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"We shouldn't …" I protested weakly.

"Shouldn't we?" His low voice teased, lips close to my ear. Voice more sinful than an incubus.

"We can't!"

"Can't we?" his hands still on my hips, moving us slowly but surely to my bed.

"This isn't the best time," I groaned feebly.

His silvery laughter lulled in my ear. "The best time is often in the moment."

"Someone might … see us!"

"The curtains are drawn, your nudity shall be for my eyes only." I couldn't help the soft moan that escaped, it would have passed a human's hearing, but a vampire wouldn't miss it.

Especially when I had one pressed so close to me. Did he even realize how he could make the simplest choice of words sound so powerfully erotic?

I was already becoming intoxicated with his presence, his close proximity, and his icy touch on my skin. It only served to heighten the awareness of my state of undress against his fully clothed form. A shiver ran up my back.

The robe that once covered my modesty, discarded on my bedroom floor. I blushed, that much was certain. Humility was an automatic reaction, yet no part of me could be mortified at being caressed by strong, and dare I say, admiring hands. It was a fantasy come true. To be thoroughly and utterly desired.

Our bodies stopped moving backwards when my calves brushed against the edge of my neatly made bed. Covered in overly girly lavender sheets, I would have cringed at their immaturity. Although, disconcert over their juvenileness was dimmed in the background by the near state of darkness of the room – and the overpowering charge in the air around the magnetic man before me. Dominating all the attention so naturally, so inherently.

My nearly naked body was prepare to be slowly lowered to the bed, or pushed back roughly. Either way, excitement hung in the air at the prospect of unknowing which would be executed. Only to be taken by surprised when Aro lifted his hands from my hips to my waist, his steely fingers grasping me firmly and twirling our position so that he was gracefully sitting on the edge of my mattress.

In a masterful move, he pulled me to him and effortlessly placed me on his thigh, using his strong arm to cradle me against the left side of his torso in a secure hold. His left hand wrapped around me. Resting on the curve where my thighs connected with my hips. Lingering idly on the skin so dangerously close to the waistline of my dainty lace knickers.

He relaxed his right hand on my exposed abdomen. Long, elegant fingers promiscuously caressing my skin, growing hotter under his care.

Aro's eyes, those black orbs that I often thought only as nothing more than bloodlust to his kind, met my bewildered brown gaze. There was a hunger in them, indeed, just not the type I often come across. If anything, it was the kind of look that I wished to be regarded with all the time. A predatory hunger. Dark, and sinful, and several kinds of wrong, parallel with many kinds of right. Exactly like it's possessor.

Hesitantly I placed my hand on his chest. The heart within it, lay dormant. The lungs, as still as the stone they were made from. I slowly inched my hand up to the thin, red scarf that was fashioned into a necktie. Fixing my gaze on it and shyly fiddled with the crimson fabric as my cheeks heated.

"This could be a mistake." I whispered. Admitting to the hairline of dread that galled my doubts.

Aro's chuckle hummed in my ear. I looked up at his face. And he shined a brilliant smile, exposing all his sharp pearly teeth that practically glowed in the dim room. And had I been standing I was sure to become weak in the knees. "Many many wonderful things begin as mistakes." He whispered back, mock conspiratorially. Clearly amused.

This was all too painfully familiar.

His hand on my body, the gentle strokes, the tantalizing words passing over my ears like silk.

Just as that very first time. Our first time. The foreboding sense of inescapable seduction.

The inevitable fate that I knew I would finally surrender to.

Most states of stimulation intensify slowly, building to a heightened crescendo. But all it took was an assertive hand and swift fingers to trigger my catalyst.

My bra suddenly became loose over my shoulders and across my torso. Within the next breath I took, the white cupped lingerie was flung across the room so fast it hit the opposite wall right in front of my own bemused eyes, before it fell to the floor like a the most offensive and rejected piece of clothing to ever cover my chest.

The moment my bare torso felt exposed to the open, cold air, without any cover or restriction of clothing, I realized just how sensitive my skin had become – especially when I was so naked in front of a man. It was amazing how my body was ascending to a level of arousal when it was sentient of the presence of hungry male eyes on it. All this and I haven't even felt a touch on my breasts yet.

