"What on earth is that!?" shrieked a tall, blonde haired beauty. The girl at his side glanced around him.

"That would be a Legolas Doll. I think it's..."


"Uhh.... Yeah... I figured you would take this wrong. " She sighed. The man beside her, on her left, groaned audibly. "What now Aragorn?"

"Look..." Aragorn pointed to a doll.... Of Aragorn. Sighing again, she stated," Listen both of you. You are here to tell what you liked about your roles in the movies and such."

"Well, I loved playing Legolas... considering I AM him. Anyway, it was a real thrill and I would love to do it again." Stated Legolas. Aragorn grinned broadly but was hit on the head with.... A bouncy ball? He fell to the floor whining and complaining. Legolas and the girl looked at him, then at each other then at the man's attacker. Gimli grinned and hid another ball behind his back.

"Gimli! How many times have I told you not to do that? You'll give him brain damage!" said the girl, smacking the dwarf with the Legolas doll. Legolas shrieked and made a grab for the doll but missed as Gimli had it. The girl snatched the elf's attention and then continued.

"As I was saying, was there anything you would have liked to do over?" Legolas pondered and then stated," I did not like the whole Frodo and Sam take the ring to Mordor. We could have..." he was distracted when a small but harmful plastic arrow struck him in the face. He glared at Gimli, who grinned and disappeared down the Barbie isle of Walmart. By now, Aragorn was back on his feet but still whining. Legolas took off after Gimli with a fake axe in his hand. The girl looked at Aragorn and groaned before running after the Elf and Dwarf. There would be a dozen plus questions soon enough.....

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