SpongeBob SquarePants-The secret admirer

After an exhausting day of hard work in the restaurant, finally closing time came. SpongeBob was tired but happy,because his work likes him a lot, and he didnt understand why Squidward just going only for the money, and claim that could leave that "stinky job"as soon as he can. SpongeBob couldnt understand why Squidward call the job "stinky job " when he, SpongeBob SquarePants,was the exclusive responsibility for taking out the trash.

"Well, its his problem,not mine..." - he thought to himself, after all, Squidward also believed to play well the clarinet, and the reality was that the sound of that instrument was more similar to a cat locked in a closet than music .

Hi Gary! "Said SpongeBob when he come home.


Hello mysterious gift in the window!!............ .... Wait.... mysterious gift ??

That was not there this morning .......

With stealthy step, Bob went to the gift, slowly opened it, making sure that inside there was no strange thing, not being to go again the wrong package to the zoo with the boa constrictor snake inside, yes, that was very affectionate, just hugged him with an immense force, but after all, he did not like keep things from others.

- Oh, look at that Gary, are chocolates!!! exclaimed enthusiastically, giving then a bite of one.

- Stuffed with jellyfish jelly, my favorite!

Also in the box was a note, that Bob began to read:

Dear SpongeBob

(Oh, Gary, look, tells me "dear", he likes me, isnt great, Gary? "Said Bob

Mauuuuuuuuuuu "said the snail

Yes, yes, Gary, I keep reading ....)

Long time ago I feel something for you, my feelings are indescribable

(Could be Squidward? "wondered Spongebob


- What do you say, Gary? "Squidward cant be because his feelings about me, aren`t indescribable because he has already said that he feels " disgust "? "Oh, Gary, clearly he not feel disgust, only is that Squidward loves to joke ...


- What do you mean "if you say it......"?!! You're not suggesting ....?" "Oh, of course not, it wouldnt be like that really Squidward feel disgusting for me, is totally impossible!


-................, Well, I'll read the letter:

I dare not even tell you who I am, but I know that your favorite sweets are chocolates filled with jellyfish jelly, maybe someday I dare to come forward and openly confess my love, but I dont feel ready yet.

Ever yours

Secret Admirer,

postscript: You can call me "Admi"

postdata2: No, I'm not Squidward

To Be Continue ....