But the sensitivity was immediately realized when from around me, a large masculine hand curved to the bottom of my breast, gently feeling out the bare flesh and the tenderness of it. At that point I couldn't clamp my lips shut anymore, I verbally and faintly expressed the gentle pleasure coursing through my nerves. A soft mellow of a voice that was barely heard by my own ears even. But that only encouraged the hand grasping my breast to slightly tighten, groping the skin, fingers ghosting over hardened peaks. Icy hand to heated skin. Simply exquisite.

The indecent noises emitting from my lips grew louder and bolder. Not stopping for a moment as my breast was massaged and kneaded and fondled, and my nipple teased and flicked. His thumb circling around the hardened nub before suddenly pinching the tip, it was both painful yet pleasurable. The sensation was so mind numbingly electrifying, it ignited all the way to lower parts of my body, sinful parts.

My legs squeezed together tightly, trying to curb the uncontrollable pulsing in my vains. My entire body was throbbing all the way to my very soul.

"The way with which your body responds to my touch still continues to fascinate me. Though I wonder," Aro spoke beside the shell of me ear. Planting a kiss behind it.

"Just how sensitive can you really become?" he buried his face in the crest of my neck.

Not realizing what he wanted to do until his other hand covered my neglected breast. As now both of his large sturdy hands were actively fondling me. Moving the flushed mounds in circular unison, his flat palms pressing on my nipples with a torturing delicious friction of hard, cold skin on sensitive nerves.

Jolt after jolt of pleasure traveled across my body in a continuous succession. I writhed in Aro's lap. No longer able to focus on anything outside the spectrum of my own physical need. I closed my eyes, surrendering completely to just the feeling, the sensation of pure undiluted passion.

The man behind me buried his nose into my hair. His soft lips planting occasional kisses at the nape of my neck, gently and tenderly – A complete contrast to the firm grip of his hands.

Aro pressed my body further against his strong, broad, chest. The feel of his suit on my exposed back sent hot tendrils of thrill so strong they had my toes curling tightly from the sheer ecstasy.

His hands ghosted to the side of my chest, griping the plump flesh possessively. His long elegant fingers crept along my skin until he had my erect nipples grasped between the tips of his fingers.

My chocolate eyes instantly flew open, startled at this new sensation stirring within me. I looked down, taking in the sight of this man's fingers seizing a very tender part of my feminine form. I clenched my thighs even tighter as just the visual aspect of this lustful act had a very lascivious potency on me.

Although I underestimated exactly how 'erotic' the effect would be until those refined pale fingers twisted my nipples.

He flicked, and rolled them around, scrapped his fingernails on the very sensitized tips, and switching between each action, causing my body squirm in shock at the unexpectedness of which course he would take next.

My eyes grew too heavy to focus on the tantalizing scene before me. I simply let my head recline back on this regal man's muscular shoulders while he played with my breasts.

My panties were drenched, my body was burning, and my lips moaned in deep primal noises I was sure to cause me mortification. And I probably would have been had the dark king behind me didn't voice his encouragement.

"Scream for me, my Bella." His soft deep voice caressed my senses.

When I proved to be too shy to comply with his command, he pinched my nipples hard and pulled on them. The result seemed to appease him as I began to buck my hips in response. Loud throaty moans escaping my lips, it ignited the heat between my legs.

"Yesss, my little one," Aro purred his approval. "It will only get better the more you succumb to your desires."

He circled his thumbs around the areola, the dark pink skin tightening with each stroke. Which only caused me to pant and twitch on his lap. The pulse between my legs growing stronger, like a direct line from my peaks to my most intimate of all places.

"It is a wonder why I never tried this sooner." The dark haired immortal mused.

"Tried … w-what?" I panted. My thoughts becoming so cloudy with lust that it was too much to focus enough on the words being said.

"Fingering these gorgeous tits to stimulate that pretty little cunt between your legs." He purred in that dazzling velvety voice.

I moaned instinctively. Aro chuckled thrillingly at my reaction. "Does my little one enjoy my vulgar language?"

