her journey down from the roof to the main room. When she got there she was faced with over-turned tables, scorched black counters around the stove and oven, a four teens trying to clean the whole room up. She slowly made her way down the stairs to the group, looked at the mess around her, and got to work. She started with using her powers to upright all the furniture in the room while Beast Boy and Starfire tried cleaning the mess of food that splattered up onto the ceiling and walls, and Robin and Cyborg worked feverishly to clean the blackness the covered most of the kitchen area.

Raven doubted anyone had noticed her presence since they were all off in their own conversations, but she didn't mind. The sooner she cleaned up the mess, the sooner she could escape again.

As she turned to upright another piece of furniture, Beast Boy had come back down to the floor in his human form to throw away the food they had scraped from the ceiling, and Raven accidentally bumped into him.

"Sorry," she absentmindedly said, and returned to her work.

"Watch where you're going!" he snapped at her.

She turned around on her heel to face him with clenched fists. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me! I said watch it!"

"You know, I apologized, and last time I check you weren't some chemically changed beast again! So lose the attitude!"

They were both facing each other now, looking as if they wanted to rip out each others throats. "You're the one who bumped into me, so like I said the first bazillion times, watch it. Or you'll regret it!"

"I could rip out your throat without even using my hands, and leave not a single trace so I'd watch it if I were you! Unless of course you're just like that little low-life blonde who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut!"

This hit a weak point on Beast Boy, and everybody knew it, including Raven. But she anything but cared.

"Leave Terra out of this! She isn't a low-life! She's done nothing to you!"

Raven gave him a fake, sarcastic laugh. "Right. She didn't do anything except betray the team and try to KILL US ALL!!! She wasn't smart enough to not go to Slade! So not only is she a low-life, she's and empty headed blonde. Oh my, she must've rubbed off on you BIG time!"

The other three Titans watched in horror as two of their friends threw insult after insult at each other. It wasn't until Raven said those last words that things went for the worst.

If you blinked, you would've missed it. At what Raven said, Beast Boy lunged and formed into a tiger, lunging at Raven. Her eyes widened in shock before she composed herself again and used her powers to put up a shield to reflect Beast Boy off of it. Once he recovered, he crouched down low, ready to attack again, still in his tiger form.

The other Titans jumped in now. This was going too far. Sure, the two fought and argued, but never had they tried attacking each other. They tried reasoning, because the last thing they wanted to do was harm their friends, and they knew most likely that each of their powers would do some damage. And that was only a last resort.

When the two wouldn't even pay attention, the three stepped in between them. Starfire facing Raven, Robin facing Beast Boy, and Cyborg having both arms as cannons pointed at each fighting Titan. They still refused to pay attention. Sure, they knew their friends were trying to stop them, but that was the last thing they care about.

Beast Boy lunged again, this time jumping over his three friends. Raven hadn't been ready, nor had she expected him to jump over their friends, instead of through or around. She tried to quickly put up a shield around herself, but was a second too late. By time she got it up, she was thrown across the room, head slamming into the wall, tiger claws going from the side of her face. They ended shortly though because Raven's shield was raised and it threw Beast Boy to the opposite side of the room, causing him to slam into the wall.

She was harmed, no doubt. And Beast Boy would probably be bruised and sore, but the battle was far from over as far as Raven was concerned. There would be time to heal later. Right now was the time to show this grass stain of a kid who he should learn not to mess with.

She quickly jumped to her feet, fists clenched, and standing in a defensive position. Beast Boy returned to his human form and did the same.

Before he knew what was coming, Raven raised a hand; raising Beast Boy into the air with her powers, and pushed forward slamming his body backwards into the wall behind him. She was about to do worse to the boy. That was, until her power was broken off by the force of being tackled to the ground by Robin. As her power was broken off, Beast Boy was released from the air, and caught by Starfire, since she was already floating in the air.

Raven tried to push Robin off of her but he held her down tightly. He only held her down tighter and spoke with so much authority. "Enough. You both have taken this too far! Enough is enough."

Raven knew the battle was over, for now at least. As for Beast Boy though, he jumped from Starfire's arms and tried to go at Raven while she was down, but was suddenly grabbed and help back by Cyborg and Starfire. "Please, friend Beast Boy. No more of the horrid fighting. It does not please me to see my friends fight with such hate towards each other," Starfire said.

