'Til Cuffs Do Us Part

Chapter 1: Little Sister

Disclaimer: Again, I do not own Resident Evil or its characters. That would be so awesome if I did though! Lol! XD

This is it, Becca…the final countdown…no more baby, no more rookie, no more kid…no more little girl! And best of all, no little sister! I'm gonna show these guys how Rebecca Chambers can work in the field!

The helicopter shuddered, and she immediately felt sick to her stomach. She grabbed a hold of the grip next to her seat. Taking a deep breath, she looked out into the darkness of night. Raccoon Forest was an ocean of trees and shadows.

Bravo Team had been called in to investigate the area of the attacks. They left Alpha back at the precinct for back-up. This was Rebecca's first field mission. All she needed was a good run in order to keep the guys from calling her all those names and at least respecting her a little bit.

She heaved a sigh. It's only cannibalistic murderers. Nothing serious…wait, what the hell am I saying?! Cannibalistic murderers are completely nuts! Why, oh, why did I join the S.T.A.R.S? I know mom and dad said it would be good for me, considering I have already graduated college…oh, and it didn't help that Captain Wesker was so hot…whoa, way off subject there, Becca…

"Hey, kid, you alright?" Enrico Marini asked, clapping her on the shoulder harder than he intended.

Rebecca smiled up at him, rubbing her shoulder, feeling the nausea come back to her poor, poor stomach. "Of course! This is so exciting!"

"At least she isn't as bad as Chickenheart," Forest Speyer laughed.

"Hey, leave her alone, Forest. She's doing just fine," Richard Aiken stated, sitting right next to her.

"Oh, sorry big brother Richard! What's the big deal? She knows I'm only joking, right little sister?"

"…Yeah, sure, whatever, Forest," Rebecca answered, now thoroughly distracted with the wilderness below.

She gulped hard. There was no telling how many cannibals were out there. They probably had guard dogs with them. And they were hiding in the woods? How fun was this going to be anyway?

Stop being such a wuss, and get your ass in gear!

The helicopter's blaring engine suddenly burst. The helicopter jerked sharply, throwing Rebecca into Richard. She saw a spark of what looked like fire come from the blades, and then they were suddenly spinning round and round.

"Hold on!" Enrico yelled.

"I am holding on!" Edward Dewey yelled on the other side of Richard.

"Brace for impact!" came Kevin Dooley's voice from the cockpit.

They slammed into what felt like solid concrete. Rebecca and Forest were thrown to the floor of the helicopter with Enrico. The engine became quiet, and so did everyone else. About a minute went by before everyone was groaning and getting up. No one was hurt, thank goodness.

"What the hell was that?" Forest grumbled, rubbing his butt in pain.

"I don't know. I will have to go check the engine to see," Kevin answered, coming out from the cockpit.

"Kevin, stay here and call for Alpha. The rest of you, grab your gear and let's go sweep the area," Enrico ordered.

"Yes sir!" the boys called.

Rebecca got her things, making sure her gun was loaded. Her stomach was still churning from the fall, but she had to get focused on the matter at hand. She jumped off of the dead helicopter, seeing the cloud of black smoke rising to the darkening sky. Enrico set the orders, and they went off their own ways, leaving Kevin with the chopper.

"Let's do this thing!" Forest laughed, cocking his shotgun.

"Settle down there, Jethro," mumbled Richard, shaking his head.

Rebecca stuck close to her fellow Bravo Team members as they swept the area. The woods were dark and creepy, and this made Rebecca start thinking about all of the horror movies she saw that took place in this very type of environment.

"I found something!" Edward called, and they all rushed over to see.

There was a dumped over R.P.D van. Rebecca recognized it as a criminal transport. The two police officers were dead, their throats ripped out and several bite and tear marks littered their bodies.

"What the hell did this?" Enrico asked, looking around.

Rebecca picked up a clipboard that held a criminal record. The profile was short, showing a small picture on the upper left-hand corner. Rebecca read it quickly, becoming interested.

"Billy Coen. Ex-Lieutenant of the Marine Corps, age 26. Prisoner will be transported and sentenced to death," she grunted, handing it over to her supervisor.

Enrico read through it. "I remember this guy. They were transporting him to Lexson Base to be executed. He must have killed these two and escaped."

"He…ate them?" Forest asked, blinking in confusion and nervousness.

"No, animals did, I'm sure. They must have come around after he got away and ate on them," Kenneth answered logically.

"Like lions? Or tigers? Or bears, oh my?" Edward gulped.

Enrico slapped him in the head with the clipboard. "This isn't the time to be joking around! Let's split up and sweep the area! He couldn't have gone far! He needs to be arrested!"

"Yes, sir!" they said in unison, and spread out.

Rebecca was nervous now. She did breathing exercises while she went about her way, gun ready. C'mon, you can do this! He is just an ex-Marine who was being sentenced to death for a horrible crime…what the hell am I saying? That's a lot! He must be a friggin' psycho!

She then came upon a startling sight. She was staring up at a huge train that was stopped and silent right in the middle of the forest. She looked up and down, seeing several cars both ways, so much, she couldn't tell where the front of the train was. Not in the darkness anyway.

How creepy is this? Hmm, if I was a psychotic killer, would I go in here and hide? Oh, I think I would. I better get in there and check it out! This might be my only chance to prove myself!

It started to rain just as she opened the door and entered into the train. Something was telling her that this was a bad idea, but she had to be brave and stop whining. All she needed to do was put the criminal at gunpoint and then radio her team to come and help her out. It seemed simple enough, right? Rebecca took a deep breath, knowing she could do this. However, what she didn't know was that a nightmare was waiting for her, and it haunted the very train she entered.

Okay! Chapter 1 is finally up and ready to go! I know it is horribly short, sigh. It always takes me a few chapters to start writing them longer. This is a Rebecca/Billy humor adventure story! I am going to do my best to write it with them handcuffed together! It has been a long time since I played Resident Evil 0, so I apologize if I get anything wrong! If I do, please let me know, and I will definitely go back and turn it right! Now, since this story is based on them stuck close together, there are many things that I am going to have to change, like the parts where they split up, etc. I am not planning to make this a long, long fanfiction. Anyways, I really hope everyone will enjoy this story, because I have a feeling I am going to have a blast writing it! XD