If it was possible I would have blushed further had I not been completely fevered by this immortal man's ministrations on my body, although he didn't seem to need my verbal approval. "You do not have to admit it. Your body unequivocally sings for me like a fine tuned instrument,"

"Let us see just how sensually I can really make your body sing for me, shall we?"

No sooner had I realized what he was saying that his skillful fingers moved quicker than ever. Faster than my mind could comprehend as he fingered and toyed with my nipples – Groping, fondling, pinching, twisted and plucking.

I was paralyzed with pleasure as it shot through my body and straight to my weeping womanhood. My inner walls clenched, my thighs quivered, and my toes squeezed tightly.

I cried in sheer bliss as my hands tried to hold onto something, anything for purchase. Only to grip at Aro's thighs, aligned next to my own. I dug my fingers into his trousers, clutching onto his buff legs. And the man in question attached his wicked lips on that sensitive spot behind my ear; licking and planting wet open mouthed kisses.

He was everywhere around me. Aro virtually enveloped all my senses. Seducing my body until it kept winding tighter and tighter. The muscles in my belly turning into hot liquid.

"Let go, sweetheart. Let go. Your body needs this." Aro spoke softly. His tongue flicked the shell of my ear.

And suddenly I began to see stars as I came. Arching my back into the embrace of the king of all vampires as he ushered me to my orgasm.

He gently stroked one hand over my breast, while the other went over my stomach. Soothing my body as I slowly relaxed into a limp state in his arms. My head lulled to the side, and he smoothly caught it in the curve of his well-built bicep.

Aro's dark eyes met my fatigued gaze – A wicked smile on his gorgeous pale lips as he took notice to how I was still trying to catch a bit of air.

"Do you feel better?" he tilted his head, his eyes admiring my flushed face. His silky ebony hair cascading over his shoulders.

As the high of the climax began to descend into reality, an overwhelming sense of emotion washed over my conscious. Like a broken dam that was due to collapse.

I didn't think twice as my bottom lip trembled and I felt a slight salty sting in my eyes. There was no room for hesitation as I practically turned into the man's embrace.

Aro tightened his strong arms around me. I buried my face in his hard chest and inhaled his scent. It astonished me how it helped to calm me in a matter of seconds, and I took great appreciation in the fact that his clothes were saturated with his own unique smell. It was fragrant, powerful, and most definitely a smell I have only recently started to appreciate … the smell of a real man.

My muscles relaxed and my body melted against him, curving to his torso. But Aro didn't seem content to stay this way as he laced his hand through the hairs at the back of my neck and angled my face to him. He lowered his face to mine and gently skimmed that perfectly straight nose of his against my own.

He closed those last millimeters between us and pressed his cold lips against my mouth. I hugged him closer to my body as I surrendered to the kiss, welcoming the gentle gesture of tenderness. I was still very much aware of how naked I was, in only delicate lace underwear – that was shamelessly bathed in my essence.

And it seemed that Aro was aware of it too. As I sensed one of his hands, the one that wasn't holding my head to his, edging closer to the top seam of elastic wrapped around my waist. His fingers skimmed across the lace fabric playfully, tracing the intricate pattern.

I inched even closer to him, pressing my breasts to his firm chest. Seeking more as I enveloped his lush bottom lip into my mouth and gently sucked on it. I can feel more than hear Aro's appreciative rumble emanating from his chest and reaching my own chest. My hardened peaks dragged across the surface of his lapels as I wrapped my hands around his shoulders. And wantonly moaned at the raw exquisite feeling of having my nipples rubbing against his sturdy form – even after they remained red and tender from their pleasurable abuse.

The saccharine kiss we shared gradually began to deepen. As the wicked king grasped a handful of my round bottom and squeezed my ass without warning. I gasped against his mouth, and no sooner had my lips parted that I felt a cold tongue, slick and sweet, caressing my own tongue.

Aro's hands curved around my neck and shoulders. Fiercely taking command of our oral mating. It felt satiating as the doubts of fumbling over my inexperience with kissing compared to my dark haired partner's proficiency were cast aside. Leaving only the comfort of following his lead.

The method with which he explored my mouth with his tongue was beyond this world – Before I realized it, my inner musings suddenly became an outer statement.

