Author's Note: I literally could not rest until I wrote this fic about Aro. Seriously Michael Sheen was definitely the PERFECT Aro, and he is way more gorgeous than what I imagined him to be. I was jumping in my seat when I saw New Moon. The way he just grabbed Bella and whispered her name gave me goose bumps. And the way he grabbed her hand and caressed her cheek !! OMG, I just want to be Bella, JUST for that moment!

Seriously, move over Edward!! I am in love with ARO!

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Bella's POV

Waves of coldness rocked my spine as I clung desperately to my vampire love. My arms were wrapped around his waist, pressing him to my body with all of my human might. He held me to him with one arm around my waist, rubbing my back gently, reassuringly. I desperately wanted to look at him, to see his face one last time, in the hopes that we might not walk out of this crisis alive. And so I did, as I lifted my head up to look at the beautifully chaotic face of my one and only. Edward Cullen.

His jaw was clenched tight, and a furious growl ruptured all through his body. He stared ahead with eyes as dark as the pitch black night. They burned with hunger and fury, and the circles that were much darker than my memories, made him very dangerous, like the vampire he truly was. He didn't look at me, no, he couldn't. He couldn't afford to, not with all the danger that surrounded us.

I looked around us, at all the beautiful pale faces across the room, dressed in stunning gowns and attire. Finally, my eyes ended up on the tall, jet-black haired vampire, whose skin was so translucent, it would be like powder under my finger tips. He was dressed modernly, in an all black suit, with a gold necklace around his neck that everyone who stood next to him wore. His perfect, bloody lips were graced with an amused smile, eyes staring at me, Edward, and my sister in many ways, Alice. His silken voice brought me back to the treacherous reality we were facing, as his very words decided our fates.

"Young Alice, your gift is truly something I have never seen before. To see that which has not happened yet, is truly fascinating. Would you consider joining us?" Aro asked, looking at Alice with anticipation.

My head whipped in Alice direction, in time to catch her face form into a beautiful, dazzling smile. "No, thank you." She replied. I sighed in relief.

Aro's brow puckered in disappointment at the answer. "Well, that is unfortunate to hear." He said. He shifted his attention to Edward, and I felt myself tensing. "Edward, what say you?"

I looked up at Edward, as he smiled back humorlessly; his jaw was still visibly pressed tight to which I thought would snap. "My answer is no, but thank you for the offer, Aro." The smile quickly faded from his face. I heaved a sigh of relief once more.

"Isabella." I jumped at the mention of my name. I lashed my head to look at Aro. I gawked at him in surprise as he was actually speaking directly to me now. I felt Edward's arm tighten a little too painfully around my body, as he let out a wild growl that echoed all through the walls and back to us. It seemed to be making Aro's grin wider. As he didn't look at anyone except me.

"Since young Edward here refuses to change you no matter what, then you only have one chance of survival. Join us." He said. Yet it sounded more like a demand than a request. Edward growled again, throwing his other arm around me, possessively.

"No she will not join you. She is mine!" Edward growled. I could feel my jaw dropping as he answered for me.

"It's going to be death for her if she doesn't get changed." I heard Caius declaring from his place at the thrown. I looked at him, and saw the evil sneer he had on his face.

"I believe my question was for Bella, yet I hear everyone's response, and not her response." Aro interrupted. I looked back at him, as his eyes were twinkling with excitement.

I felt very confused, and looked up into Edward's face, hoping to see an answer in him. He met my gaze as he shook his head while his face was contoured in agony. "Will you ever change me, Edward?" I asked him. Hoping he would finally change his mind.

"No, Bella. I cannot and will not do it." He replied. His face was suddenly hard with anger.

"Edward, she is already going to be one of us, one way or another. Stop being so stubborn!" Alice snarled.

His eyes moved to look at her, while my gaze was locked onto his face, as a shock froze my body still. "I said NO, she will remain human!" Edward snarled back at his sister.

Edward still did not want me to join him. He never wanted me in the first place. I knew I was never good enough for him, and he would rather let me die than be what he is. I felt like the hole in my chest was ripped open again. He still rejected me, even as he clung to me. Or was I clinging to him?

My arms, which were wrapped around his waist, dropped down to my sides. It got Edward's attention right away, as he looked back at me with his own shock. He grasped my shoulders, painfully, as he screamed at me. "Bella, you will NOT be changed and that is final!"

I whimpered at the piercing pain rushing through my shoulder. I squeezed me eyes shut, trying to hold down the cries of ache that were bubbling in my throat. Suddenly, the excruciating pressure was gone. And I felt a hard muscular arm wrap around my waist. My eyes shot open as I found myself being held against Aro. Edward snarled as he attempted to claim me back, but was blocked off by Jane, Demetri, and Felix.

I felt Aro brushing his finger tips across my cheek, and it immediately got my attention as I turned to look at him, gasping in surprise at how our faces were so close to each other. "Isabella, I still did not hear your answer. Will you join us?" Aro asked me, in a gentle voice. I felt my heart stuttering at how my name came out of his lips like a tender caress.

I was offered a chance at immortality, and I knew it was not with the person I had in mind. No, Edward no longer wanted me. He just wanted me human. Even as he is standing a few feet away, I felt like it was still as if he was gone again. He did not want a future with me. I broke down into sobs as realization hit me across the face. Aro pressed me tighter to him, and I clung to the material of his jacket while I sobbed into his chest. I didn't care that I was clinging to a Volturi, none the less, the king of all vampires as I drenched his clothes in my tears.

I heard another growl coming from Edward, but suddenly it seemed to fade. It sounded too far away, and I hastily looked up to find out that I was being carried out of the dark circular room, while I looked at Edward being held back by Demetri and Felix as he stared back at me. He tried to struggle free from their grasps, and then he was out of my site.

I looked up and was met with Aro's ruby eyes, as he dashed through the corridors. His austere lips turned up at the sides. "Do not fret, young one. You are safe now. Sleep." His intoxicating silky voice sent me into a beautiful darkness, and I felt my eyes fluttering shut from all the fatigue of today's events. I just barely felt how Aro's cold lips brushed across my forehead, all the way to my temple lightly, or how suddenly I felt like I was laying on smooth sleek sheets while being held by cold stone arms, whereas my mind drifted into a peaceful obscurity.

"You belong to me now, Isabella. You will be mine for all eternity." The angelic voice said. And before I knew I could be sure of whom it was, I was sucked into a serene oblivion.