Knowing the Unknown

Raven squinted up into the sun, and then re-closed her eyes. She was attempting to ignore her friends and their many requests for her to join them every five minutes in whatever activity they were doing.

After their late breakfast/early lunch, they'd all ventured out to the yard for combat practice. Robin had gone first, successfully beating his personally best record. Cyborg had gone second, doing the same. Raven had begun to wonder if they were all likely to beat their personal records.

Her eyes slowly opened in irritation as an annoyingly familiar voice shouted that he wanted to go next. Getting his way, the green shape-shifter pumped his fist into the air. Raven simply rolled her eyes and watched as he made his way to the starting point of the course.

As the different obstacles began appearing, she could see Beast Boy stretching himself out, better preparing himself. She thought it was a bit much for a combat practice, but said nothing on the subject.

As his timer started, he shot from the starting point. Raven returned to her meditation instead of watching.

She could hear moments later a crash, and figured it was an obstacle being destroyed by the eager boy. But as the sound of the crash grew in length, she opened her eyes just as her friends gasped. She searched for what they'd been looking for, and her eyes landed on a small, green boy in the middle of the course.

"Beast Boy!" As she looked to her left, she saw a worried blonde bolt up from her seat. As Robin and Cyborg started toward Beast Boy, Starfire flying ahead, the blonde had produced a large rock to stand upon and had flown herself down.

Raven stood in shock. Her team usually never gets injured while having a simple combat practice. But, then again, Terra was here. He could've easily been distracted by her.

All the same, she jumped from where she'd been sitting and produced a disk of energy beneath her. When she landed by her friends, she found the green boy was staring at the sky. She stood over him, unlike everyone else who knelt at his side. The next thing she knew, he'd started shaking. It was uneven shaking.

As she looked at his facial expressions, she could see the sides of his mouth curling up just the smallest bit. She sighed, not realizing she'd been holding her breath until that moment.

When the team looked at her, wondering why she'd sighed when their friend was injured, she simply shook her head and pointed to his face.

He was now smiling a goofy smile and was starting to laugh hysterically, confusing everybody else.

When he had finally sat up and reduced his laughter to small giggles, he looked at each one of his friends and their confused expressions. Then, he said the unthinkable. "Can I do that again?" The excitement in his voice was one of a child on Christmas morning. Nonetheless, that single line broke the tension in the air. They breathed sighs of relief, glad that their friend was okay. Well, as okay as Beast Boy could be.

Raven watched as Cyborg helped his friend up. Beast Boy refused any and all requests to help him, saying that he was perfectly fine and capable of walking on his own. He'd even made a comment towards the idea of redoing the course. Robin shot him a slightly warning look, and Beast Boy immediately put those thoughts away.

As Raven watched her friends walk away with Beast Boy, she couldn't help but find the sight amusing. Beast Boy had walked away perfectly unharmed, just as he'd said he would, but Terra insisted on assisting him. While he gently pulled away from Terra, assuring her that he was fine, Raven held back a laugh as much as she could. In his own subtle way, whether either of them knew it or not, Beast Boy was rejecting Terra. It may be that he was only rejecting her help, but it was still rejection, nonetheless. Raven found it quite amusing.

She watched as Beast Boy looked at each of his friends for help. Cyborg and Robin snickered, indicating they found it quite humorous. Next he looked to Starfire for help, but the princess was too far ahead to notice his distress. Finally, he looked around for the last of his friends. Noticing she wasn't around, he looked behind himself and stopped. Terra stopped, too, and tried pulling him along. He refused to let her drag him against his will. In fact, it seemed as if he were ignoring her completely.

"You coming?" he asked her.

She only nodded and walked at a fast pace to catch up. She was thankful for her hood that hid her slight blush.

As he neared the starting point, Beast Boy felt nothing but energy and excitement pumping through his body. He knew it was only a combat practice, but today felt different. He felt like he needed to prove something, or even show off. To whom, he wasn't all too entirely sure. Maybe it was to Cyborg, merely just because he was his best friend. Or maybe Robin to prove he was a good Titan when it came to fighting. Or possibly even Terra? It was possible, for obvious reasons. But some part of him nudged at the idea of showing off to Raven. He wasn't sure why, but guessed that it had something to do with showing her that he wasn't as stupid as she always thought he was.

As he readied himself, he watched as all the props set themselves into place. He was ready for this. He knew it.

As the timer started, he bolted from his position and into the course. He was doing great. That was, until he snuck a peak at his team to see what their reactions were. The first person he saw was Raven, and she was meditating. She was always meditating. To the right was Terra, who was watching him, amazed. He smirked to himself.

But the smirk quickly disappeared when he ran into a prop and was thrown through the air. He landed on his back but simply stared at the sky.

In the distance he could hear a panicked and worried Terra scream his name. Next were the racing sounds of footsteps, growing louder as the distance between them and himself grew shorter.

Robin and Cyborg were already kneeling at his side by the time Starfire and Terra had landed. Starfire was kneeling next to Robin, and Terra was grasping his hand. They were all trying to talk to him at once, but he tried his hardest to tune them out. He imagined that this must be similar to what Raven had felt the other day.

