Title: Oops
Author: JenF
Challenge Word: Touch
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchester family, their property, their friends or their enemies. If you recognise something, it's probably not mine.
A/N: For PlatinumRoseLady. Happy birthday.


Sam knows he's busted the second he hears Dean's pained cry. He glances round the room, trying to remember if he'll fit through the tiny window in the bathroom. He thinks not but maybe he could hide in there while Dean calms down.

But then there's his brother, barging through the door, thunder in his face and Sam knows it's too late to escape.

"What did you do, Sam?" Dean growls.

"It's only a scratch, dude," Sam pleads, putting as much distance between them as he can. "A touch of paint and she'll be good as new, I promise."