Sunday, day off for SpongeBob

Spongebob: (lying on the couch) Today I have nothing to do, but I get the impression that I forget something ...

Rinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg (phone rings)

SpongeBob: (grabbing the iron) Hello? ............( obviously no one answer)

............ hey, answer answer ........ ........................ talking to anyone ...... .......... burns... burns me (SpongeBob smells the burning smell from his ear) Whaaaaaaat?!


Gary throws up the dirty water of the mop

Bob: Thanks Gary, I suppose......

He suddenly realizes that the phone keeps ringing, run to catch it, tripping over the sofa, cable TV, and throwing a vase from the shelf, which falls on his head and falls next to the phone, and when

he go to get it, Gary comes forward and takes it...

Gary by phone: Mewwwwwwwww, meeeeeeew (hands the phone to Bob)

SpongeBob: For me? Thanks Gary

SpongeBob by phone: Hello?

Across the line: Hey, Bob, where are you?since an hour ago I'm waiting for you at home

Bob: Sandy .... yeah ....¡¡! now I go to there, i will arrive in 1 minute

Sandy: I hope you do not forget the karate kit, i will beat up you.

SpongeBob: We'll see, Sandy. Kia.

SpongeBob takes karate equipment from the closet, and runs to Sandy´s house. Inside, he finds his friend,he looks, and she....... oh, oh!....... she eats chocolates!

SpongeBob: Hey, what's that you eat?

Sandy: Chocolates, do you want one?

SpongeBob thinks: Umm, chocolates, and resemble those of the letter ........

Sandy: Woohoo, earth calling Bob, back to our world ....

Bob: Oh yeah, sorry .... I will have one, thanks Sandy.

Bob taste the chocolate, suddenly a blast of fire out of his mouth
Bob: Agggggggggggg !!!!!!!! Water!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaterrrrrrrrrrrrrr, pleeeaseeeeeee!!!

SpongeBob, Running as possessed, he plunges headlong into the foutain of Sandy, drinking all the water.

Bob: What are fillings?!

Sandy: jellyfish jelly spicy, my favorites

Bob: umm ........ jellyfish jelly like my gift

Sandy: What are you saying?, SpongeBob, wanted me to give you chocolates like these? But I just

see that its spicy is too heavy for you...

Bob: Are you saying that I can not stand the spicy? I can do!
Sandy: But two minutes ago, you bited a chocolate and. .......

Bob: Well, that was then, not now, I have matured

Sandy: in just two minutes?

Bob: (hesitant) of course....

Sandy: Well, in that case, you can take the leftover for you, lets go, eat another now.

Bob: Ummm .. Thanks but I have no appetite, better keep it for later.

Sandy : Okay, so let's start with the karate session ......¡¡ Kia!

They spent all afternoon practicing Karate, until it got dark and Bob returned home

Bob: Well I am not sure if Sandy can be my secret admirer....She had jellyfish jelly chocolates,
but spicy, but also she could bought sweet chocolates for me and the spicy for herself...
well, I will investigate it other day, now I have to give dinner to Gary

Gary! Today I brought chocolates for dinner!!

Gary comes and eats a couple of chocolates.

Gary Mewwwwww (releasing a puff of fire)

Bob: That's what I call a fiery snail ...... jajajaja (Wait, fiery, Gary also will be noted as a possible author of the letter)

Bob: Good night Gary (Turn off the light)
Gary Meww (taking a puff of fire that ignited the curtain)

Then Bob takes a fire extinguisher from under the bed and off the flames

Bob: (ironic) And Squidward saying that is not normal to sleep with a fire extinguisher under the bed ....

To be continue...........