Speaking of Raven, she had landed behind the others. He could see her watching him from the corner of his eye.

As he stared at the sky above, he thought about his fall, just moments before, and how his friends had reacted. He couldn't help but laugh for multiple reasons. First, because of his stupid he'd been to lose focus, causing him to crash in the first place. Second, the immediate worry his friends had gotten due to his stupidity. And thirdly, he just found the whole thing over-all hilarious!

As he fell into fits of giggles, his friends relaxed and laughed in turn. Shortly after, he found himself asking to take a repeat of the crash, just for fun. Naturally, he was denied. So, after denying help from his friends, they all ventured back towards the tower. Terra, on the other hand, refused his refusals for help. She insisted on helping, which secretly drove Beast Boy insane.

He looked to Robin and Cyborg for help, but found humor and laughter filling their features. He rolled his eyes and looked for Starfire, but the red-head was too far ahead, oblivious to his silent cries for help. Finally, he looked for his last resort, but found her nowhere in sight. When he turned around, he found her still at the spot they'd left her. Stopping in his tracks, Terra was forced to a stop, also. She, though, tried to continue but pulling on his arm. He really was getting tired of her persistence so far today. He yanked his arm from her grasp and focused his attention away from the blonde and on Raven. "You coming?"

When she nodded and jogged to catch up, he caught her eye before she quickly looked away. He was sure he'd also seen a hint of pink on her cheeks when the sunlight sneaked under her hood. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought, he thought as he shook his head.

Ignoring the blonde at his right, who had once again grabbed his arm and was trying to "help" him, he tapped the back of his hand against the back of Raven's as they walked, silently calling on her attention. When she looked at him, he smiled weakly. She smiled back a small, barely noticeable smile. He knew it was a smile all the same though. But the grin disappeared as she looked over at the blonde wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

Beast Boy tapped Raven again, silently begging for help. She returned his plead with a look in her eyes that told him if he was asking for her help, then he'd have to know there was a price, and he may not like it. He merely nodded in understanding.

Suddenly, he was covered in a shadow, and as he looked above, he found a boulder bigger than any of them floating in the air above his head. The shadow covered all the Titans, no matter how far apart they were. His eyes were wide, and when he looked at the others, they all held the same expression as himself. Raven, however, was the only person not in shock. She simply looked ahead like nothing was wrong.

When the boulder came crashing down without a warning, everyone but the violet-eyed girl beside him yelled in shocked.

What happened next was almost like a blur, but he'd noticed every single moment that had happened. Starfire quickly, instinctively, shot a few starbolts at it, breaking it into smaller, but still large chunks. Terra screamed and stared it terror. Cyborg pushed Robin out of the way of the hurriedly falling debris. And then there was Raven, who he noticed was staring in terror as the falling debris suddenly stopped midair.

When they all thought it was over, the chunks of earth circled their heads and came together as one bit, sharply pointed object. It turned its point towards Raven and himself. When it turned in a circle and passed its point of direction past Beast Boy, Raven pulled him away and behind herself, not tearing her gaze from the large shard.

Her actions didn't go ignored by Beast Boy, but he still stepped back to her side, seeing as the shard was pointed away from them now.

All was silent as the six of them stared in shock as it spun in circles, gain speed with every passing second. The next thing he knew, it had stopped and was pointing at Raven. Her eyes were wider than ever.

The shard quickly came down from the sky, aiming at the violet-haired girl. She was frozen with shock, and what Beast Boy thought looked like terror. Looking at the falling rock, he noticed if she didn't move, she'd be staked and torn to pieces, for lack of a better term.

He looked to Raven, and realizing that she was making no motion to move, he jumped at her, tackling her to the ground and out of the objects pointed direction. Not a second later, the rock was staked into the ground at the exact spot they'd been standing.

Beast Boy looked away from the horrify sight of the rock, forcing the thoughts that she might have been under it from his mind. He looked at the girl beneath him, who was looking at that spot, apparently thinking the same thing he had been. He moved off of her and to her side. With one hand wrapping around her lower back, and the other across the backs of her shoulders, he pulled her into one of the tightest hugs he'd ever given her.

He could hear his friends run to them in the back of his mind, but chose to ignore it. When he finally released her from his hug, he saw what he knew nobody else did. Her eyes were wet with unshed tears. He couldn't blame her. She was staring at the sight again, so with his hand, he forcefully moved her face away from it. When she looked at him, he knew she couldn't find the words to say, but he could see the many forms of 'thank you' pouring from her eyes.

They both allowed their friends to help them from the ground, and with one last look at the sky, the six of them hurried inside. He wasn't sure why it had happened or who/what had caused it, but he had no intentions of sticking around to find out.

She sat there meditating, trying desperately to slow her racing thoughts and rapid beating heart. She wasn't sure what had happened. She had lifted a tiny pebble behind them, and was about to have it hit Terra's arm, but suddenly a boulder larger than the one that had hit her thought the tower's window was above their heads. It didn't feel like her power, but she hadn't been sure if she'd lost control or not. It was all a blur.