"Italians are such good kissers, …" I moaned against the man's lips. Aware of the words after they escaped my mouth.

What shocked me even more was the nonchalant response I heard back.

"I am deeply flattered, dear. But I am not Italian."

I extricated my mouth from the divine immortal before me. Ran my tongue over my kiss-swollen lips, and gazed in bewilderment at the vampire – who looked incredibly relaxed and unfazed as he softly rubbed my naked back.

"You aren't?" I exclaimed.

Aro simply chuckled, his fingers never stopped moving over my skin. "I understand your surprise. We have been called the 'Italian Coven' for so long that even my own kind doesn't question our true heritage."

I wrapped my arms around my chest, feeling a small precipitous sense of vulnerability. Like dipping my toes into open water, only to be startled by the chilling temperature that causes me to instantly retreat. "Now that I think about it," I started with a deep furrow. "I feel as though I know nothing about you."

Aro's face minutely sobered into an austere expression. I could see small tints of red return to his dark eyes, which he trailed down to my folded arms that covered my chest before meeting my gaze. His hand that held my back, hovered over my skin, still and unmoving, yet never broke the contact.

"Would you be appeased if you were to ascertain a few things about me?" Aro asked. His voice was back to its cool and controlled nature.

I was incredibly regretful that I dispelled the pleasant ambiance. Although it didn't seem that Aro was cross with my sudden curiosity. Be that as it may, I still didn't like that distant mask he wore.

I bit my lip. "Its only fair. I mean, you probably know more about me than I know about myself."

"That I do," he raised a devilish brow in accord, "Like every time your cunt weeps with arousal – which, if you are interested to know, occurs very time you lay eyes on me."

I groaned. As Aro boisterously laughed at how flaming red my face and neck became.

"It's no secret that I am very much attractive to you." I pouted. Staring at the wall across my bedroom, pressing my arms even tighter to me.

I felt cold fingers touch my jaw and turn my chin back. "And I am deeply proud to be admired by such a beautiful, kind, and compassionate, young lady."

I shifted as my flush took on a different significance. "So … will you tell me more about you?" I approached cautiously.

The immortal man faintly narrowed his eyes. "Normally I'm not very generous with enlightenment, dear girl." His eyes returning to their tinted ruby tone. "Be as it may that I am in a fine mood, I shall share with you a point – if you may – in easily conversing with me,"

Aro further elaborated. "For I will never bestow certain details generously, nor shall I deny it – although in such circumstances, as this one, when the mood suits my fancy." He gently tapped his forefinger on the tip of my nose. "If you ask me the right question, I shall do my best to provide a satisfactory answer."

I frowned. "And what happens if I ask the wrong question?"

"You will find yourself disappointed with what you might hear." The large hand behind me resumed with caressing my back once more as though it may remove the sting of his words.

"I can ask you … anything?" I bit my lip.

"Within reason." Aro replied with a graceful tilt of his head.

I was having a rather difficult time focusing on his words while his hand was creating distracting sensations on my spine.

I was just about to rise from his lap to get my robe back from its discarded place on the floor, when a strong arm wrapped around me in a tight hold.

"Ah, ah, ah – you can ask me anything so long as you remain like this in the comfort of my lap."

"I can't think well when I am so … exposed." I admitted bashfully.

"While simultaneously I am more at ease when I have the focus of my affection in my arms." His fingers ghosted along my collarbone.

I looked back at the man in front of me in bewilderment. "You see me like that?"

"Spectacularly so." He smirked. Handsome and devilish and alluring. "As my woman you are entitled to my affections."

"Y-your … wo-woman?!" I spluttered. And had I not had a secure hand around me I was sure I would have lost my balance and tumbled to the floor, backside first.

For the first time, Aro seemed wry. "When I took your body, did I not take your maidenhead?"

I blushed hot and red, but nodded.

"And after the deed – did you lay with any other man?" he raised a perfect dark brow. Daring me to fictitiously deny that he is the only man to know my body so amorously, so intricately – so passionately.

When I hesitated to respond, the dark King leaned his face closer to mine. His icy breath teasing my lips. "I am the only man who has ever been inside you."

