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Hearts Collide ~ Chapter 15.

We showered and messed around before we tidied up my childhood bedroom together.

"These are coming home with us!" Edward laughed as he gathered up the school uniform I had worn while I seduced him.

"They need really a wash!" I held the bag open as Edward tucked the items away, placing my books in there as well.

"Hello! Is anyone home?" I heard Sue call up.

We headed towards the stairs to join my family. Dad was making his way upstairs with Seth as they carried the girl's luggage into the other bedrooms. I gave the both of them a hug as we attempted to pass them on the stairs.

I had missed Seth & Leah, I never saw them as step siblings, to me, they were just family.

" you know that Bella has got a boy up here?" Seth chuckled until I flicked his cheek with my fingertips, he jumped the last few steps and was suddenly standing towering over me, and he grabbed me up and threw me over his shoulder, leaving me hanging upside down, with an unpleasant view of his arse!

"You shouldn't have done that little sister!" He roared and took off down the hallway with my dad and Edward laughing at his antics.


I screamed, but Seth let out a louder manic laugh, "No one can save you now!" he chuckled. He was about to drop me head first on the bed when Sue appeared and grabbed his ear.

"You put your sister down gently...RIGHT now, Seth William Clearwater!"

My younger brother squealed like a little girl as Sue's grip on his ear lobe pinched tighter. Seth lowered me down just as Edward came wandering into the room with his arms draped around Leah and Kate's shoulders.

"Oh I see how it is..." I grinned at Edward, who winked then chuckled at me, before Kate and Leah both came over to give me a hug, giggling their congratulations on our engagement and forthcoming wedding.

The rest of the morning was spent talking about the wedding plans, until everyone else came over and all us girls went to the spa.

The day passed really quickly. Everything was organised, and surprisingly, neither Edward nor I seemed nervous about the next day's events.

That evening found us all sorting out last moment details. The garden looked beautiful as always. Edward had the music all planned. As much food as we could was prepared. The rest was to be cooked in the morning or after the wedding at the BBQ.

We said goodbye, and ignore Alice's last ditched effort to persuade me to stay with her tonight, and headed home to our place.

My dress hung in its carrier on the back of the bathroom door, Edward's clothes on a hanger next to it.

I glanced at the man lying on his side on our bed, waiting for me to join him, a gentle smile on his face, his hand resting under his cheek. "Come to bed Miss Swan." He whispered.

I grinned as I ran towards him, jumping up and over him, squealing as he claimed me with love and affection, one more time.

We spent the morning relaxing, breakfast in bed that we both made before running back to eat it in our room. A long soak in the bath together, before a shower to wash our hair and the rinse the bubbles from our skin.

Alice and Rose arrived at lunch to help me with my hair. I did feel slightly guilty about not doing it their way, for a moment or so but I still wanted this to be what Edward and I planned. We ate sandwiches and fruit that Esme had sent with Alice as we tended to our nails and make up.

They were so excited about the wedding and had tried to convince me to join them in a pamper session, but I was determined not to be Bella Barbie today. I agreed to Alice setting my hair in some rollers before she left with Rose. Edward smiled when I found me reading in the living room wearing his shirt and my shorts with the rollers in my hair. My dress was at Esme's waiting for me, Alice had taken it back with her. I didn't trust myself not to spill something all over it.

We put everything we needed for our Honeymoon in the car. Edward still hadn't told me where we were going, but I trusted him, so was not worrying about it.

It was time to head off. I left my rollers in, hoping Esme and Sue would help me with them when we got there.

We arrived at Edward's family home, both excited about the wedding, but strangely neither of us were nervous about this life changing step we were about to make. Edward took my hand as we walked towards the front door.

"Well Miss Swan, this is almost it."

"It sure is Mr Cullen…I am so ready for this."

"Me too baby."

Esme opened the door with a huge smile on her face. "You are both here!" Esme ran forward, gathering us both in her arms and kissing our cheeks several times before standing back to look at us before her.

I giggled nodding at her excitement.

"I will carry your bag upstairs and leave you lovely ladies to it."

"Thank you my Love." I placed my hand on his cheek kissed him slowly, hoping he understood just how much he meant to me.

I opened my eyes to see him looking into my very soul. "I love you Baby Girl."

"I love you too Edward."

"OK Bella Sweetie… lets go get you ready." Esme's hand moved up onto my shoulder, I turned to look at her and nodded while smiling, I really was so ready for this.

As promised, Edward carried my bag upstairs, while Esme and I followed.

He turned and kissed his Mother's cheek softly before turning to embrace me.

"I love you, and I will be waiting for you downstairs."

"I am glad you waited for me."

