Disclaimer: It has to be done I know... but I unfortuneately don't own any characters you recognise. They nelong to the BBC. And the song isn't mine either that's in the next chapter. It's Shayne Ward's Back At One. The Idea behind it was I was listening to the song and I had the image in my head, it's taken a year to write cause of college stuffs and other stories. It was supposed to be for last New Years.

Back At One

Chapter One

"Come on! Look you already said. Christmas at my mums wasn't that bad, so what wrong with New Years?" Rose whined, standing at the console inside the TARDIS.

"Your mother. Alcohol. And the fact she tried and failed to flirt with me in my last incarnation! And that time, she was sober!" The Doctor said sulkily from under the console.

"Oh come on! Please! I just wanna see the New Year in with my best mates and my mum! In the past I was always a tearaway so I never got the chance." she pouted.

"Don't you pout at me."

"I'm not!" she lied.

"Liar. I can't see you but I can hear it in your voice."

"Damn it." she knelt on the floor and lay herself at his stomach and she pouted up at him, fluttering her eyelashes. "Please."

He took his eyes off the wires he'd been trying to connect with his sonic screwdriver and instantly regretted it when his eyes connected with her face. "Alright, fine." he sighed.

"Yay!" she grinned and jumped up. "You better not have disconnected the hot water cable."

"Nope not yet."

"Good. Don't do it within the next hour." she smirked and bounced off down the corridor toward the bathroom that the TARDIS had moved for her.

He rolled his eyes. "Bloody women…" he muttered and carried on with his various 'modifications' under the console. "Keep telling her I don't do domestic."

Over 45 minites later, Rose stepped out of the shower, put a towel around her body and rubbed her hair dry with another.

She walked into her room, picked out a pale blue long-sleeved top and her usual jeans, slipping her pink hoodie over the top and zipping it up. She dried her hair properly with the hair dryer, threw her hair up into a messy ponytail, and put on her trainers before walking out to the Doctor who was sitting at the console.

He grinned at her. "Yes?"

"Come on then."

"You're going to the night like that?" he raised an eyebrow. Usually she'd put effort into it if it was special.

She shook her head and laughed. "No I want you to aim for the day, not the night."

He nodded slightly. He grinned and jumped up, pressing random buttons and turning dials.

She held on to the railing as soon as he pulled a lever, sending them into their usual bumpy ride. And the TARDIS came to its usual shuddering stop as he pushed the lever.

Rose was the first to bounce out of the doors, grinning. The Doctor followed her out moments after, throwing on his long trench coat. He saw her running up the stairs through the open door.

"Come on! God you're worse than Mickey!" Rose laughed down at him, flashing him her infamous cheeky grin, the tip of her tongue poking out from between her teeth.

"Oh, you're in for it now!" he smirked, taking off up the stairs.

Rose squealed and laughed, taking off up the rest of the stairs and down the balcony, he was already hot on her heels. He chased her and grabbed her around the waist, spinning round with her, laughing with her.

"Just exactly what is goin' on out 'ere?" Jackie Tyler said, looking at the strange man who takes her daughter away, and at her daughter.

Rose and the Doctor stepped apart, and Rose could feel her face burning as she saw her mother in her dressing gown, in the process of orting her hair and by the sounds of it, she had a couple of guinea pigs to endure her hairdressing job.

"Well?" Jackie looked at them.


"Oh, get in!" she sighed at Rose and they both didn't need to be told twice, and darted inside.

"Who's that, Jackie?" came a voice from the kitchen.

"Oh, it's just Rose and her… travelling friend." Jackie said, returning to the kitchen.

"Travelling friend?" the Doctor mouthed as he sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Rose, recognising the voice, grabbed a pen, searched round for some paper and wrote on it. Then she held it out for him to read. 'She can hardly say alien time travelling stalker-ish thing can she? [The woman can hear a whisper, trust me]'

Reading it, a mischievous grin crept onto the Doctor's boyish face. 'Did Jackie really think I was stalker-ish?' he thought.

"Don't you dare." Rose said.

"What?" the Doctor feigned innocence, getting up.

"Rose? You got a bloke in there?" the woman asked. "Oh, Jacks if that's her friend you want to be careful nothing happens."

"Oh trust me, not on his life is he gonna touch my daughter, I've already warned 'im." Jackie said.

The Doctor peered round to see Jackie and a woman with the same multitude of rollers in her hair, and four other women sat around the table in the corner, waiting.

"'Allo!" the Doctor beamed. "Yep, she's right. Although, I can't say SHE won't do anything."

Rose was at his side in moments and she jabbed him in the side with her finger. "Shut up." she muttered.

"Well, that IS an improvement." the woman said, looking him up and down. "That Mickey was a bit…"

"Watch it. You might or might not be back in my best mate's life, but you say NOTHING 'bout Mickey. D'you hear me?" Rose glared.

This shut the woman up, and she looked like she'd been forced to suck on a lemon.

"New year new beginning? Where the hell were you when Crysta needed ya! Down the bloody boozer!"

"That's enough, Rose." Jackie said quietly.

"No, it's not! She left her when she was a kid! Completely blanked her every tie we went past the flat to go to school-"

"When you actually went." Jackie put in.

"That's not the point, mum. Yeah, you had boyfriends, yeah you went out for a drink with your mates, but I ALWAYS came first. I was the one you always came back to to make sure I was okay. It was the other way round with her."

One of the women nodded in agreement with Rose. "I'm sorry but it needed saying, Sharon. Aside from the fact you're my sister, it needed saying. Rose and Shareen could almost be sisters. Shareen and Crysta are cousins. These three are best friends, they've grown up together, been each other's rocks…"

The Doctor, sensing Rosewated to either hit something or break down into tears, moved her out of the room because she would have done one or the other.

"A year between Crysta and Shareen. 2 weeks, literally, 2 weeks between me and Shareen." Rose breathed.

He held her close to him. "Right I think, you should get yourself some chips. Go get your friends if you want. You need them round you." he grinned.

She nodded, staying in his arms for an extra moment.

He softly pressed a kiss to her head and he let her go. He then went into her room, looking at the photos of her and her friends. There was a group in one of them, but the constant three, were of her and her two best friends.

A few hours later, Rose walked in with two other girls, their hair had already been done.

The Doctor looked up from the chair in the kitchen as they all walked in. By this time, Jackie was the last to have her hair done.

"You didn't cause trouble did you?" Rose asked him.

"Me? Never." he grinned.

"That usually means you did."

"Rose, give 'im a rest." a dark skinned girl laughed.

"Thank you." he pouted.

"Kita, you don't know him." Rose smirked.

"Never mind that. I don't wanna walk into a party lookin' like the living dead." another blonde said, dragging Rose and Kita with her.

They all chose their outfits from Rose's wardrobe and Shareen sorted Rose's and Kita's make up, and Kita did Shareen's. The whole process of preening and dressing took another two hours, by this time, the loud music from Jackie's awful CD collection pumped through the flat.