His sultry lips sealed over mine. Eliciting a sensual reaction from me as I closed my eyes and threw myself into the kiss.

Long, elegant fingers curled over my arms, still firmly held to conceal my chest, and were maneuvered to wrap around this glorious man's neck. We were pressed together from shoulder to hip. And I couldn't resist the urge to rock my pelvis against his. My stomach briefly touched something hard and long, I shivered at that fragment of contact.

Our lips slowly broke apart. Our foreheads still touched. Large, muscular hands embraced my body. Vermilion gem-like eyes meeting dazed brown. "I take it your reciprocated ardor is acknowledgment of the fact."

In that moment I, in all honesty, forgot how to speak. Intoxicated by the very suave male before me. So I softly brushed my lips against his. Expressing my consensus.

"Ssssplendid," He purred. I could feel a smile stretching slowly over Aro's chiseled lips.

"Then," he started to say as he smoothed my hair over my shoulder, while the other hand glided over my ribs. "… in accordance with the old cultures, which all immortals still adhere to – you are in all aspects: my woman."

I caught my breath for a moment, attempting to right my thoughts, and remembering our earlier topic.

I nervously chewed on my bottom lip. "Umm … as yo-your woman," my skin heated as I stuttered. "Shouldn't I know a few things about you?"

The ruby-eyed vampire blinked somberly for a while before he huffed an incredulous laugh. "Very well. Ask away. Although keep in mind what I previously elucidated." He affirmed, a subtle discretion in his velvety tone.

While it proved to be difficult to sit still, almost and entirely nude in this ancient vampire's lap, while his fingers went up and down my skin, as he refused to allow me to reach for my robe. I racked my brain for the simplest question to begin with as my fingers absently stroked his silken like hair.

"You are the founder of your coven?" I started.

"That is correct." Aro confirmed.

"Why Italy? – I mean, I know the Cullens decided on Forks because the weather allows them to hide their identity. But … your city is, most of the time, always sunny."

"That … is an excellent question," He almost sounded pleased. "At the time, Italy seemed like the most suitable place to establish our fortress. When a collective majority of our allied covens are situated within the heart of Italia, it was only logical we build a comfortable life there and did not see a need for change. Especially when a city grew around our castle, it provided a perfect hidden cloak."

"How can a grand castle at the heart of a city be hidden from the public?"

"It has been there longer than the citizens. The people simply assumed it is a piece of government preserved landmark. And that is how it shall remain." Aro answered.

He cupped my cheek. His thumb stroked my bottom lip. I didn't know if he was trying to distract me. But I was on a role. The information he was providing was utterly fascinating my unfathomable interest. "But what if someone decides to just go in, out of sheer curiosity?"

"Sweet Bella, You have been into our domain." Aro gently admonished. "I think you witnessed first hand just how complex the passages into our castle could confuse the mere mortal mind."

Now that I thought back to it, I remembered the first time I went there. The winding hallways, the drop down to a dark and frosty corridor, and then the elevator ride up to a set of long steps, and all that just to reach the reception foyer where they kept that human 'secretary'.

Aro was right; a normal person wouldn't be able to accomplish all that maneuvering in such a labyrinth. Heck, even I couldn't take that same path, and I actually went down there! I couldn't remember it even if my life depended on it. And I shuddered when I recalled that bruise inducing freefall when Alice caught me.

"But still … the Cullens, at some point, had to leave once people noticed they couldn't age. I remember … Carlisle, I think, mentioning they only returned to this town after many decades."

"Carlisle's example is of a different logic – He prefers to integrate himself in human society and therefore resumes the farce of his renounced mortal selfhood. Relocating from one place to another is far more troublesome for our kind. As it would seem, Carlisle appears to manage it quite well."

"Is that why vampires usually don't commingle with people? So they can prolong their stay in an area they like."

Aro sighed. His eyes gazed beyond me. "When you live for so long you become attached to a certain dwelling. Our attachments are of greater zeal than a human's capacity,"

"Humans grow and learn, then forget, and learn new things only to move on to better circumstances. Their experience sheds in layers – Our kind, on the other hand, can't ever forget a certain bond, or a speck of memory, and cling to their selfish sentimentality." The man spoke as though his thoughts were miles away. I could do nothing except gaze at him in wonder.