She'd tried pulling it apart with what part of her mind wasn't stunned into stillness. She was unsuccessful. But, thankfully, she'd been pushed out of the way by the boy next to her. She'd forever be thankful for that.

Now, as she was meditating, she found her heart was slowing to a normal pace, but that didn't keep her emotions from going haywire in her mind. She could hear them bickering and she knew she would have to meditate drastically for a while. She'd let her emotions get loose, and this was the price she would pay. She knew they'd been trying to break free for a while, but today's excitement had broken the barrier enough for her to hear them in her mind. Luckily, it did no visible damage.

Since she found herself to be calmer than before, Raven took her chances and thought in detail about what had happened outside. She imaged every moment, and replayed each second in slow motion in her mind. She hadn't sensed anyone else around them, and the only person able to move earth that powerfully was herself.

…And Terra.

Her eyes popped open and she fell from her meditating position for the numerous time in the past few days. She pushed herself from the ground and walked with purpose away from the windows of the common room. She marched past Cyborg and his video game, who eyed her with curiosity and asked if she was alright. She didn't reply. She walked past Robin and Starfire in the kitchen and ignored their concerned faces and questions. She walked up to Beast Boy and Terra and finally halted. While her face remained blank, her eyes shown pure anger.

Beast Boy raised his head from the table to look at Raven. "You okay, Rae?"

Normally Raven would've shot a mean or sarcastic remark about his nickname for her, but she was focused on a more important topic.

She focused her attention on Terra, and the blonde looked at her innocently. "You okay, Raven? Is something wrong?"

To the average person, Terra would've sounded like a sweet and innocent girl, unaware of the hatred being pointed towards her. But Raven could here the hidden sarcasm and mockery in her voice.

"I'd like to have a word with you, Terra." She looked at Beast Boy and added, "Alone."

Terra stood, agreeing to her request and walked out the door with her and into the hallway. When the door slid shut, Terra turned to face Raven. "Yes?"

"What are you playing at, Terra?" Raven asked almost viciously. It took everything in her power not to pounce on the girl. She knew her emotions were a bit loose at the time, but she'd deal with that later.

Terra merely smiled innocently. "What ever do you mean, Raven?"

"I know it was you who tried to kill me today."

Terra laughed a bit. "Let's just say, for kicks, that it was me. What's your point?"

"My point," Raven nearly growled, "Is that I want to know why. Isn't it enough that I haven't torn your throat out yet? You've betrayed my team, broken my friend's heart, and tried to destroy us all. I've done nothing to you except defend myself and let you live in our home, again!"

Terra laughed. "Raven, I'm not trying to destroy you all again. It was a mistake I made. Honestly. And I care for Beast Boy. I really do. I don't want to hurt him again. All I want is to be a part of this team, to belong, and… to get rid of you." She smiled sweetly at her last remark.

Raven glared at her. When she didn't reply, Terra continued.

"You see, Raven, I know about you. More than you think I know. I know you were destined at birth to help end the world. You think that's your worst flaw. But it's not. I know about you, your family, and your home. I know what you're running from, and like before, you can't run and hide forever."

Raven's eyes flashed with anger. She was thankful that her voice stayed a monotone and didn't betray her. "I took Trigon down. He's gone. I'm no longer a portal. The world won't end because of me. I have nothing to run from."

"On the contrary, you do. I know about who you were at birth, what you became and what you are. I know about the crown. I know who you are, Raven."

Raven's eyes widened. There was no possible way Terra could know a secret like that. She figured when she'd taken Trigon down, she'd destroyed all her other destinies. Apparently she hadn't. "How do you know this?" she hissed.

"Oh," Terra smiled, "I have my ways."

"That still doesn't explain why you've tried killing me. More than once."

"I figured I was doing you a favor. I know you don't want this, and I know that once they find out, you'd run away anyway. They'd be angry with you for it, and if you died, they'd be sad and soon enough, they'd all be over you. So it would work out perfectly for the both of us" Raven hated the smile that wouldn't leave Terra's face.

After a moment's hesitation, Raven replied. "Watch your back, Terra."

Terra merely laughed. "No, Raven. You should watch your back."

And with that, Terra walked back through the doors, leaving Raven alone in a dark hallway full of the reminisces of the conversation.

Okay, so I'm sorry that this chapter probably sucked, but this chapter pretty much starts a lot of the drama of the story, if it hadn't started already. Lol.

I was gonna write this one-shot about Raven/Beast Boy and it was based on Friday night's events, but Friday night didn't go how I had hoped, lol so I ended up not having inspiration for the story. You see, I went to my school's formal dance friday night, but my best friend/crush didn't go because he was grounded so my inspiration was...well...grounded. lol. but anyway.

The song I pretty much listened to for most of the story while writing it was Requiem For A Dream. It's not really a song, more like a melody, but it got me into the mood that the story was in. So, anyway, I hope you liked the chapter.