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Jake POV

I looked at him with hatred in my eyes.

Look at how he just put his arm around her!

It's sick!

Even though she's my step sister and all, I love her.

No, I mean I really love her.

Not a brotherly type of love.

Not a tolerant type of love.

A burning, hot, passionate love, meant for a lover, not a sister.

Excuse me. Step sister.

She will never know how much I love and cherish her. She'll never know that she has my heart in the palm of her hand. She'll never know that she has it and therefore she'll end up breaking me. Cliché, I know.

She's beautiful and radiant; she's tough but gentle when she thinks no one is looking; she stands up for herself and others; she has courage; and she has the most beautiful eyes in the whole world.

She's so perfect.

No one in this world is good enough for her. Not even this vermin!

Especially not him.

It's sick of me to think of her as less like a step sister and more of a potential life mate but I can't help my feelings.

Just like I can't help hating Jesse.

As I watch them leave for another date, I can't help but think that maybe it's not hatred I feel.

Maybe it's jealousy?

Well no duh, Jake!

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