He smiled and nodded, knowing what I meant by that.

"I will see you soon, my Love." He promised before heading down the hall way, turning once to look back at me, smirking, and looking away. No doubt enjoying my blush at being caught watching his delectable arse as he walked away from me.

Sue was all ready in the guest room waiting for me.

"Bella Honey." She embraced me before kissing my forehead. "You look…"

I started laughing. "Like a dork!" I replied.

Sue laughed and patted the seat before her. "Come on; let's get those rollers out of your hair."

"Rose and Alice are here, do you want me to go and get them?" Esme asked. "No, not yet, I want it just to be us three for a little while, if that's ok."

We sipped some chilled champagne that Charlie brought in for us, with strawberries Carlisle had picked from the garden this morning.

I thanked Esme for all the times she was my mother, even before Renee left. For the way she helped me survive Renee leaving, for always being there as I became the woman I grew up into, and mostly, for having the most amazing son who treated me like a princess.

I looked at Sue, and thanked her for loving me as her daughter, for loving my father and for bring Leah and Seth into my life. We held onto each other in a double mother embrace.

We finished crying just as Alice and Rose appeared.

Between all four of them helped me into my dress and applied some light make up for me, and then slipped into other rooms to get their own dresses on.

I enjoyed the brief silence in the room, and noticed the music now playing from the garden below us.

It was Edward's music, piano music he had recorded just for today. All my favourite pieces for us guests to enjoy.

The girls came back in the room. Both wearing different dressed, but in similar shades of cream.

"Rose, Alice, I want you to know I love you both."

They looked at me, and the tears started again.

"Today is just how we wanted it. I am so glad you are all here to stand with me and watch as I marry the man I love."

They both nodded. Leah and Kate came in with my Mom's smiled at me, both knowing this was all I wanted and both happy for me.

Esme picked up a beautiful open cream rose and popped it behind my ear with a small clip, before handing me a small bouquet of flowers.

"Edward and Leah picked them for you and I put them together, I hope you like them."

I nodded silently at the beautiful posy in her hands.

"They have a name, this rose is called Beloved." I bit my lip before taking them up to my face and inhaling their soft perfume.

The ribbon that bound them had a small diamond heart on a gold chain hanging from it.

Esme handed me a note.

"My beloved Bella,

take care of my heart

I have left it with you.

I love you with my very soul.

Yours forever

Edward xx."

Alice helped my put the chain on while Rose held my hair out of the way. Esme handed me a pair of earrings that had diamonds on them.

"Your something old my dear, they belonged to Edward's grandmother. And now, they belong to you, the newest Cullen woman."

"Something new, is the necklace from Edward." Leah smiled as she placed her hand on my arm.

"Something borrowed…" Alice muttered. "I will be right back!" she took off down the hallway and was back before we realised she had left.

"This is for my wedding, but you can borrow it." She opened a small satin pouch and pulled out a garter and was on her knees with her hand lifting my foot to shimmy it up my leg. I blushed but nodded and pulled her into a hug as she stood up.

"Something blue, well I have my ring." I showed them the plastic cereal ring I hand put on my right hand this morning as Edward laughed.

"Oh Bella!" Alice shook her head!

"You can't wear that!"

"I can and I will!" I laughed.

"I have this for you as well Bella Dear."

Sue opened a box to reveal a diamond and sapphire bracelet.

"This belonged to your Grandma Swan. It is time for it to belong to you."

"Then I am all set." I gasped, trying to hold back my tears.

There was the softest knock at the door, Carlisle and Charlie walked in.

"Ladies, you all look breath taking." Carlisle smiled at us before kissing Esme gently on the lips. "Are you ready Bella?" he asked me.

"Yes. I am ready." He pulled me into his arms and hugged me before kissing my cheek. "You have always been like a daughter to me, tonight, we just make it legal." I hugged him back and nodded against his chest.

"Then may I walk these ladies downstairs, and tell Edward it is time?"

"Yes." I replied as steadily as I could, emotions now threatening to take over me.

Carlisle handed me to Charlie after kissing my forehead, realising now, that's something both he and Edward had done with me for years. He offer Esme and Sue both an arm, before escorting them downstairs to gathered up all the guests to announce that the wedding was to start, leaving just me and Charlie alone together.

"I am so proud of you Isabella; you have always been the most wonderful Daughter I could have hoped to have. As much as I am not ready to give you away, I am honoured to walk with you as you marry the man you love."

"That's all I ask of you, Daddy." I whispered as he pulled me close.

We walked carefully down the stairs and down the hallway out towards the back of the house.