Beast Boy heard her words, but glared at Raven with anger evident in his eyes. Raven returned to him the same look, but immediately something in her subconscious snapped and made its way to the front of her mind. Her eyes went from narrowed with anger to wide with shock. Robin had already risen from the floor, and had extended his hand towards her, but she simply stared at Beast Boy with wide eyes.

What had just happened? She…she snapped. She let her emotions overcome her. She hadn't meant to, but they had…just like that night Terra betrayed them and tried to destroy them all. If Robin hadn't have stopped her, who knows what she would've done.

Beast Boy, after a few seconds, noticed the look on her face. His eyes went to ones of confusion as his body straightened up.

Now everyone looked at her with confusion evident in their own eyes. Robin's hand was still extended towards Raven.

"Raven? Are you okay?" When she didn't respond he tried another approach. "Raven, you're cut up pretty badly. We need to get you to the infirmary."

She hesitantly looked up at Robin. "I didn't mean it. I swear. I…I…I don't know what happened…I—" She was cut off by Robin. He knelt down by her. "It's okay. For now, we just need to get you healed. Okay?"

She nodded slowly to him, stood up on her own, refusing the hand he offered her again, and lead her to the infirmary with her arm around his shoulders to steady her.

When the whole team reached the infirmary to examine both Beast Boy and Raven for too serious of injuries. When they both came back clear, aside from bruises and sore body parts from Beast Boy, and cuts from the side of her face from Raven, Raven healed herself for the most part, aside from a very light scar here or there, and Beast Boy was given those small remedies to help speed up his healing process, which is naturally fast considering all the different immune systems he has, being able to transform into many types of animals and all.

Since the rest of the Titans had left to finish cleaning the rest of the common area, especially after Raven and Beast Boy's quarrel, Raven stayed back to make sure all her scars were covered, and Beast Boy stayed back for his own reasons unknown to Raven, until he spoke that is.

"You know, I'm sorry, Raven." She simply kept checking her bandages as Beast Boy spoke, but she did listen carefully. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Something just…you know…came over me. I got mad when you brought up Terra, because well, you know what she did and all. I was already in a bad mood from Cyborg beating me at another game, but I shouldn't have taken it out on you." He bowed his head at this.

She turned around and spoke in her usual monotone voice. "I over-reacted more than you did for reasons of my own. So no need for you to apologize. So how about we just leave it at that and move on." Suddenly the alarms sounded. At that both of their communicators beeped.

When Raven answered hers, she was greeted with the face of Robin. "We have a visitor," he said. "Someone's outside the Tower. It was enough to trigger the alarms."

Both Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other and rushed out of the room to the rest of the team. They were ready to fight if need be, but this time not each other.

When they got downstairs with the rest of the team, they all got ready to guard the tower, because usually if they have a visitor, it's someone with a communicator and they let the Titans know they are coming.

They all got in their positions, lined up at the door, and when it opened they were all ready; Starfire had her starbolts ready in her hand, Cyborg had his blasters, Beast Boy was waiting to shift into the perfect animal, Robin had his gear together, and Raven had her dark magic ready in her hands and eyes just as well as Starfire.

When the door opened, they all knew it was time for battle against their home. But the visitor who stepped through stepped into a shadow. Neither of them dared make a move incase it was a fellow friend. The mystery figure stopped shirt once the door was open, possibly in shock of their greeting. Raven quickly used her power to encase the figures body in dark magic and slammed it against the wall where there were no shadows, but light. She wasn't taking any chances. If it was an enemy, they needed to know. If it was a friend, they needed to know. They didn't need to attack the wrong person, or let the wrong person free.

What Raven found, however, make her eyes go back to normal and widen, and made her mouth gap lightly.

Starfire let her eyes and hands go back to normal, Robin dropped his gear, Cyborg lowered his arms, and Beast Boy stood dumbfounded, and all of their faces did the same as Raven's. Nobody could find the words to say. Nobody except for Raven, that is.

But even she couldn't think of the right words to say until she got that good look of the figures face. "…No!" Her eyes shown white again. "What are you doing here?!"

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