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Summary: After being sent to serve as Agent Afloat, Tony decides to take his career in a different direction. Enter the NYPD Crime Lab.

Pairings: Tony/Mac, Danny/Don, mentioned past Tony/Gibbs.

Author's Note: Guys, I hate to say it, but this is the final chapter of this story, unless I decided to add to it later, which I doubt. It takes place when Tony and Mac return to Vegas for Tony to present his paper. Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you liked it.

Previously Misguided
by: JnnLuvsU

Chapter 10: Back to Vegas
Chapter Summary: The conversation. The return of NCIS. The End.

Mac waited until the flight was in the air before leaning over to Tony, "Still going to show me the sights?" He'd been looking forward to this trip with Tony for months. Anything that allowed him to spend time with the younger man.

Tony smiled at him, "Of course. Would you prefer the casinos or the shows?"

Mac thought about it, "Well the convention is Thursday and Friday. So that leaves Saturday and most of Sunday before we fly out Sunday night." He grinned, "Both?"

Tony laughed, "We can do both." He looked at Mac, "I thought Stella and Danny were coming."

Mac shrugged, "They made Stella stay. Someone has to run the lab. Danny... I'm sorry Tony, but Danny..."

"Decided to send us alone," Tony finished.

"I'm sorry, Tone," Mac stated. "He couldn't be dissuaded." Danny has seemed perfectly giddy when he'd told Mac this was the perfect opportunity for him to spend time alone with Tony.

"It's fine, Mac," Tony assured. In fact, he was almost grateful. It would make it easier for him to go through with his plan if there weren't other people around. He looked out the window at the clouds whirring by, "I've been thinking, Mac."

Mac looked at him, unable to stop the speeding up of his heartbeat, "About what?" he asked, keeping his voice neutral.

Tony was still looking out the window, avoiding looking at Mac, "That conversation," he admitted, finally looking at Mac, "I'm ready to have it."

Mac breathed in sharply. He'd waited to hear those words for almost six months. "Alright," he breathed, "Are you sure? I don't want you to think..."

Tony's whispered, "I'm positive," effectively cut Mac off.

Mac grinned, wanting to reach for Tony, gripping the arm rests of the seat instead. "Okay. If you're sure, we can have it tonight. I'd love to have it now, but would rather not on a plane."

Tony nodded, looking sheepish, "I guess I should have waited to tell you," he smiled.

Mac shook his head firmly, "Oh no. I'm glad you did. More than you could ever imagine. We'll talk tonight. After dinner with Grissom and his crew."

Tony reached out and gave Mac's hand a squeeze, "Sounds good."

They made it back to the hotel around 10. They had adjoining rooms, but found themselves in Tony's. Mac sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard and watched Tony pace. The younger man looked extremely nervous. Mac took pity on him, "Tone, we don't have to do this."

Tony looked panicked, "You've changed your mind?!" He was on the verge of hysterics.

Mac scrambled to his feet, "No," he returned, walking to Tony. He put his hands on Tony's shoulders, "God no. Just...if you're not ready."

Tony's face softened as he relaxed. Slowly, he wound his arms around Mac's waist. "I'm ready," he whispered, leaning his forehead against the older man's. "I love you, Mac," he whispered, closing his eyes.

Mac felt his heart skip a beat, and his arms slid around Tony's neck to play with the younger man's hair. "I love you, too, Tone." He placed an affectionate kiss on Tony's forehead before pulling back to look at the younger man.

Tony opened his eyes, "I'm sorry I made you wait so long," he informed the older man, "And I know we'll still have to keep it a secret..."

Mac cut him off with a finger to his lips, "In general, yes, but not a complete secret. Danny, Don, Stella. They can know."

Tony gave him a grateful smile, "Thanks, Mac."

Mac nodded, "Can I kiss you?" he whispered, tracing Tony's lips with his finger.

Tony smiled, "You don't have to ask," he whispered. "I'm not going to break, Mac."

That's all it took for Mac's control to shatter as he used his hands to push Tony into the wall, capturing the younger man's mouth with his own.

Tony closed his eyes, moaning softly. His hands clutched Mac's shirt even as he submitted fully to the older man.

Tony and Mac left the lecture hall together, "You did great, Tone," Mac complimented.

Tony blushed, "Thanks, Mac. It was fun."

Mac grinned, "Does that mean we can convince you to do it again?"

Tony shrugged, "Maybe." The headed for the elevator.

"Tony!" A voice rang out from behind them.

Tony and Mac turned to see Abby rushing towards them. Tony caught her in a hug, "Hey, Abs."

"You were awesome," Abby squealed, hugging him tightly.

"Thanks, Abs," Tony replied, "I didn't see you in there."

Abby shrugged, "I've found I scare presenters when I sit to close. Nice to see you again, Lt. Taylor."

Mac smiled at her, "You, too, Ms. Scuito. We were about to get some dinner. Would you like to join us?"

Abby bit her lip, "I'm not exactly here alone."

"You did good, DiNozzo," Gibbs stated as he walked to them.

Tony nodded, "Thank you, Gibbs," he returned, feeling Mac tense up beside him. He moved closer to the older man, trying to reassure Mac.

Gibbs smiled, "Lt. Taylor," he greeted.

"Agent Gibbs," Mac replied, shaking the other man's hand, "We were just telling Ms. Scuito that we were about to grab some lunch. Care to join us?"

Gibbs nodded, "Sure. Alright with you Abs?"

Abby grinned. "You know it." She put her arm through Tony's and led them to the entrance, "There's this great..."

Mac and Gibbs followed, "You were right," Gibbs murmured.

Mac looked at him, "What about?"

Gibbs sighed, "He's found his calling."

Mac smiled, "Yes, he has."

"And I had no clue. Damn, I screwed up." Gibbs whispered.

"Yes, you did," Mac replied, "And I couldn't be more happy about that."

"An honest man," Gibbs commented, "I appreciate that."

"Good," Mac stated, "Then you'll appreciate how much I would love to hurt you."

Gibbs appeared taken aback, but then understanding flashed in eyes, "Yes. I do. Word to the wise, don't make the same mistakes id did."

Mac glared at him, "No worries, Agent Gibbs," he assured. "I know what I have." He caught up to Tony and Abby, "Decided where we're going yet?"

Gibbs followed at a slower pace, seeing the smile Tony and Mac shared when Mac caught up to him and ran a hand through his hair. Oh yeah. He'd screwed up.

The End.