Carlisle guided us into the room that over looked the garden. The French windows were open; I could hear some of the guys playing music. I could hear Edward and Emmett singing softly to the songs Edward had chosen for us.

Everyone was here waiting with me. I grinned as Carlisle started dancing with Esme to the tune the boys were playing. "I thought the dancing came afterward?" I giggled. Charlie took Sue in his arms and swayed with her as she grinned back at him.

"It's time." Alice said calmly. "Are you ready Bella?"

I nodded as I bit down on my lip.

"I am Alice."

Jacob and Sam appeared, dressed in smart but casual clothes. Sam winked at me before bowing to Alice and Rose and offering them his arms.

"My ladies, may I escort you down to the gazebo thingy."

I giggled as they stood at either side of him, towering above him, linked their arm into his and both lightly kissed the delighted boys cheeks.

Jacob, while looking less pleased with the whole event, muttered to Leah and Kate, before blushing as they too gently kissed the cheeks of their escort and stood ready to walk down before me.

Carlisle wished me luck before standing at the head of the line with Esme and Sue on either arm.

They were all ready.

The music changed and Seth appeared at the door.

"All ready when you are guys."

Bridge over troubled water started playing.

I realised what Edward had been doing this last while as we had waited to join him.

Every song was his declaration of love for me.

This song was one me and my Dad would sing along to all the time as I grew up.

When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all

I'm on your side
When times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Seth grinned at me as Charlie took me carefully into his arms. We started to sway to the music.

Charlie nodded at Seth who looked outside, nodded back at us before winking at me, and disappearing into the garden.

Sail on Silver Girl,
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way

I rested my head on my protective Father's shoulder, as he gruffly sung to me.

"You were all the parent I needed, you know." I promised him, he stopped singing and looked at me.

"Thank you Honey." He managed to whisper back.

See how they shine
If you need a friend
I'm sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

"Here we go Baby, let's go get that boy of yours."

We walked out and started towards the gazebo, I heard the music change again, softly playing for me.

It was our song, Collide, the one that Edward played the night we declared our love to each other. I heard him start to sing.

I stumbled slightly. "Just walk towards him Baby Girl." I nodded as my Dad tried to calm my jitters.

As we got closer, I saw him sitting on the step of the gazebo, with Emmett beside him, both of them playing their guitars.

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
Your barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

"Wait here."

Dad halted our walk and we stood almost at the gazebo and watched as the boys played and sang for me.

"He wants to come for you." Dad explained. I nodded, a tear slipping down my cheek.

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Edward stood up and stopped playing, laying his guitar down as Emmett once again carried on playing our song. He kept singing as he walked slowly towards us, taking what seemed like forever to reach where my Dad and I waited for him.

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind

His hand reached out for mine, slowly, my Dad lifted my hand from his and placed it into Edward's.

You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

"I love you Sweat heart, be happy my beautiful Girl."

I broke my gaze away from Edward to look into my father's chocolate brown eyes and smiled before him. Tenderly he kissed my cheek.

"Take good care of her, just as you always have done Son."

My Dad spoke loud and proudly as he formally handed my heart and care over to Edward.

"I promise." Edward solemnly vowed my father, as he pulled me into his embrace. He kissed my forehead, before leaning down and touching his forehead against mine.

"I love you Isabella, will you be my wife?"

"I will." I spoke as clearly as my emotions would allow me.

"Well then, I know we are doing this your way kids, but you best come over here and we can this properly." Rev Webber laughed as he opened his arms out, beckoning us to join him before our family and friends.

With my arm now in Edward's we walked the last few steps together.

We reached the end of the make shift aisle. There was no Bride or Groom's side, just everyone I loved sitting on either side watching as Edward and I stepped towards the twinkling gazebo.

I could hear someone crying softly beside us, but all I could see was Edward.

Edward lifted my hand up to his lips and kissed my engagement ring and fingers tenderly. Carefully, we walked up the three steps into the gazebo, Edward's hand holding mine tightly.

Rev. Webber asked everyone to gather around us.

"Who gives this man and woman away to join together in marriage?"

Charlie and Carlisle both spoke clear and proud as they stood side by side.

"Their family and friends all do."

Edward and I stood there, hands joined, heart uniting as we made our promises to love and honour each other, being faithful to no one else but each other for as long as we both lived.

All too soon, we were declared man and wife, and Rev Webster invited Edward to kiss his bride.

With one more whisper of love for each other, Edward swept me in his arms and dipped me before kissing me like our lives depended on it.

Our lives had been intertwined all from childhood, and our hearts were joined in love forever more.

The end.

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Twilight, as always is owned by S Myers.

Collide by Howie Day and

Bridge over troubled water by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel