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Tad Beaumont stood at a window overlooking a huge backyard in San Francisco, his mouth a thin line. If someone would have looked in his direction, they would have seen a young man, dressed in black, standing at the window with a heartbroken expression on his normally average good looking face. Most of the time, Tad didn't smile much. He missed a certain someone that he couldn't call on anymore because of a certain psychopathic uncle and a druggie father. He felt so ashamed of his relatives that he didn't tell the one girl he actually felt serious about the real reason why he was leaving.

Hell, he didn't even get to say good bye in person. He had to call from a freaking pay phone at the airport. What really tore him apart were these days when it was raining. It reminded him so much of her. It reminded him of the day where she saved his life.

He wore black on these days to mourn for her. Even though she was alive and probably perfectly healthy, he still wore black to mourn the day he had to leave her. It was one of the hardest things he had to do. Probably the only hard thing he's had to do.

He went from being the hottest, richest guy in town to the secluded loner. Of course this only attracted more girls to him. They love mysterious guys. But whenever a girl approached him he would always decline. After a while girls stopped asking him out and he didn't ever go out anyways. This worried his aunt so much. He had reassured her that he was fine on numerous occasions, when really he was hurting inside. He would never let anyone know what was wrong and never will.

But one thing's for sure, he would go back one day and beg her to come back to him. Even if she didn't, he supposed he could deal with it, if she was happy with someone else.

"Tad," his aunt calls from the kitchen. "It's high time for you to go upstairs and get some sleep!"

He groans. And here goes another night where he dreams of nothing but her and how they can't ever be together. Another nightmare that taunts him maliciously and without mercy.

Another night that goes by without Suze Simon at his side.