"So … you really aren't Italian? Like really really?" I suddenly asked, my fingers unconsciously played with his scarf-tie to the point that it started unfurling. But the man didn't seem to mind, or notice, even as it hung loose around his neck.

"Not by origin, my dear. No." Aro replied, though he still held that distant foggy look in his mesmerizing eyes.

He stopped and didn't continue.

"Umm … where are you from … originally?" I pressed on, biting a bit too hard on my lip nervously.

The vampire king's pale eyelids close as he virtually whispers his retort. "I hail from Greece."

For a shadow of a moment, his brows furrow as if uttering those very words caused him a sort of discomfort.

But then his brilliant eyes suddenly met mine. And a dreamy smile played upon his lips. Like that one second was an illusion of my own imagination.

The room suddenly got ferociously hot as Aro held my face in his hands, his eyes never breaking contact as they darkened, and brought my mouth to him – A silent indication that my curiosity has been concluded.

Aro kissed me slow and sweet, like it was an act we frequented for an era; the type of kiss poetry was made of, and flowed as organically as nature itself – or maybe he was such a darn good kisser.

His lips descended lower, kissing me from chin to jaw, and then burying his face in my neck. Seeking the point where my vein pulsed and sucking gently on the sensitized skin until my heart practically soared.

I heavily panted as I tilted my head up, giving this man's sinful lips complete access of my neck. His mouth planted hot, wet, kisses on every inch of my skin, focusing more on the newly discovered sensitive spots I didn't even know I possessed.

Aro's fingers dragged over my torso, until they reached my hips. He teased the skin with his nails before skimming the elastic line of my underwear. I squirmed in his lap.

He seemed to be feeding from my reactions as his dexterous fingers traveled lower until he reached the seam at the base of my panties.

I held tightly onto his thick biceps when I felt fingers slip under my panties. My entire body tensed when my lower lips were grazed.

"Such a responsive little girl, aren't you?" Aro stated in a rhetorical sense.

Before I could think of anything to say, the entire notion of a reply flew to the back of my mind when a finger pushed inside me. I couldn't contain myself as I cried out.

I hadn't gotten over the shock of the lone finger in me before a second finger joined the first. Thick and long fingers began to stretch me, imbedded within my snug passage. I arched my back and gasped at the sensation.

Aro nuzzled his face between my breasts. "So fucking wet …" he muttered against my chest, a faint growl muffled on my hot skin. "And so extraordinarily tight … just like the first time,"

The fingers began to slide in and out of me. My abdominal muscles clenched at the pleasurable tormenting onslaught of sensation.

I could feel myself getting wetter. The fingers that pulled and pushed in me were thoroughly coated, making the penetration much easier on my tight channel.

Suddenly the fingers sped up to the point that I could almost hear the wet thrusts, but it was background noise as it was drowned by the loud moans coming from my mouth.

A callous thumb pressed on my swollen clit, rubbing and stimulating the tender nerve. I squeezed my eyes shut and placed my head against Aro's shoulder. I could feel the pressure building inside me, higher and higher. Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!

The fingers curved up inside me and massaged that secret sweet spot that cast aside all my attempts at trying to maintain any sense of inhibition. I gasped for air, feeling the pressure build all the way to my lungs as my throat battled for the need to breathe and moan.

My thighs quivered as the fingers sped up again and changed position. They were buried knuckles deep inside me, utterly drenched in my hot juices. I could feel the blunt heel of a palm hitting my clit with every thrust.

It was too much! Fuck! Too much! Too fucking much!

I can't stop it. I was close, so close! It became too much!

I threw my head back and cried in ecstasy and near pain as my pussy clamped down on the penetrating fingers. I bucked my hips as a hard orgasm rocked my body.

The fingers gently retracted from between my legs. I slowly tilted my head up to gaze at the man that both beguiled and enraptured me in many ways. My eyes were heavy and drunk, lungs clutching at much needed air, and my thoughts were swirling in a high cloud of post orgasmic bliss.

It was unbelievably absurd but I became further aroused when I caught sight of Aro licking his fingers clean. Like the cat that got the cream, he smirked, utterly unashamed when he caught me staring.

He brought his fingers to my chin and guided my mouth to his. He gently moved his lips against mine, and without any resistance I open my mouth for him. I could taste my essence mingled with his own unique flavor. It only urged me to clutch myself tighter to him despite how awfully lethargic my muscles were, as well as the fact that I was still on a euphoric trip.

We remained nestled in each other's embrace for while, Aro's strong arms wrapped tightly and securely around my waist, until my thoughts cleared once more.

As my fingers skimmed the luxurious texture of his tailored suit, only one thought occurred to me. "I don't think its fair that you get to have me naked, while you still have all your clothes on." I remarked.

Aro chuckled, the sound dulcet to my ears. "On the contrary, there is great pleasure to seeing such vulnerability this way."

I scowled. "You are much too strong for me. That aspect is painfully obvious already."

His lips hummed next to my ear, the vibration in his deep voice traveled to my own body and sent shivers all the way to my groin. "Sexual vulnerability is something completely different," He whispered before placing a small kiss on my temple.

"You should feel comfortable in your own body, my dear."

After a few seconds of silence the dark-haired king sighed then met my bewildered gaze with a wicked twinkle in his eyes. "But if you … insist."

I held my breath.

Was he going to do what I think he is about to do? That I was to be given a strip reveal by the most powerful man on earth? All for me, and only me? My entire body thrummed and blushed at the sight before me, as Aro wrapped his finger around his loose tie and slowly further unraveled it.

I was already turned on a new with the anticipation of witnessing each article of clothing little by little being exposed to my eyes. His flawless, magnificent body, naked and masculine and primal! I wondered if the mental images I kept from our first encounter still did his glory any justice.

The immortal man's smile was mischievous like he knew exactly what I was thinking. But his fingers that curled on his loose tie – as he was about to pull it from around his neck – paused.

His eyes suddenly were a million miles away.

The liquid warmth within my body froze instantly.

Aro's smile transformed for mischief to remorse as he heavily sighed and focused on my warily curious expression. "It would appear that we are condemned to be interrupted – yet again." His arched lips curved most unfavorably.

At his words I clutched the neatly folded duvet from the foot of the bed and bundled it around my bare torso. I tried not to hide the disappointment on my face by raising the covers to nose level.

But it did not seem to elude Aro's sharp eyes, which were back to their vivid red now, as he pulled the blanket from my face and kissed me fully on the lips. His tongue dipping into my mouth for a taste.

After a brief moment he pulled slightly away and whispered against my lips. "I promise you – I would lay at your feet and have you rip the clothes from my body to your heart's content, my sweet little Bella,"

"Now however," he stood up and swiftly had me in his arms as he placed me in my own bed, using the duvet to cover my body. My lips still tingled from his kisses as he reached out a hand and traced them with his thumb. "I need to attend to some unforeseeable matter. You should sleep as it may take awhile."

My chest clenched at the declaration of his departure. "Will I see you soon?" I couldn't help pouting. There was just something about being in his company that could not be compared to any other.

Aro's expression morphed into an odd look that lingered in his eye before it melted into a soft, gentle crease of a smile. "Why of course, my dear. I will return in the morning." He placed a kiss on my forehead. "You will not even have the opportunity to miss me." He winked with a bit of cheek in his tone.

The heavy grip in my chest eased at the promise of seeing him the next day, replaced by a warm sprinkling of excitement and anticipation.

Aro gracefully rose from the bed and made his way to my bedroom door. I didn't know why I assumed he would use the window, only to realize that my house was empty and so it was irrational to sneak out when no one was around.

I got so used to my window being used as an unceremonious doorway, that to not use it was actually much more bizarre.

"Sweet dream, Isabella." With a final glance in my direction as his ruby eyes hypnotically glimmered in the dark, Aro took his leave. Closing the door behind him with a soft click.

Once I was alone, the drowsiness instantly claimed me as I sank further into my bed. And I finally surrendered as my eyelids gave out, and sleep was a luxury I welcomed without any struggle.

As soon as the immortal King departed the Swan residence, a group of cloaked figures emerged from the tree line to receive him.

All present figures bowed fully. One of the concealed individuals took a step forward before he lowered the hood of his cloak to reveal his face to his Master. "Your grace." Demetri pronounced eloquently, as he submitted to his Leader.

Instead of looking at the taupe haired tracker, Aro's eyes narrowly scanned the forest around the Swan home. "Keep watch over her. Allow no one to cross her path until all loose ends have been dealt with." He instructed as he sensed the other members of the guards that remained hidden within the forest. The dark haired King smirked in satisfaction, as there was now more of his guards present than the original number they first arrived with.

"Even the Empath?" Demetri asked.

"Him you can allow. Although, ensure that you strike into his conscious that he will be watched for even the slightest acts of indiscretion – he has been playing with fire recently and needs a thorough reminder of whom he is dealing with."

"Yes, Master." Demetri bowed.

"Now, as to the other issue?"

"He is right this way, your grace." Demetri gestured north of their location. The two vampires and the group beside them began to travel in that direction as Demetri relayed to his Master further details. "We intercepted him as he was roaming the forest near the vicinity of the girl's house."

"What was he doing?" The sagacious King inquired.

"According to his account, he was looking for one of us to pass on his request for an audience with you." The tracker replied.

A dark brow quirked on the Volturi Leader's amused face. "Oh, is that so?" he stated rhetorically.

"I wonder if he prepared a rehearsed speech like the last time. He looked so … adorable and lost." He mused aloud. Behind him, the guards silently sniggered among themselves. Even the composed Demetri couldn't help the grin that stretched on his lips.

With their enhanced speed, it was no time wasted as they arrived at a very small clearing. The sound of running water passed their ears before the river came into view.

Sitting on a low hanging, thick tree branch was Carlisle. He looked utterly grief-stricken, like an abandoned little puppy. Aro's brilliant eyes positively flashed with glee, but he cleared that emotion from his visage as they approached the blonde man.

Upon seeing the approaching party, Carlisle stood up and rubbed his palms over his trousers. Aro found it utterly baffling how the fair-haired younger vampire displayed such mortal twitches with or without realizing it.

As the Leader and his entourage came to a stop, Carlisle's eyes widened once he took in Aro's appearance. It was only then that Aro realized how he must have appeared to the other man.

He left the girl's house immediately yet didn't consider passing a mirror first. His usually impeccable attire was slightly but notably in disarray. His silk, ebony locks were ruffled, but that could have easily been attributed to the wind that passed through at heightened speed as they traveled.

Yet, all of that couldn't explain the loose crimson tie that hung around the King's neck, or the top button that somehow became undone, or even the lingering scent of lust that hung onto every inched of the illustrious Immortal's clothing.

But all that was a shadow of the greater scandalous detail: the lingering scent of Bella's essences the clung to Aro's long elegant fingers. That even with the most thorough licking the dark-haired man utilized, the strong aroma of feminine cum could still be detected along with his venom and saliva.

And only a lowly, frivolous fool would disregard the King's current state as to not stir his ire, but Carlisle was no fool, and he was certainly not frivolous in the least. Because the moment he took a deep inhale, he was assaulted with every bit of that smell like a row of punches that showered on his comprehension.

In a way, it was comical to see the reaction on the Cullen Patriarch's features as they morphed into a rainbow of emotions.

Perhaps in a parallel universe, Aro might have given a shite that his old friend caught the Leader with his former-almost-soon-to-be-daughter-in-law-and-would've-been-future-member-of-their-coven's intimate scent on his person – Aro was also pretty sure some of her arousal juices moistened a patch on his trouser leg.

But in this universe, the Volturi King folded his arms in front of his chest, and stared haughtily down at the slightly shorter man before him. His body language gave no room for any lack of confidence for denial or any contradiction, and certainly no other logical explanation for the blonde man to fabricate as an alternative exoneration.

"Yesss, Carlisle, old boy. It is exactly as you think." Aro hissed, confirming the violent swirl of thoughts, assumptions, and conclusions the former Cullen Head was surmising.

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